Mar. 28th, 2012

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thinking about doing a mass unfollow on tumblr.. like, 100+ people <w<;
admittedly the driving reason I want to do so is to separate from some people I still "follow" (on tumblr and but not on RSS) but want nothing to do with.. I'm not going to change anything on RSS so this ultimately changes nothing significant for me but nevertheless it'd make me feel better.. I do check my tumblr dash once in a while out of boredom and I still see posts from people I can't stand and unfollowed long ago on RSS

but yeah whatever onto something more positive I'm going to MTAC next weeeeeek, it'll be the first con I ever paid to go to, the first time I ever stayed at a hotel without my family, the first time I've consciously gone out of Georgia (was born in Minnesota and might've gone to SC once but don't remember either at all), and the first time I'll be driving for 4-5 straight hours (save for gas/food break[s]??) fffff
I am.. admittedly nervous that I won't really enjoy it? I mean, I just have no idea what you're supposed to do at conventions. stand around watching cosplayers and talk to people, or go to dealers dens and buy shit??
I know I'll enjoy hanging out with my gf and the cool people we're meeting up with but other than that I honestly have no idea what we're gonna do..

so here's hoping that doesn't end up a total disaster

edit (following 411 now, let's see how much I end up cutting after all haha)
I still have 11 pages of follows to go through but I'm already down to 366 fffff
ended up at 259 for now lol damn unfollowed 152 people today so far

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