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Ooh. It's only been a bit over a month after I've begun teaching myself Dvorak and I'm already up to ~65wpm. ^3^ I keep reading about all this stuff and came across people talking about Colemak: "I was up to about 65 WPM within two months." "I got the Qwerty speed after 100 days or so" ahahah and Colemak is easier to transition to than Dvorak! yay I feel accomplished~ I'll probably be back up to 80 (or higher~) in June!

I was also having a bit of a panic attack over the whole oh god why am I doing this, if I get hired for a job that involves typing on company computers I'm going to fuck up everything by needing Dvorak, and they won't want me, and they'll just get someone else with better typing speed on the standard QWERTY to replace me, blah blah. And then I learn about PKL and my little heart can rest easy again. (edit: then again... I already use AutoHotKey lol. just didn't realize such a thing was an option, I don't really use portable applications)
But wow, man, Typer Shark has helped a LOT in the past few days. Definitely worth paying for. I'd like to do at least one full expedition per day to help train. :D I'm certainly having a lot more fun with this sort of training than other boring typing tutors (though they were indeed helpful in learning the layout itself).

Am I happy that I've switched? Hell yeah. Typing is more comfortable, feels more natural, and I do feel that in higher speeds, my hands won't cramp up nearly as much as they had before (further allowing me to type faster than I did in QWERTY too). Just about the ONLY thing I ever switch back to QWERTY to do is to keyboard smash LOL cause sldfjk;lsdakfjls looks a lot different than aoentuhsoentuesn. XD Ah, and I also switch back for Photoshop and Sai, because I can't be arsed to change the 15-20+ hotkeys that I regularly use.
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looool whaaaat I just got a call telling me to come in and check a place out since they saw my resume and were interested.

I applied to this place EIGHT MONTHS AGO. lmfao.

I don't think I'll get it. I'd love it, yeah, it's a tech/software support place. I applied for "first level support" which I would hope they don't expect *too* much from me but the guy on the phone said they dealt with coding like Oracle and all that. I've never learned any coding in my life. :| I don't even know what Oracle is. They pulled my resume from an app I sent.. and my "computer skills" section only had Powerpoint, Word, Excel, 10-key, and, um, that I type 95wpm ahahah..aha... no coding though. >_>;;; So that probably means they liked my speed. Which is bad. Because I can only type 35-40wpm right now. FUCK.
brb redoing typing tests like mad to get my speed up at least to around 50-60wpm by Monday /sob

Also lol at how I make a post on Tumblr saying I'm going to delete my account and I get a new follower. What.
Already feeling a bit better about all that. To be honest Tumblr and Twitter were pretty much becoming addictions that made me upset more than they entertained me, and yet I still followed everybody and everything regardless. So, in my brash way of doing things like always, it's best to just quit. If I merely take a "break" the temptation is still there and I can't resist coming back. I don't think I'll be coming back to either site. I'll still follow other people who have blogs there, and also people who have public twitters, because I can just follow them on RSS. :D Once I take myself out of the picture and disallow myself a way to respond to posts/tweets, it's not irritating anymore. Plus I can follow and unfollow people however much I want since they aren't notified of RSS followers.
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I need to take a break after all. =w=; Thought I'd gotten past my art block but of course I hadn't. No need to remain in a place I'd only sulk in.
HetaOni is so awesome~ I finally watched it and cried so much. ;w; I'd been wanting something to make me cry for a while now and this was finally it. As much as I would like to do fanart of it somehow, have been feeling much too inferior to what others have drawn.
Typing has become much easier. Still not that great, but I tend to be around 35-40wpm on typing tests lately.
Haha.. it's hard to know what to do when my main method of cheering myself up when I feel like crap is what's bringing me down in the first place.
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 I really need to practice the i, d, f, k, p, & l keys. These keys are really messing me up.. probably because most of them, other than l, are normally typed with the opposite hand. >_< So when I subconsciously reach for the key, I reach with the wrong hand..

I have my hopes up again but we're apparently getting a second cat tomorrow~! A golden-eyed black female cat named Samantha. XD I wonder if it's weird that I really want her to keep that name? I think it's funny we share the same name, and at this point if it gets changed to something else, I'll just always think about how she used to be named Samantha. I'll probably call her Sammy regardless of name change. :D
aaaaaaahahhhhaaha I am so excited :D:D:D:D Female cat! Gold eyes! Who *likes* to be petted! And shares my name! <33
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 It's still so hard to type.. =w= Making more mistakes but typing slightly faster.. balances out as usual since I spend gained time correcting errors. Found a program called autohotkey that lets me perform QWERTY hotkeys but still type in Dvorak~ It's very helpful. I didn't like typing ctrl+z (would be the /? key in QWERTY), c (I), v (.>), etc. with my right hand.. since I draw with my right hand & perform hotkeys with my left. But now that isn't a problem~
I had to type on another person's keyboard yesterday and got a bit flustered that I couldn't type my NAME correctly. XDD I've already gotten very used to typing the home keys on Dvorak.. which contains "th" (I really enjoy typing anything with "th" in the word now ^q^ "that" and "the" are my fav words lol) so when I tried typing "Samantha" it came out as "Samalkja" >w>;;;
School is almost over~ 8 more days~ (over 4 weeks though) Not much left to do other than exams and present marketing project.

Edit: Just measured, typed 23wpm on a test. General speed is probably more around 17-20 since they used simple words on that test. Better than 11wpm when I started a few days ago. :D
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 Day 2.. negligible improvement, but improvement nonetheless. Googled a bit and found that many people do indeed enjoy Dvorak and prefer it over QWERTY, and that it seems to take 1-2 months to become "fluent." =w=;;; Pchat is gonna be painful for a while.. /sigh
I ended up reverting back to QWERTY for a little while today to do homework and pchat, but I will try to resist reverting too often for the sake of learning faster, as frustrating as it is to type 10-15wpm. Abandoning something I've been doing naturally for >12 years is a very strange feeling.

I wonder if I'll get any comments on my keyboard tomorrow. XD I did switch the keys on my laptop. Don't think anyone will notice though; it's not something people really pay attention to.. unless they sit right next to me and notice how incredibly slow I'm typing lol.
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Day one using the Dvorak keyboard layout. Learned about it today and thought... why not. XD I'm hoping to get used to it soon and ultimately become faster than before. I also heard that this layout lessens typing pains, so that's a plus as well. My previous speed has been around 70-85wpm, which has swiftly dropped to a crawl at 10-20wpm lol
..Hoping to get that up soon. I've learned where all the keys are, so all that's left is practice, practice, practice...

I watched Madoka Magica last night~ Very entertaining~ Would type more about it, but.. yeah.. 10wpm is kinda painful for lengthy entries.

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