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oh mah gawd every day is just a flood of happy lately
Work is going awesomely
School is ehh but I don't give a shit anymore
Internet stuff is so motherfuckin awesome

I do get a little conflicted lately over whether I should say anything. I want to gush about how happy I am, but I don't wanna brag. :T And they're kind of one and the same.. if I do one, I do the other, that's just the way it is. But.. shit man, I'm just so happy, and it's weird keeping it all bottled up because there's no one I can talk to about stuff. I did talk to my best friend IRL recently and blabbed on about my blessings recently but I just kinda felt bad about it because there she was, telling me about her misfortunes, how she's not content in her lovelife, how she's going to drop out of school after this semester, and I had nothing but good news to talk about.

But goddammit this is my JOURNAL so I shouldn't feel UNCOMFORTABLE WRITING ABOUT MY OWN DAMN LIFE. <.< It's different talking about shit here rather than, say, Twitter, or IMing someone directly about it.

ANYWAY. Yeah. This is mostly about Tumblr. ;w;
I'm already up to 635 followers.. I mean, holy shit man... I don't even care whether I deserve it or not anymore, I'm just so fuckin happy. I get loving messages from people so often now.. even one from an author I really love.. I even got someone offering to draw me anything I wanted today and they actually did it, and just.. wow..
just.. shit man, everything changed. Everything changed so wildly these past couple weeks. I was so used to being off to the side, with a few watchers here and there, content with a comment or two or a favorite or two. I can't say I wasn't envious of people with more of a following, people who were a little more 'famous' than I was, artists who had a lot of people that paid attention to them, but I didn't give it much thought. I was happy with what I had! I mean shit, I have 1261 watchers on FA, that's something!..even if 1150 of them are dead/uninterested accounts who don't even look at my submissions (average submission gets ~100 views).

but yeah, now.. god I'm gonna start crying.. XD I'm just so happy... I love doing these requests so much, and I'm so fucking happy that the people who requested them and so many other people enjoy them too. and I'll just continue showing my thanks by giving back to them, doing what I can to make the people who make me so happy, happy too. :'3

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