Jun. 11th, 2012

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Ohhh god. I'm having another one of those moments where I casually think of something and then I get stuck on the idea immediately and I don't let it go until I've gone through with it. I can't believe I'm actually considering changing my online handle.

I've had this name for so long, at least seven or eight years at this point... So many people know me by this name.. But should I keep my name because it would be inconvenient to change and the main thing holding me back is that I've had it for so long that it would be difficult to change, or do I change it NOW because if I wait any longer it's going to be harder and harder to change it but I just know I'll be more and more regretful that I've kept it so long.

Ugh what do I do... I'll have to think of possible names to switch to... I like Flauj and Schrauza and Kalann and all but I don't identify with those names, I think of Flauj as my secondary character, Schrauza as an embarrassing alt wherein I pretended to be someone else, and Kalann makes me think of 4chan. It'll have to be something new- anything preexisting just makes me think of whatever context I thought of it under.

If I can actually manage to think of a name I like better than Kilehye and that doesn't bring any strange memories to mind or sound too reminiscent of anything that does, I might actually go through with it >_<
I'll have to change everything.. sigh. All my accounts everywhere, usernames, change all my accounts' email to a new one, IMs.. I don't do things like these halfway =w=;

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