Jun. 2nd, 2012

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Welp I had my wisdom teeth taken out yesterday morning. It went differently than I expected, better than I expected, heh.
I was pretty nervous at first and a guy called me up to go into a room and lay on a chair, another nurse came in and put a blood pressure/heart rate thingy on my arm, put some other diagnostics thingies on my chest/stomach, the guy put an IV in me, and then they gave me laughing gas. Man the laughing gas was really weird. It was hard to breathe at first but it eventually made my body feel really heavy and my mind was coherently thinking how damn weird it was but my body was smiling and laughing and feeling heavy hahaha.

After that I just... woke up tired and cold and my face was numb and felt that my mouth was full. And it was done. I was disappointed because I woke up completely coherent pfff I wanted videos of me being stupid and saying dumb things on the anesthesia but my mind was working just fine, it was just my body that was numb and wobbly.
It was really hard to talk at first so I just took my phone and texted my mom while we were all in the car lol, whatever works. They gave me a free chick-fil-a milkshake too! ;A; That was nice of them, and yummy. At first I could barely taste it but I had a little tiny bowlful every so often throughout the day and I was tasting more and more of it each time and it was very delicious.

My face was numb pretty much the whole day, but now after 18 hours or so my lower lip and chin has regained feeling again. \o/

Marzi's coming over later today to hang out with me and I'm really looking forward to that! I just hope I'm not drowsy the whole time, since something I've been taking has been making me really sleepy. I think it's the vicodin or something. The ibuprofen doesn't seem to make me sleepy. But even so I just really want to watch movies and play games with her and chill out for a while. uwu
My mouth is still bleeding a little so we switched from me having to bite down on some gauze to a couple of tea bags right now, hopefully that will stop the bleeding so I don't have to wear gauze when she's here. Cause it's real hard to talk with that stuff in my mouth. And this tea is really gross. (unsweetened tea ewwww)

Oh and I also have to wear this "ice bra" on my head lmao she will probably laugh at how silly it looks because it is certainly silly. Ice bra! What a name too. It basically looks like a strapless bra that you stuff ice packs where the boobs would be, and wrap it around the head.

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