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Glory hallelujah I know these posts come once in a blue moon these days but I am absolutely and completely content, no, ecstatic even. UGH people are way too nice to me on tumblr I cried again today watching someone draw "I <3 u Kelaruj!" with a cute little dave and bro on my page because OH MY GOD just the thought of someone spending the time to write such a thing and draw cute things with it on top of it is just like, jesus christ, I just don't deserve it, but I appreciate it so fucking much, I'm just so happy.. plus the fact that people are calling me kela and kelaruj, even the people who've known me a while and it's gotta be hard switching over, but holy shit they still try and it means so fucking much to me I'm gonna cry again just talking about it omg

Plus the fact that I'm over my art block!! I'm still just overjoyed about that. And I've been enjoying doing requests too again omg!! It's been such a long time since I was last able to take requests and do more than one and truly have fun with them. I want to do more of them too! So many great ideas!! AHHH!!! I'M JUST SO HAPPY!!!!!!!
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Something that keeps coming to mind and I honestly don't know how to feel about it is the matter of artists who refuse to take criticism.

When I see artists who get blatantly insulted for their art, whether it be about their style, their technical knowledge, or the subject matter.. the artist can react a couple of ways.
Deny all accusations with "it's my style," "I can draw what I want," and/or "go look at someone else's art."
Acknowledge the criticism and legitimately try to improve.

For quite some time now, I have always tried to follow the latter myself, but what if someone tells me to change something I quite personally wouldn't want to change for whatever reason? What if someone is told that their style looks too much like someone else's and that they should "try different things"? I was once trying to gather criticism of my own art and someone had expressed that they knew I enjoyed drawing "kawaii yaoi" and all, but that they "knew I could do better" and preferred other art I had done in the past.

Is this something that also deserves to be considered in order to better oneself artistically? Even more to the point, to what end should an artist better themselves? To the artist's own satisfaction? To an audience of potential sales and commissions? To an audience who provides feedback (i.e. fandom, online gallery sites)? If an artist has no desire to become "professional" and enjoys drawing as a hobby, not as a career, should that artist nonetheless seek to improve their art?

A friend of the artist would no doubt tell them that they should draw whatever they like and not feel that they should pander to others.
Others, objective and detached from the emotions of the artist, would most likely assert that an artist should never stop trying to improve, and to fall into an artistic comfort zone and block out criticism is one of the worst things an artist could do.

I guess it all depends on the artist, the situation, and the amount of backlash the artist is willing to take...

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Oooohhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyy goddddddddddddd
Haven't posted here in a while and I feel annoying on Twitter so gonna post here.

Before going into happy stuff, school. School's just been.. flying by. I haven't been getting *good* grades but I guess I can't complain, my friend irl was barely getting D's in his classes and told me he's probably just gonna fail out of the school.. But yeah I've taken at least one test in all my classes so far, 85% in information systems accounting, 89% in tax accounting, 80% in history, and 90% in management. I promised myself I'd get a french silk pie for myself (my favorite pie ever that I haven't had since I was a kid cause I thought they discontinued it but recently found a retailer that had them) when I got my first A, but a 90%.. I barely consider that an A, and it was even curved too.. @_@ So I'll wait for the next set of tests to hopefully meet my goal.
I still constantly contemplate about what am I doing with my life? If I graduate with a 3.2 or something, is it really that bad? Do I really care? My coworker and some classmates have asked me if I was planning on working for one of The Big Four accounting firms. Fuck no! I just want to live comfortably in a small/medium-size firm or have my own CPA practice somewhere. As long as I can afford food and house and transportation, I don't want many luxuries. I'm not the sort of person who will spend $50k on a new car. I'm not the sort of person who will go out to eat every weekend to places that cost $30 per meal.  I'm not the sort of person who buys $50 jeans and $100 shirts. I don't need six-figures to live off of. I don't need a luxurious job at The Big Four. I don't need a 4.0. I'm doing just fine. With the goals I have and the path I'm taking? I'd say I'm doing pretty well. If I had no job experience, maybe having a ~3.0 average would make things difficult. But no! I will have plenty of relevant work experience by the time I graduate, by the time I get my CPA! I am doing quite well for myself, I would say!

And so, that is a longwinded, roundabout way to reassure myself that I can spend my free time drawing porn and not studying/doing homework and not worry about it. :B

As for work! Work is going well. We've been getting some new computers in, which is so very wonderful. It takes literally about 15 minutes to start up the computer I currently work on. It takes probably one minute for the new computers, maybe less. And I was allowed to set them all up~ <3
I'm so happy I'm finally getting the hang of things too now. Boss will give me a bunch of spreadsheets and I actually know where they all go and what the relevant information is~!

Art + Homestuck + Tumblr
Tumblr?? WHAT THE FUCK HAHAHAH I went to bed with ~95 watchers (which is amazing in itself and I wanted to do a thank you picture for 100) and I currently have 167 169 171??!?!"? (IT KEEPS GOING UP EVERY TIME I REFRESH HOLY FUCK)
I could keep going but that is the gist of my feelings at the moment. Just.. so.. blown away @_@ holy hell
There is one thing I am mad about though. Tumblr isn't e-mailing me about my new watchers or asks or reblogs!! I want to keep track of all of this dammit!! I don't like having 300+ notifications (/hyperventilate) missing. :[ I can't keep track via my dashboard either because by the time I refresh, all the previous notifications get knocked off ;___; ;;;;;; And so, the only way to keep track, is to go to the post itself's note list, but that doesn't provide a direct link to the reblogs, just the user who reblogged it... so it takes a lot longer to go through.. :<
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Lately I haven't been doing well. Everything I eat makes me ill in some way. Everything. >_< This has been happening for the past few days, every day. I feel weak but I can't eat to recover well enough because I have no appetite, because everything makes me sick.. Admittedly I have been having a few iffy things like seafood and spicy thai food and gas station snacks, but even things like pasta or cereal have been upsetting my stomach too. :/
I was talking to my coworker for a long time today, we generally take lunch at noon, but we were wrapped up in conversation for hours on end. After a while her stomach growled and laughed about being hungry. I've always thought it was weird to take a stomach growl as an indication of hunger, since mine only does so when I'm seriously ill. XD; The way my body likes to alert me that it's time to eat is to make me nauseous and lightheaded.
But anyway, off of the food tangent.

Classes started yesterday.
History is going to be AWESOME. And that's speaking as someone who HATES history. The professor is funny and entertaining and there are also no papers/essays whatsoever. *so happy*
Management seems that it will be a little tough, but worth it, if I try hard. The professor is a hot Italian very sweet and I will have no problem paying attention to the lecture at least /shot
Tax accounting is something I will enjoy learning very much but the professor is starting out a tad dull. Either way, it is basically a law class masquerading as accounting, and I do enjoy law very much, even if it is difficult. This class will also help me very much in my job! Very glad to be taking this tax class in the fall, since next spring I will have to help prepare tax returns at work.
Accounting information systems, I'm not sure how to gauge at this point. I'm certain I will enjoy it on a simple level of "hey I can apply this to work" but the topic is bland. It seems to be a class entirely about ethics, with a side project of filling in a company's information on some accounting software.

I really wanted to try the everyman sleep cycle because I'm a sucker for unconventional but better ways of doing things, like Dvorak. But I don't think I will, after all.. I was all gung-ho about it on Twitter today but in the end my schedule is a bit tight and I'm not entirely keen on sleeping at work or in my car, both of which I would have to do (and miss out on boss inviting me to lunch). I did take a nap today and although I read that it's a bitch to adjust at first, I woke up with a strong headache. I was expecting drowsiness, not headache... Especially tied with what I said earlier about my body not digesting food well lately, I don't think this is the best period in my life to try polyphasic sleep. :< One guy who was successful with an uberman schedule was able to do so because he worked from home. I have school and work away from home. Biiiig detriment.

The nap was interesting though, lol. I'd read a lot of polyphasic sleep blogs today and one person had mentioned that at one point, when they were going to take their 20 minute nap, they set their alarms and laid down and what felt like a second later, their alarms were going off. I kind of experienced that today too, such an odd sensation, laying in bed waiting to fall asleep and then the alarm went off. I felt alert and woke up immediately, but as I said, I also had a bad headache, which is something I do NOT want to deal with (even if it is only temporary during adjustment) right now.

Tumblr is blowing my mind these past couple days. 75 notes!! I'm almost certain that's more notes than I'd ever gotten collectively on my first account before I deleted it. I've always felt lucky to have 3 notes, maybe even 5+ if people *really* like it. So 75 is just.. I don't even understand. And THIS! It had like 50 notes within half an hour of being posted!!? And all of this while I have 36 followers! I think I had more than that on my first account, yet had gotten much less notes! XDD Both pics I'd posted on my previous account anyway, and at MOST each had probably gotten around 10-15 notes. So indeed, I'm fairly certain I have chim and Dunya and Mai and all the other popular artists who reblogged my art/recommended to follow me to thank for all of this XD

I was talking to my coworker for a long time today because neither of us had anything to do lol. Boss wasn't there today. But yeah, we talked a looot about pets and food and relationships and stuff. Relationships. The topic I kind of dread, because I am CERTAIN I will inadvertently say something that gives my homosexuality away. And indeed, coworker said that it's very hard to be in a relationship and in school at the same time, so I commented that I agreed, I was with somebody and we were both busy all the time with work and SHE was working two jobs as well and I didn't have a car. SHE! I fucking said "she"! T_T Well.. if she noticed, she didn't comment on it, and didn't act awkward afterward or anything, so I hope she either doesn't mind or didn't hear me...

I'm out among friends and everything, but work and school are different.. At work, there is a risk of being fired, or at the very least permanently damaging the relationship with the boss and/or coworkers and become unable to use them for references.. At school I'm more open but I keep my mouth shut when I'm not at our school's LGBT club or someone isn't directly asking me about it. You never know how people will react. Someone can be the sweetest person, so accepting and friendly, but when homosexuality is brought up, they become the most heartless, unforgiving bitch (speaking from experience..). And I just can't handle that sort of reaction if it were to come up at a workplace.
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Well, here goes! Hope I don't get my account frozen! XD

The image is temporary. XD Maybe. If I ever feel like updating it lol. I just wanted to not *directly* ask for donations because I have browsed a few sites where people say they were frozen due to taking donations when they were not a verified non-profit/charity.

BUT ANYWAY I will clean up this entry eventually and use this as my livestream requestcommission info page so I don't repost a wall of text in every FA journal I make.
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Here's some stupid things I found while looking through my art folders for stuff to collage together to show improvement (to get my spirits up again art-wise). XD

*NSFW warning, there's porn in one of these pics.

cut for length )
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New art journal! Will be my most active art place now.

School's being annoying. In order to take any 4000-level courses (basically, the only ones I have left to take :| ) I have to be admitted in the business college inside the college I'm already in. I thought I could request an override to at least be able to register for them while I submitted my application in summer semester... but they were all denied. T_T Can't fucking wait to get in this thing so I don't have to fuck with overrides all the time anymore. I've completed all the requirements to get in other than meeting with an advisor and paying the exorbitant application fee..
So yeah, long story short the schedule I planned for fall is fucked and I'm not sure what I'll end up with because I'll have to register late.
I have 6 non-4000-level classes left (excluding this summer), 10 4000-level.. only 16 classes left until I graduate~~ Though maybe 17 because I REALLY want to take industrial-organizational psychology before I graduate even though it has nothing to do with my major. ;_;

Summer semester starts next week.. :> I only have two classes but they're both 2.75 hours long. Finance is 5pm-7:45, accounting is 8-10:45, Tuesdays and Thursdays. I expect to get pretty far in Trickster this summer.. lol. That's how I got through music and law last year, except law was more around 3.5 hours. x_x Will probably be on pchat too if anyone else is, since I'll be bored to tears.
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Eurovisionnn~~ If only I knew when it was on so I could've watched it all. D: Only caught the voting.
I liked Spain's song! :( ...Well, I pretty much like everyone's songs.
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 I suppose I'll compile my fav/most stickered Canvas drawings here on LJ occasionally, since I post as anon on there. As you'll be able to tell, I LOVE the "finish this drawing" threads. A lot.

My first post. :D Definitely appreciated the warm welcome with a bunch of #1 stickers, a couple comments, and some other people remixing off of my own remix. Probably would've gotten a few more stickers had it not disappeared for a day or two because of a bug in the ranking system. Also drew this one later on in the thread.
Draw with rectangles. Drew both cats (don't know what the captioned pic of the cookie cat is all about...). Did the first one, people kept giving it cookie stickers for whatever reason, drew the second as a response. The second drawing is my 2nd most stickered post.
My most stickered post, for.. some reason. My first time participating in the "finish this drawing" game thing. Don't know why an anon called me a samefag. >_>;;
Don't like this one, but it's got a bunch of stickers..
More finish the drawing.
Hurr I drew Boshi a couple times.
Chocobo. Got remixed a lot. XD
Charizards! At this point I realize I really like figuring out how to make the starting lines as seamless as possible in the final pic.
Aaand a make-your-own-Pokemon thing. No idea. No stickers. lol

Next time posting Canvas post summary, it'll be shorter. :3
Ah, and I'm not going to post threads/posts I enjoy by other people much if at all, since they can be found here

Have mentioned many times already but if anyone wants to try this site out at all, just let me know. I have 6 invites. ^^ It's fun~ Join me~~
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I need to take a break after all. =w=; Thought I'd gotten past my art block but of course I hadn't. No need to remain in a place I'd only sulk in.
HetaOni is so awesome~ I finally watched it and cried so much. ;w; I'd been wanting something to make me cry for a while now and this was finally it. As much as I would like to do fanart of it somehow, have been feeling much too inferior to what others have drawn.
Typing has become much easier. Still not that great, but I tend to be around 35-40wpm on typing tests lately.
Haha.. it's hard to know what to do when my main method of cheering myself up when I feel like crap is what's bringing me down in the first place.
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Starting up my quest-for-art-improvement blog of sorts again since I'm tired of looking at art from 2009 and feeling that I haven't improved at ALL. Not going to post daily anymore, though. Doing things daily is much too stressful for me..

Speaking of stressful, omg. I feel like I can't leave my house at all lately for fear of getting suddenly called into work. I never know when to expect it. I was called at about 10:30am one day to come in ASAP, 9:30am another day, and today I was called at 8am (though I didn't go in today because I have school Mon/Wed....) T__T
It'd be nice if they just scheduled me for more hours rather than schedule me for a few here and there and then randomly call me out of nowhere. T.T I like to plan ahead! I don't really wanna wake up panicking at 9am every day wondering for two hours whether or not they'll call me that day.

I love how I just learned today, after ten months of owning Monster Hunter Tri (when this was supposedly implemented), and the short time I've been playing 3rd, I NEVER KNEW LONGSWORDS HAD A 4TH SPIRIT GAUGE ATTACK WTFFFFFFF
Well, granted, I never used longswords in Tri. (switchaxe and hammer woo!) BUT STILL OMFG HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS Longswords were always my best weapon in Freedom 2 and Freedom Unite, so to not know something like this.. T-T;;;; .....yes I love longswords I don't care about the negative stigma they get or how much they suck <.<;; Hammer is definitely 2nd fav though! I just.. never got used to lance or greatsword, or all the other weapons everyone thinks are better than LS.
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Sooo~ pchat people may be familiar with this page...

I've been wanting to spice it up for a while now, so I figure it's high time to actually do something about it. I want to post people's pchat art on each side of the page so it's less blank and boring!! And it'll show off some of the awesome art we do on pchat!

I'm just not sure exactly what to put there. I kind of want a bunch of us to doodle up some chibis/small drawings. Oh! Maybe like, I could collage together drawings by everyone in pchat. :D And if anyone wanted to add a drawing I could edit it in~~ ahhhhhh getting so excited about this. One drawing per person~~ or maybe twooo, maybe one side of the page could be America drawings and the other could be Englanddddd

Feel free to put in your 2¢ or give me a picture for the collage-to-be, or you could just allow me to go through your past pchat art and I can pick out something idk. ^q^ /excited
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lol oh wow! How about that! I actually fulfilled all of my New Years Resolutions from last year! 
Got a job, moved out, got a car~ ^^ I did commissions for the first time as well.

I'm surprised I actually made resolutions though, it's always been a little tradition of mine to not make resolutions and just reflect back on the past year and the great points about it. I prefer appreciating the good of what happened rather than putting a negative spin on seeing what I did wrong and how to improve. So, let's see...

I graduated high school this year as valedictorian. :D That was pretty awesome.
Though I left my only friend at the time early this year, I've reconnected with my best friend since middle school (and is now my housemate), and have made many new awesome friends through pchat!
I orgasmed for the first time ^q^
Surpassed 1000 watches on FA~
Yet again drew more pictures than last year. I could've sworn this year I wasn't going to do nearly as many drawings, since I had quit doing Livestreams, but then pchat came along... XD
And of course, moved out, got a car, got a job.

I'm sure there's much more than that but those are the high points I can think of. :D 2010 was fucking AWESOME. And 2011 will be even awesomer.
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Main Characters

Kilehye Khurre
References (old)
Refs of updated design
Height: 5'5" not including her ears. 6'5" including her ears.
Personality: Shy, laid back, pacifist, laughs and smiles a lot. Her best friend is Flauj Nuxio and her girlfriend is Naja Loz.
Clothes: Clothes are generally basic and plain. Loves sweaters, jeans, t-shirts, turtle-necks, v-necks, but wears a variety, whether form-fitting or baggy.
Character design info:
Kilehye's design has been updated- the current version is the one with opened ears and neck stripes.

Flauj Nuxio
Height: 5'7" not including his horns. 6' including his horns.
Personality: Very much like Kilehye, but a bit less passive.
Clothes: Will wear just about anything, as long as it covers most of his body. Nothing skimpy, and likes more masculine clothes. His best friends are Kilehye Khurre and Naja Loz, but is single himself, and tends to get envious of them sometimes.
Character design info:
His tail is skin, not fur, and the end of it is a scorpion-like tail. He can be drawn with or without fangs hanging out of his mouth.
Human hands and feet, no nails.
His fur is slightly longer than Kilehye's.

Naja Loz
Height: 5'10" not including her ears. 6'13" including her ears.
Personality: Very excitable and often giddy. She enjoys making people laugh and often acts very immature/silly to do so. Her girlfriend is Kilehye Khurre and her best friend is Flauj Nuxio.
Clothes: Loves skimpy, feminine clothing.
Character design info:
Though it is considered a "beak" of sorts, the tip of her muzzle is rounded, not pointy.
Human hands and feet, no nails.

Height: 5'2" not including her horns. 5'6" including her horns.
Personality: Aristocratic royalty. Can be pretty cruel to whoever she deems a "lesser" being.
Clothes: Fancy robes, for the most part. She doesn't like showing her animal-like legs, as she hates being associated with lesser creatures.

Height: 5'6" not including her horns. 5'8" including her horns.
Personality: Impulsive, but has resolve. Works out often.
Clothes: "Goth" style, but instead of black, she tends to wear all white.
Character design info:
Her lip piercing is optional.
Human hands and feet, no nails.

Height: 5'8".
Personality: A dumb narcissist. Impulsive and can't read the atmosphere.
Clothes: Scene/hipster. Shutter shades, large neck scarf/handkerchiefs, the like.
Character design info:
Human hands and feet, no nails.
Rengha is different from the other characters in that he has no fur (nor scales). He has slick skin.

Height: 5'6".
Personality: Cowgirl tomboy. Likes farming and riding horses and is nearly always outside. Cheery and loves the outdoors.
Clothes: Cowgirl, farm-like
Character design info:
Her tail flower generally appears as a bud unless she's very excited.
Human hands and feet, no nails.

Height: 5'8" not including her ears. 6'5" including her ears.
Personality: Relatively air-headed, but quite quick to flirt and seduce, and does it well. She and Eira are friends with benefits.
Clothes: Generally casual, feminine clothing, and generally without pants if the top is long enough to cover her crotch. Revealing clothes, fashionable clothes, casual clothes, it's all fair game with her.
Character design info:
She's most often drawn with hooves (no fingers). How does she grab things or function in general? Who knows. Magic. >_>
Her hair is blond at the roots and fades white near the tips.

Height: 5'
Clothes: Revealing, slutty.

Raxjiique (Raj)
too lazy to upload
to picasa right now

Clothes: The scarf and glasses were a joke, he doesn't actually wear them nor have googly eyes lol. Both pics have some differences, his design in general is still kind of up in the air right now.

Minor Characters

Height: 7'
Personality: Likes weightlifting; works as a secretary. Dominatrix, likes smaller men.
Clothes: Since she's rather bulky, near everything is too tight for her. She likes to go topless when weightlifting.

Height: 4'4" not including her ears.
Personality: Very, very feisty. She's physically tiny, but projects herself through her personality. Loud, spontaneous, risky, lives in the moment. She and Pujllu are friends with benefits.
Clothes: Prefers trendy, boyish clothing. She's not particularly feminine, so she avoids wearing dresses and the like.

Personality: Reckless and shameless bangaa, loves weapons of all kinds, especially guns. Causes a hell of a lot of trouble, but is honest and kind enough for people to overlook his many errors.
Clothes: Always wears his brown/gold striped vest, basic brown pants, no shoes, brown/gold striped handkerchief around his neck, and his goggles. Final Fantasy characters never change their clothes anyway. :V
Character design info:
His ears are frayed, not furred.
He has rough skin, no fur, no scales.





Very Minor Characters
Only reason I'm even putting these here is for my own reference.
I don't particularly want art of these if I direct you to this journal for a trade or request.






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Yay done with school! I've got two guaranteed A's and one B.. not sure about my other two classes. Pretty sure it'll be another A and a B though. Two B's.. I haven't gotten a B since middle school. Oh well. I had a 4.0 in high school, valedictorian. That's impressive enough. I don't need a 4.0 in college too. ... >.> sigh. I'm not really upset, just.. it's just weird. I've taken school so seriously the previous four years, and then this past semester things just slipped. Planning on redeeming myself next semester and getting all A's again.

Planning on treating this weekend as my winter break and then I'll go all gung-ho on applying to jobs again on Monday. I already tried to make changes to some online applications today and they wouldn't let me. o_o;; It's.. kind of important. Being available for three days a week, changed to being available 24/7.. that's a pretty significant thing I need to be able to update. But, oh well, I'll just have to go out and apply to some places in person rather than online.

Thanks to textbook buyback, I've gotten a bit of extra funds to help me through the month.. I had two books, one of which buyback wasn't accepting, but they were accepting trade-ins for the other. I went to college to check prices there, and for some reason they were buying back the book wasn't, and weren't accepting the book that was. for me!
So yeah.. with that, I refunded my commissioners. As much as I need the money, I can't fucking stand commissions anymore. I hate doing them so much. I'll be fine with them for a while, and then it'll be a drag but I can still get through them, and then it just develops into this utter hatred toward the idea of doing commissions and I cannot bring myself to even begin them anymore. But, now with those off of my mind, I might be able to draw my furry OCs more often without feeling incredibly guilty (for putting off commissions), and may try to post on FA more often.

Though.. I do need to devote my time at the moment to my secret santa assignment.. hmm. Will probably spend tomorrow working on it a while, at least before the pchat fills up. I've got most of it written out, and probably half of the non-porn part sketched.
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Hmmh food hasn't been sitting well with me lately. I don't know if I'm sick or not, just, everything I eat upsets my stomach. x.x

I really should stop taking so many commissions at once when I KNOW I'm really bad with overwhelming myself. Starting to feel the pressure to give up and cancel some... I think I'm going to cancel all but 2 slots from the guy who bought 20, at least. >.< I feel bad for putting them off until the weekend but I've got a test to study like crazy for tomorrow and a paper to begin and finish for Thursday... They'll all be done within the week, at least.
Thinking of increasing prices too.. it's really nice to have so many people want them but there comes a point where price has to be raised to curb demand a bit, haha. ;;; I'm thinking making them $2 rather than $1 and seeing how that goes. Or maybe just $1.50. Dunno.

Can't wait to do my USxUK secret santa~~ All the prompts I got are so awesome~ I'm thinking I'm probably going to do three of the four I got. XD But, that'll have to wait for after commissions, ahaha..
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Why do I keep trying to use FA's search for anything other than looking up my own art.. lol.. Have to draw a palm tree for my commission and I thought I'd see how some artists interpret how to draw them, and lo and behold I find a pic of a furry transforming into a palm tree. Not that I should be surprised. And a fuck ton of sex on/near palm trees but eh. The transforming one(s) made me lol.
And a picture of a unicorn near a palm tree and cliff with an erection pissing rainbows onto dolphins in the water. In a sunset. Yep.
And an anthropomorphic coconut tree.
..that's FA for ya.

Just about one more month of school left this semester, plus one week or two. :D Signin up for spring classes next week.
Planned out a schedule I'd love to have but of course something will doubtlessly go wrong and I'll have to scramble around finding alternatives. But, if this works out, I'll have class Mondays and Wednesdays 12:30pm-7:45pm, which is a lot nicer than my schedule this semester. I planned my schedule around five classes but I'm only going to take four, so hopefully only one class will not work out when I sign up, so everything will be cool in the end.

It... won't be a fun semester.. but the schedule timing-wise is good.. >w>;; BISM, marketing, history, econ, and an accounting class.. I hate them all except for accounting. If only good law classes were available this next semester..

Aaanyway time to go finish the lineart of my commission since I promised myself some ice cream after I finish. :DD Motivationnn~
Edit: ffffff two hours later and I'm still not completely done with the lineart, but pretty close to being done. This has taken like, what, four hours so far? And I have to shade and color it too, which will likely take.. another four-five hours. Hooray for earning about $3/hour.
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New OTP? New OTP. I don't know why I didn't see it earlier. Spain and Yian Kut-ku were meant to be.

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