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 I suppose I'll compile my fav/most stickered Canvas drawings here on LJ occasionally, since I post as anon on there. As you'll be able to tell, I LOVE the "finish this drawing" threads. A lot.

My first post. :D Definitely appreciated the warm welcome with a bunch of #1 stickers, a couple comments, and some other people remixing off of my own remix. Probably would've gotten a few more stickers had it not disappeared for a day or two because of a bug in the ranking system. Also drew this one later on in the thread.
Draw with rectangles. Drew both cats (don't know what the captioned pic of the cookie cat is all about...). Did the first one, people kept giving it cookie stickers for whatever reason, drew the second as a response. The second drawing is my 2nd most stickered post.
My most stickered post, for.. some reason. My first time participating in the "finish this drawing" game thing. Don't know why an anon called me a samefag. >_>;;
Don't like this one, but it's got a bunch of stickers..
More finish the drawing.
Hurr I drew Boshi a couple times.
Chocobo. Got remixed a lot. XD
Charizards! At this point I realize I really like figuring out how to make the starting lines as seamless as possible in the final pic.
Aaand a make-your-own-Pokemon thing. No idea. No stickers. lol

Next time posting Canvas post summary, it'll be shorter. :3
Ah, and I'm not going to post threads/posts I enjoy by other people much if at all, since they can be found here

Have mentioned many times already but if anyone wants to try this site out at all, just let me know. I have 6 invites. ^^ It's fun~ Join me~~

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