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fuck, I'm so happy. so happy. so goddamn happy.

just wow
that started out kind of bad, was being socially awkward and sat in a corner drawing in my sketchbook. then after a couple hours people started gathering a little over to my area to draw as well. then I made myself a nametag. and THEN, oh god, people started recognizing my name, and came over to me to gush about how they loved my art and were fans. most of the time when someone came up to me and said they liked my art I opened my sketchbook and offered them a drawing, gave out probably 5-7 pics? maybe more I don't remember.

oh god I met generalterror. and cooler-kid-on-the-block. and emiggax. and and and a bunch of other ppl. and talked about eyecandyburns and 9aia and cissie and GOD it was like we all knew each other, one big fuckin awesome tumblr family

I am so fucking sleepy I can't type much more.. I didn't take any photos after all but I expect that other people will post their own in the atlantastuck tag or something.

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