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And so, I did end up going through with it and changing my name from the oft-regretted Kilehye to Kelaruj. It's like my version of Kilehye, what it would have been if I'd made it up myself and not built from a suggestion from a friend. Her original suggestion was, when I'd had the AIM name of KiwiYellowLemon, Kiyele, the first two letters from each word. I switched it to Kileye and added an h for emphasis on "leh" and that was that. It was never my name. That's never been the way I make up names. It's always been so out of place compared to all the other names I've created.

On the other hand, Kelaruj was made the exact same way I've created all my other names. Keysmash into a letter scrambler and pull out syllables I like and attach them together in a manner I find pleasing visually and in pronunciation. >w> Flauj, Rengha, Civha, Sejan, Bluj, Rhaje.. etc etc so many of my names contain j's and/or h's.. I was throwing around Kelahru too but I liked Kelaruj more. It's finally something I can say out loud and not feel really stupid, although, visually it's more of a "kella" but I'll probably say "kayla". It's still gonna take a lot of time for me and everyone who knew me by Kilehye to get used to it but I'm just really happy with the fact that I finally fucking did it after all this time. Better late than never.

And, well, although I said in my previous entry that "I don't do these things halfway" uh.. well.. I think I am actually content just changing my twitter/tumblr/IM display names and be done with it. I've made a new gmail account for it if just to claim the name but I just kinda don't feel like making new accounts everywhere, especially places like LJ, where I have so many memories written here and I don't want to start anew. I'd pay to change my name but $15 is just too steep for me, I don't really care that much.

Makes me happy that a bunch have people said they like this name more too and it's easier to pronounce c: I'm glad there wasn't some strange unseen interpretation of it that 80% of people would get stuck on again and interpret it differently. The only different ways to say it I've seen people say were "Kella-rouge" compared to "Kayla-rouge" and that's quite fine, they sound very similar regardless.
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