Nov. 1st, 2011

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Collecting my thoughts about classes.

I am probably going to get an A in management. No need to worry there.

Probably going to get a B in history. Gotten an 80 and a 74 on exams so far, two exams left.. but I can also retake one. 15% homework/quiz grade cushions a bit so I'm fairly certain about a B.

Tax. Fuck tax. Fuck this class. Fuck fuck fuck. There's no way I'm getting any higher than a C. And that is just so fucking pitiful to say/think about. Because it's a fucking open note/open book class. UGH. HOW AM I FAILING TESTS IN THIS FUCKING CLASS.

Information systems is on the cusp of B or C. Probably going to end up a C.

And---! Hooray, none of this matters. The only goal I have for the rest of my time at this university is to keep my scholarship, which needs a 3.0 overall GPA to sustain.. and seems to be based off of all my classes except for my first year. <_<; Excluding that, then, gives me a 3.38 GPA (otherwise, I have an actual GPA of 3.65). If I get an A, B, and 2 C's, then I'll end up with a 3.24 HOPE GPA after this semester. Woo.

Hell yes I just calculated the grades I need for the rest of my degree and things are looking gooood. Awesooomeee.

I always have to give myself a pep talk like this whenever I fail a test LOL. Yeah I got a 67 on my tax test so I freaked out again.

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