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holy hell I just got two people offer to write fanfics for me and eye wants to do a birthday pic for me >//< ON TOP OF ALL THE OTHER PEOPLE WHO TELL ME THEY'RE ALWAYS OPEN FOR MY REQUESTS..... SDKFJLLKDFLKJ

also regarding birthday stuff, I never know how to handle that.. :V most years end up with nobody online aware of it at all save for good friends who forget about it until I tell them that it's my birthday (often after the day had passed). I've just never felt quite right making a big deal about it. like the fact that I say "it's my birthday!" is, in itself, begging for gifts/attention.

lmao I just checked my LJ inbox, thank you for reminding me of my own birthday. XD

but yeah, hmm u.u I might make a casual "yay it's my birthday" post on the day itself, or something..
it might not be.. entirely selfish though? if anyone does end up doing anything, I will no doubt reblog it on my main account, and hopefully garner attention/love for that post/artist/writer hehehe. ;w; man it makes me really happy to hear that simply reblogging stuff from certain people have gotten them a lot of attention they hadn't had beforehand.. it's such a weird thing to think about, but a happy thing nonetheless.

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