Jun. 21st, 2012

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Things have been going pretty well this week, emotionally! Physically not so much. I've started keeping a log of my headaches/nausea again because I'm really tired of getting headaches pretty much daily and not knowing WHY. There's got to be something that contributes to it, at least a little.. Today was a quadruple whammy with headache, nausea, feverish body temp, and menstrual cramps. I was so fucking uncomfortable I just couldn't focus enough to do my homework that was due midnight. I don't care though, I figured out I can skip a week of discussion posts and still be in the clear. I'll have to be on top of them from now on though, which shouldn't be a problem.

I am pretty happy though!! Happy with my friends, happy with my girlfriend, happy with all my followers on all the sites I go to.. u//u I'm just.. really happy with everything right now. I've been drawing anthros again, playing video games a little more often.. and stuff.. ahh lol I am too tired to write anything further

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