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Because I haven't written about my dreams much at all on LJ but I do mention them on Twitter. XD

"had a dream I came back to pchat under a different name but everyone knew it was me due to IP, and my ex best friend was there too x.x"
Only half a month after I left. XD;

oh yeah, I had a dream that I was some weird catgirl & partner was Dante from DMC, but was very wimpy >.>"
At one point he was crouching on the ground and hurt his hand. I came up and hugged him from behind and comforted him. I rested my cheek on his cheek, and he slowly turned his head towards mine, staring at me, shaking, looking like he really wanted to kiss me. Then he called me "Mommy..!" and made out with me. WTF

had a USUK dream.. except England was NOT England... long blue hair and docile personality? XD America was an angel & "England" was a demon"
I don't remember much about this dream anymore.

"I keep having dreams involving me being in public and reading manga/doujin on my computer and suddenly very hard porn comes up XD"
This sort of dream has happened at least 3 times. XD; I guess it's my own special version of "naked in public" dreams.

"my dreams are becoming more and more this morning's I was a young water dragon with like 10 sets of boobs"
This dream.. was so weird.. I was a serpent dragon, no wings, young and small. Then as I grew into adolescence I started growing boobs. ..10 sets of them. All up and down my front/stomach. And they kept growing. At first it was awesome, all the other dragons totally wanted me. 8D I was hot. And then they just.. kept growing. Eventually I couldn't even walk anymore. XD;; And was desperately horny. After getting gangbanged I was told that our species just keeps growing and growing unless you get pregnant, so if you never have sex, you'll eventually die.

hehe =v= dreamed about having sex with Akihiko #totallynotobsessed"
Don't remember much of this anymore (dammit!)

in my dream I was a teenage boy who desperately wanted to have sex with my 90-year old mentor..?! I only stroked myself and it was awesome"
This dream was so strange and convoluted that I don't even want to write it down because it would take too long.

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Games + Monster Hunter
Damn, just read that PSVita doesn't support UMD. I thought they would be backwards compatible.. Well, looks like I'll be waiting for CFW rather than buying early. I have to be able to play my beloved Monster Hunter. ;_; Anyway, if I wait long enough, maybe there will be some sort of Monster Hunter-related exclusives I can get in on, like the limited edition PSP 3000, or official Capcom accessories. I always get the original handheld and miss out on all the cool accessories that only fit the newer systems. >:[ PSP1000.. they only make shit for slim systems. DS phat.. they only make lite accessories. So maybe I should wait until PSVita 2000. -_- I don't think I can resist the dual analog sticks for very long though.

I just randomly remembered a bit of my dream from this morning.. XD I forgot most of it but there was an impressionable part where I was a young catgirl-looking thing floating around with some older-looking acquaintances in a grocery store of sorts. The whole world had a magic/mystical/old-world feel, so it was more like a bunch of merchants. Anyway, for some reason, there was this spider that was crawling on the wall and I was staring intently at it, scared, of course. My acquaintances and the merchant were laughing at how frightened I was over it, and laughed more and more as it ran toward me and I screamed at it and swept it away with a pillow (?? where that came from, idk). The spider had been thrown back a bit and was stunned, but as it recovered, it ran straight at me, angered. I began to cry and attacked it with fire magic (which I guess I wasn't supposed to reveal that I had such an ability) so people around were shocked and treated me as a demon.

I've noticed I haven't been having any sex dreams lately.. XD I used to have them so often, now it's just nonsensical stuff I either forget quickly after I wake up or just think it's not interesting enough to write down.. or nightmares related to bugs or dying or losing my cats or being late. All my nightmares are always about one of those themes. I generally wake up crying from the dying/losing cats dreams, and wake up shaken and upset over the bugs/being late ones, though I cry over some of the being late ones as well.

Edit: I suddenly had the great idea of putting titles over sections of my entries since I may use up to like 10 tags at once and maybe there are things people want to read and don't want to read.. but since I consolidate entries so much, blacklisting tags in my journal would block a lot of relevant entries too. So yeah! I'll try to remember to do that from now on so it's easier to find what tags correspond to what text.
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Oh god today's dream was crazy ( all my other dreams are).
It started out that I was invited to a costume dance party at school, a high school. I came as a furry. <.< One thing lead to another and I got a date in the library because everyone kept hitting on me. Then it kinda transitioned to going back in time and I came as a witch, but I actually was a witch who could do magic.. and I was stalking Katherine Moennig who for some reason was at the party now too. I piss her off a lot but end up finally getting her attention and talking to her and we almost have sex but the dreamed turned again. Now I was a teenage boy in the high school, a bit of a handful since I got in fights a lot. I called out this one big muscular guy that I regularly beat up (but who still hangs around me waiting for the day HE can beat me, like Kuwabara to Yusuke in Yu Yu Hakusho).. and he came out of his classroom prepared to be my punching bag because it sounded like I was upset.. but I hugged him instead. Very unexpected from the "bad dude" vibes I've always given off. And yet he has the gall to say that I suck at hugging, lol. He tells me to move my hands too, and, uh, after a bit of that we end up on the floor rutting against each other. And he takes me to his house so we can "be private" (as in, have sex) and then we go and do that. He was big. ^q^
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lol 10 hours after I wake up I decide to write about the dream I had.
It was pretty entertaining (of course, this generally means it included sex). There was a small community of people who all lived in this motel kind of thing. Life was normal and everyone minded their own business until night. When we all slept, we all participated in the same dream- living in the same building with the same people, but we could do things unlike reality. After a while, I began to fall in love with a girl who acted as a provider and entertainer, she was always doing something for somebody. Things went well and she responded in kind, sleeping with me and indulging me in bed. Time passed and it began to feel as though she was just humoring me to satisfy me, didn't really love me, but wanted to appease my desire. I called her out on it, wanted to know if she wanted to be with me or if it was false. She seemed to be genuine, but hesitant, like there was something she was hiding from me and thought I was better off knowing, but the fact that I was so doubtful of her feelings made her wonder if she should tell me after all. I push her to know what she's hiding and she asks me if I would still like her if she were a foolish, shy boy, rather than this mature woman she wanted to portray herself as. Since I did love her, I said yes. Somehow or another, because we were in a dream, this boy who hated himself and wanted so desperately for someone to love and love him back, changed his appearance to suit anyone new who came by the motel-like place. He'd already tried this for everyone else who'd come by, failing every time he showed them his true appearance. Even knowing this, I still wanted to be with him.
And then it turned to a full-on sex dream again. It was awesome.
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 Had a dream that I was an old man who was being celebrated by my friends and colleagues.. since I had mere hours left until I died. It got progressively more and more depressing.. I can't remember much detail anymore, but near the end one of my friends from high school caught up with me and took a look at me and had to leave the room for a minute because he was losing his composure and was going to cry (this is a guy who never cries). So, he sits down with me for a while.. just talking casually with me like nothing was wrong, and I just can't stop crying. It gets harder to keep my eyes open, everything seems like it's slowing down, I can't think much anymore, and I'm just crying and thinking about my family. I wake up after I die in the dream and I'm *still* just sobbing, haha.. God that was a depressing dream.. it's been like 10 minutes since I woke up and I still can't stop crying.. XD;
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 Dream was weeeiiird last night. Started out with Sweden and Finland walking around in this really barren snowy area. Finland ends up getting separated from Sweden and spots something strange in the snow and starts digging (ala Minecraft.. ffff the snow was like blocks). Ends up finding a body of water under the snow (nope, no ice, doesn't make sense, I know) filled with mermen. Americas, Frances, Englands, all sorts of different types, revolution, casual, military, fantasy.. >.>;
Then, from the inside of the mermaid community, one merman wanted to see what the surface was like, but was told that it was dangerous and that the surface was miles and miles away. He ends up traveling away alone and is still too curious, so he starts digging upwards, and is surprised that the surface is really quite close after all. A dying man ends up falling in the water (a generic blob chibi thing fff looked like pringles guy) aaaand weeellll some mermen followed the original one and they end up.. tearing him limb from limb and eating him. :|;;;
Can't remember much else in-sequence, but there was a point where Sweden spotted a revolutionary!America merman crying like a brat while grasping at his American flag scarf (revolution!America later tried to rape an England merman), and another part where normal military!America was trying to impress an England merman by jumping really far distances between cliffs and ended up getting really hurt.

The dream was a bit more coherent than this but I've forgotten a lot. <_<;
I think I dreamed about snow because it's really fucking cold and also all the different Americas may have been brought on by watching this.
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I had an awesome dream about Monster Hunter and something about how I had a political rival who wanted me dead. Don't remember much about it other than fighting Rathalos and running away a lot because it was "real" and I didn't want to get hurt or die. Then I dreamed that I woke up and had to write it down cause it was so awesome, so I did that. Then I dreamed that I woke up again and thought to myself "I bet I never wrote it down..." but after going on my computer I realized I did indeed write it down. And then I dreamed that someone spliced together video from Seinfeld and Sex and the City. Then saw some sort of club's flyer at school and at the end of it, this girl wrote that she shipped Zach and Makryie, and to e-mail/call her immediately if they shared this interest (she meant Zach Anner and Colin Mochrie [I somehow mixed up Zach Anner and Greg Proops in my dream]). And then I dreamed a sequence from a Who's Line show where Ryan made out with Colin.

And then I actually woke up.

Edit: Oh! There was another part of my dream that involved me being a half-bird half-man, but the bird part of me was latent, but both of my parents were birdpeople with visible bird traits. I was picked on because I wasn't a true birdperson.
And then there was ANOTHER part of the dream that I played some sort of Taiko no Tatsujin game, but it had an actual background, and there were red notes, black notes, white, blue, yellow.. I didn't know how to play it. T_T It somehow turned into a platformer after I failed, or something.

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My dream last night was crazy.. XD It was a sexual dream, of course (lol), but it not only involved me being female (very rare in sex dreams), but I was actually me, too (another thing that rarely, if ever, happens). I can't remember too much about it at this point, but my roommate and I had sex for the hell of it, and afterward, I posted "I Just Had Sex" video on FB and Twitter. That's all I remember lmao

Work today started out well. My shift manager (same one who yelled "yes!" and high-fived me when I asked for more hours) kept demanding a coworker and I to jump on a sheet of bubble wrap on the floor XDD I was busy frying things!
I later learned too that crunchwraps have been marked down to 88¢, so I broke my resolve and was going to buy one after work (I haven't bought anything at all from Taco Bell since I started working). Ends up, my manager offered to buy lunch for me! :D I must say, even though I make the same food, and it might all seem disgusting when I'm working.. when I eat it myself, it's still delicious as ever. <w<
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Had two dreams last night, cause I woke up in the middle of the night and went back to sleep. First one I really wish I could remember more about because I was Romano and I know Spain and Italy were there but of course I forgot what everyone was doing.
But then the second one was a sort-of nightmare. I was over at my parents' house (which was the old house we all used to live in when I was a kid..) to visit and while we were in the kitchen and they were showing me a needle they were going to give me, my mom said she saw a roach in the cabinet. I, having a phobia of bugs, ran the hell away from there until it was gone. But on my way around the house, I saw another bug, but this one was a giant fucking poisonous looking roach. I ran away even faster. And then I see another one of the same type right in front of me, but it was as big as a goddamn cat and had more spikes and spines. At that point I pass out inside the dream and jolt myself awake nearly crying.
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So, just had the best dream ever. In short, England was my friend with benefits. :D We had a lot of sex. He rented some hotel/apartment thing for a whole summer for a place for us to fuck. And as in all my sex dreams, I was male, so that made it doubly awesome being stroked off in a dream FEELS SO GOOD. I may as well have been America, I dunno, I don't know what I looked like other than that I had a big dick. >w>
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I keep dreaming about weird shit and then I try to remember it aaand five minutes after I wake up it's like, all gone. I do remember reminding myself that I had dreamed about sapphire and Maiyeng and chim in pchat (AGAIN) but I can't remember what we were doing/drawing other than that.. we were just.. in the pchat.
I swear, with how obsessed I was(/am) over Monster Hunter, the fact that I am so much more obsessed with Hetalia and the pchat that I KEEP DREAMING ABOUT THEM is kind of impressive. I think I dreamed about MH a couple times though. Just not nearly as much as Hetalia. My god.

Speaking of MH, I'm kind of getting into it again, ahahaha. <w< I meant to go play Freedom Unite again a few days ago but I totally forgot that I had given back my brother's PSP battery to him. I did play a quest or two but trying to play games on a pandora battery just sucks. I use sleep mode too much to get used to that. I don't regret making a pandora out of mine though. Don't regret it one bit. But I did order a new battery and got it in so quickly, man I love Amazon (and my brother's Amazon Prime that I get to leech off of despite not living with him anymore eheheh). but omg. fuck diablos, man. 6000 HP? I don't think so. What with him running all over the fucking map and digging constantly, not only was I like five minutes away from timing out, but FUCKING GENPREY KEPT PARALYZING ME AND DIABLOS KEPT USING THE OPPORTUNITY TO DIG and I died for the 3rd time anyway. He still had like 2000 HP. I need better weapons. Or, yknow, just need to stop dying. That would help. >_>
But slkdfjsdl other than diablos pwning me I still love this game so much. Tigrex is so fun to fight. And Rathian. And everything other than Diablos and Plesioth. :D

I totally need to stop cooking new things without recipes. I tried to cook homemade soup AGAIN without consulting a recipe and wow. I took one bite and gagged. >.< Going over to my parents again soon and I'm going to ask them to show me how to make soup properly ugh x_x That was my second attempt at homemade soup (1st crab, 2nd spinach) and they both sucked.. so much..

 Only seven days of school leeeft (well, 10 including exam days). Feelin good about my grades. Definitely will get an A in English, macroecon, and BISM, but I need to study hard for accounting and statistics.

I've been getting used to driving more these past few months, I'm actually starting to enjoy driving. Kind of. Okay, maybe that's a stretch. But still. I enjoy driving when no one is behind me. People tail me like hell.. not much of a surprise, since I actually drive the speed limit *gasp* blasphemy! everyone knows people are supposed to drive 10 above the speed limit! >_> Going 34 in a 35 is impeding traffic! rar rar rar honk honk tail tail!
I can't wait for the day someone speeds to pass me and a cop pulls them over.. HAHA WISHFUL THINKING that's never going to happen. I find it more likely that someone's going to run into me from behind from following too closely. Now THAT is going to happen one day, most definitely. I swear, some of these people drive not half a foot away from my car. It's fuckin scary.
I have never met anyone, IRL or online, who drives like I do. D: Everyone is so insanely impatient once they get into a car. but eh. I can bitch about this for days. *shuts up*
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Another weird fucking dream. XD
Ok, so, I don't remember a lot of it, but we were in a desert-like, mountainous area (we meaning me and a couple others) and we were going to build a treehouse. But all of a sudden we find this young asian girl while climbing a mountain and I try to help her and give her some of my food, which we're running out of. The girl seemed grateful but then this helicopter comes out of nowhere and she climbs up on it and flicks some things at us that look like strips of paper but I pick one up and eat it and it's a fruit rollup. So me and my group (I can't stop laughing while writing this) go running around to pick up the fruit rollups, there's hundreds of them all over. My party gets mad at me for eating all the ones I pick up so we make it our mission to pick ALL of them up and save them. We follow the fruit rollups to this town where my party abandons me, but I go to a Walmart and get picked up by this midget who takes me to his lab and somehow makes it to where my boobs grow and I for some reason get all excited and ask him repeatedly when I'll be developed enough to be milked. And it kinda turned to a sex dream for a bit there. And then I woke up. And promptly wtf'ed.
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Dream I had the other night and forgot to write:
So.. I was Finland (ahaha SO MANY HETALIA DREAMS) and somehow Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and I were captured by giant!Russia ..the situation was kinda like Jack and the Beanstalk. And somehow we all (well, everyone but Russia) wound up in a hot tub. Naked of course. And I was bored and talking about magic with Sweden (Norway and Denmark were paying attention to each other and not us huhuhuhu) and he was paying attention but kinda bored too. So randomly I wanted to show him that I might be able to help us all escape and showed him that I could do black magic, but he freaked out and was really upset that I dealt with corrupt magic.
And that's about it. :D
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Wow. I just had a dream about England and Spain seriously arguing about fucking goats versus having goats fuck you.
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Another crazy dream, surprisingly not about Hetalia this time. >_>
This one was mostly about one of my favorite artists even though I've never talked to him this is the second time I've dreamed about him...? Anyway, we were in a ghetto/slum of some sort and he appeared as his snake character, but more.. geometric? His snout was all square and he was generally kind of chibi and squishy looking. For some reason another artist I like but have never talked to was there with him, her bee self chibi and squishy like him. And, well, basically the dream went where Prawst offered me some drugs but I awkwardly declined, and he took them instead and tripped out and started rambling about Tails (the Sonic character) and how retarded it looked and how he doesn't understand why Tails is so popular with furries. And I just kinda sat there watching him and Tox take drugs and ramble about random things and run around laughing.
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WHOA. I just had a dream about the pchats. And there were actually specific people in there. Namely chim and alen, but they were both.. male..? XDD And alen would play guitar and sing for us. Dammit even though I just woke up I still forgot most of it already. A lot of the dream was about us actually drawing (and we would draw each other in irl, not Hetalia) but the last part morphed into me looking into a resume but my adviser sent me on a mission instead with a group of people, all of us holding balloons, to collect apples and make satirical Christian comments.
Still, wow. Way to go, subconscious. Way to make me feel like a creeper, actually dreaming about particular people. XD

Edit: Oh, and there was a bunch of the dream dedicated to driving too. I kept bumping into things. D: And police cars were everywhere. Hmm I wonder what my dream is trying to tell me!! >w>
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Ahh, I forgot to write down a dream I had a few weeks ago, something about Russia and Germany planning together to take over Scandinavia, and I'd doodled on Russia's Tegaki about whether or not he'd let Prussia join in. XD
And then this morning I dreamt about Italy wanting me to draw him and Romano together as naked gardeners.

So many Hetalia dreams...
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Nightmare.. My brother had to be in class at 8am but ended up leaving the house at 8, and I came with. Not too far from home, I remembered that I had my own class to go to (also at 8) and was going to leave the car and walk to school when we were stopped. He kept driving and went over to his friend's small restaurant.. wait.. then the dream cut out I guess, and I was in my high school's library where some students were setting up a Chinese restaurant, but they were students I hated. For some reason Tae was there, faking that he was sick and harassing the students, switching between being a dragon and human. Teachers were suspicious that he wasn't sick, and somehow found out he was faking, but I was leaving the building to go to class since I was still late. Annnd back to my brother's friend's restaurant, he dropped me off and I had to climb up this really steep hill to get back, but there were cars and buses and trains driving on it. I managed to climb up a long way despite being scared shitless by the cars going by and the height (the hill was near vertical) but suddenly the wires I was clinging onto to hoist myself up turned into snakes, and I accidentally touched a snake and it bit me and I woke up with my heart POUNDING. gah.

I'm surprised my dream this morning was slightly coherent but ugh still not the best way to wake up.
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Ahh damn. I woke up this morning crying because of my dream, and I wanted to write it down, but I went back to sleep, and just now remembered about it, and forgot all my dreams this morning. >.< I had like three or four totally different, distinct dreams.. All I remember now is that the part I was crying about had something to do with someone wanting me to kill them and I couldn't. Ugh and I'm even pretty sure one of them was Hetalia-related too, can't believe I forgot all of themmm.

Been reading The God Delusion lately, it's pretty entertaining. One day, I just figured, "I want to read something from the library!!" and tried to think of what would be interesting. Searched "atheism" and saw it, I've heard comments about it here and there, so I thought I'd read it myself. :D Also checked out The NEW Atheism: Taking a Stand for Science and Reason for.. for the only reason of finding out what the new atheism movement was about (which I read on Wikipedia rather than the book lol). It's not as if I dislike the movement, it's cool to see people taking a stand, but it's ultimately fruitless, I'd think. Religion/superstition isn't really something you can go "you're wrong, here's proof why you're wrong, so stop being wrong" since the people you're trying to convince are too dogmatic about it all, even if you have an excellent, sound, scientific explanation of why they're wrong (or acting wrongly).
Still, not saying that they shouldn't be doing anything, there are definitely fence-sitters and the like out there who can be convinced either way, and it's cool to see the secularists taking a somewhat aggressive stand.

Next time I have to research/write a paper about a topic of my choosing, definitely picking religion. My favorite things to read about are video games, LGBT issues, and religion. <3 Speaking of which UGHHH I really want to take accounting next semester rather than English. Going to try to switch them out when I can.
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 lol fuck I had another Hetalia dream last night. This makes at least the 2nd Hetalia dream I've had, and I very, very, very rarely ever dream about anything that isn't nonsensical and has no connection to anything or anyone. But anyway.
So, I was Romano, and Spain and I had a radio show in this grocery store (okay so it doesn't make sense anyway, but I was definitely Romano and Spain was definitely Spain) but the store was more like.. for scientists and had chemicals and stuff. But Spain had recently graduated from college or won a contest or something, something that deserved a 'congratulations,' and we were talking about it on the radio. But whenever I tried to honestly say congratulations, I'd be cut off and someone else would voice-over me, acting like me, insulting Spain. And since Spain was in a different room, he only heard the insults. I got so frustrated not being able to say what I wanted to say to Spain so I started crying and left. Somehow Spain found out and followed me outside, so I hugged him and finally said congrats and that the radio person wasn't me and that I loved him, all the while still sobbing. XD Annddd sexytimes ensued. ..and then parasites infested the chemical/grocery store and we and Hungary had to inject the khezu-looking things with some lethal chemical that would kill us if we got a single drop on us lol

My dreams are so weird. It's why I get so surprised when something remotely connected with reality actually happens. XD

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