Aug. 23rd, 2012

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Ah screw it. I can't ever write to a proper schedule.
I ended up buying a 3DS XL this past Monday. :D I also got Theatrhythm and Kid Icarus with it. I miiiiight be getting Star Fox or Zelda sometime soon too since I'd basically be getting it for $27 since I have a Gamestop pro card thing and a $5 off coupon. Which, hey, $27 is better than getting it new for $40 or something.

But oh man I am really loving Theatrhythm a lot. I was scared for a while that it would be easy and boring because a friend had commented that it was "really short". Which, now that I've been playing it, I have no idea why she would say that, because I estimate I'll probably have 30-40+ hours of gameplay in it by the time I perfect chain all the songs on all difficulties in the series and challenge modes, beat and perfect chain all the dark notes, get all the unlockable songs and characters, etc. Like, maybe she meant that it didn't take her long to "beat" the game.. but the storyline in a RHYTHM GAME doesn't even matter in the first place lmfao......

I haven't tried Kid Icarus yet but it looks really fun too!
I looked into some of the pre-installed programs and games on the 3DS itself and omg swapnote is really cute and the streetpass stuff in general is really cute ;w; I hope that I get stuff from people when I take my system to school, or when I go to AWA, hehe.

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