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Today's been an okay day. uwu At work, I have to review companies' financial information, and put together financial statements. I really enjoy starting this process, and ending it, but I hate the middle part lol. I really enjoy having a whole bunch of stuff to do, all these files and spreadsheets to look at and verify and analyze.. but after a while I finish doing everything that works out well and that I know how to do, and I end up with the rest of the work that I don't know how to proceed, have insufficient information and need to contact the client, or something went wrong in an analysis, etc. That's the part I don't like. And that's the part I've been stuck on this entire week.

Finally though, today I was able to move past that phase into the final part that I enjoy a lot, which is putting together the financial statements themselves and cross-referencing all of the numbers to the review files.
Boss also asked me to come in extra hours next week, which is great and terrible.. more hours means more money, but I already have a lot to do for school already. I have a tax exam on Monday, an accounting exam on Wednesday, a tax project to finish by the 12th, a negotiation paper to write by the 12th..

I dunno. Laying it out like that, it doesn't sound like I have too much to do, or at least that it shouldn't be too much of a problem. I always feel so burnt out when I come home these days. I just get home and feel like going straight to bed. My alternatives are to go work on homework, or feel guilty that I'm not using my free time to work on commissions, or talk to people who inevitably vent to me and I end up stressing myself out about that too.

Anyway! I beat Contact (DS game) recently and wow the ending was baffling and rather.. unsatisfying? I don't know if there's some sort of post-game extra storyline stuff or something.. I was reading this walkthrough at one point and read their description of the ship decal, an item of sorts that lets you warp back to your base, but that it "doesn't work from certain rooms and locations, usually boss rooms and weird locations where you're not in the, ah... real world. >_>" And that comment got me really interested! I was excited at the idea that I'd be able to explore some weird space dimensions or something later on in the game! I got especially excited when there was a boss battle where I got transported inside this weird-ass alternate dimension space pyramid that the antagonists tried to summon and command but they got stuck inside too.

Unfortunately that segment only lasted that one boss battle. You can't even go back in it ever again after you beat the boss there. So, rather than that, I think the "not real world" they meant was when you get sent inside a couple arcade games. Which sounds like it could be interesting too but it wasn't that great. The "racing" game is just a couple screens where you run around a track and fight some car monsters at the end. The RPG game is just a couple screens of forced sidescrolling and bad graphics.

The music in Contact is really great though. :B I love Ft. Eagle's theme so much.

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