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Something that keeps coming to mind and I honestly don't know how to feel about it is the matter of artists who refuse to take criticism.

When I see artists who get blatantly insulted for their art, whether it be about their style, their technical knowledge, or the subject matter.. the artist can react a couple of ways.
Deny all accusations with "it's my style," "I can draw what I want," and/or "go look at someone else's art."
Acknowledge the criticism and legitimately try to improve.

For quite some time now, I have always tried to follow the latter myself, but what if someone tells me to change something I quite personally wouldn't want to change for whatever reason? What if someone is told that their style looks too much like someone else's and that they should "try different things"? I was once trying to gather criticism of my own art and someone had expressed that they knew I enjoyed drawing "kawaii yaoi" and all, but that they "knew I could do better" and preferred other art I had done in the past.

Is this something that also deserves to be considered in order to better oneself artistically? Even more to the point, to what end should an artist better themselves? To the artist's own satisfaction? To an audience of potential sales and commissions? To an audience who provides feedback (i.e. fandom, online gallery sites)? If an artist has no desire to become "professional" and enjoys drawing as a hobby, not as a career, should that artist nonetheless seek to improve their art?

A friend of the artist would no doubt tell them that they should draw whatever they like and not feel that they should pander to others.
Others, objective and detached from the emotions of the artist, would most likely assert that an artist should never stop trying to improve, and to fall into an artistic comfort zone and block out criticism is one of the worst things an artist could do.

I guess it all depends on the artist, the situation, and the amount of backlash the artist is willing to take...

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