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Well now.. that's.. um.. XD As per my never-ending curiosity about things I shouldn't be curious about, I found a letter written to me that the author never intended for me to read.

Basically, it went like this. I went to go check how many watchers I had, because I've been getting close to 1200 lately. Indeed, I now have 1201, so I was happy about that. I glance through the list to see who might have been my 1200th watcher, and was pretty surprised to see "Leonclaus" there, a guy I'd been close friends with from 2008-2010. Because I'm an idiot, or something, I go to his page. Look through recent submissions, artist profile, not much has changed since we parted. Looked through recent journals, and..wait what, why is my name on one of them LOL.
And so, I think I'll write a response that I also don't intend to show him, but if he finds it, then so be it. It'll just mean we're both too curious for our own good, lol.

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lol oh wow! How about that! I actually fulfilled all of my New Years Resolutions from last year! 
Got a job, moved out, got a car~ ^^ I did commissions for the first time as well.

I'm surprised I actually made resolutions though, it's always been a little tradition of mine to not make resolutions and just reflect back on the past year and the great points about it. I prefer appreciating the good of what happened rather than putting a negative spin on seeing what I did wrong and how to improve. So, let's see...

I graduated high school this year as valedictorian. :D That was pretty awesome.
Though I left my only friend at the time early this year, I've reconnected with my best friend since middle school (and is now my housemate), and have made many new awesome friends through pchat!
I orgasmed for the first time ^q^
Surpassed 1000 watches on FA~
Yet again drew more pictures than last year. I could've sworn this year I wasn't going to do nearly as many drawings, since I had quit doing Livestreams, but then pchat came along... XD
And of course, moved out, got a car, got a job.

I'm sure there's much more than that but those are the high points I can think of. :D 2010 was fucking AWESOME. And 2011 will be even awesomer.
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Yay done with school! I've got two guaranteed A's and one B.. not sure about my other two classes. Pretty sure it'll be another A and a B though. Two B's.. I haven't gotten a B since middle school. Oh well. I had a 4.0 in high school, valedictorian. That's impressive enough. I don't need a 4.0 in college too. ... >.> sigh. I'm not really upset, just.. it's just weird. I've taken school so seriously the previous four years, and then this past semester things just slipped. Planning on redeeming myself next semester and getting all A's again.

Planning on treating this weekend as my winter break and then I'll go all gung-ho on applying to jobs again on Monday. I already tried to make changes to some online applications today and they wouldn't let me. o_o;; It's.. kind of important. Being available for three days a week, changed to being available 24/7.. that's a pretty significant thing I need to be able to update. But, oh well, I'll just have to go out and apply to some places in person rather than online.

Thanks to textbook buyback, I've gotten a bit of extra funds to help me through the month.. I had two books, one of which buyback wasn't accepting, but they were accepting trade-ins for the other. I went to college to check prices there, and for some reason they were buying back the book wasn't, and weren't accepting the book that was. for me!
So yeah.. with that, I refunded my commissioners. As much as I need the money, I can't fucking stand commissions anymore. I hate doing them so much. I'll be fine with them for a while, and then it'll be a drag but I can still get through them, and then it just develops into this utter hatred toward the idea of doing commissions and I cannot bring myself to even begin them anymore. But, now with those off of my mind, I might be able to draw my furry OCs more often without feeling incredibly guilty (for putting off commissions), and may try to post on FA more often.

Though.. I do need to devote my time at the moment to my secret santa assignment.. hmm. Will probably spend tomorrow working on it a while, at least before the pchat fills up. I've got most of it written out, and probably half of the non-porn part sketched.
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Hmmh food hasn't been sitting well with me lately. I don't know if I'm sick or not, just, everything I eat upsets my stomach. x.x

I really should stop taking so many commissions at once when I KNOW I'm really bad with overwhelming myself. Starting to feel the pressure to give up and cancel some... I think I'm going to cancel all but 2 slots from the guy who bought 20, at least. >.< I feel bad for putting them off until the weekend but I've got a test to study like crazy for tomorrow and a paper to begin and finish for Thursday... They'll all be done within the week, at least.
Thinking of increasing prices too.. it's really nice to have so many people want them but there comes a point where price has to be raised to curb demand a bit, haha. ;;; I'm thinking making them $2 rather than $1 and seeing how that goes. Or maybe just $1.50. Dunno.

Can't wait to do my USxUK secret santa~~ All the prompts I got are so awesome~ I'm thinking I'm probably going to do three of the four I got. XD But, that'll have to wait for after commissions, ahaha..
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Why do I keep trying to use FA's search for anything other than looking up my own art.. lol.. Have to draw a palm tree for my commission and I thought I'd see how some artists interpret how to draw them, and lo and behold I find a pic of a furry transforming into a palm tree. Not that I should be surprised. And a fuck ton of sex on/near palm trees but eh. The transforming one(s) made me lol.
And a picture of a unicorn near a palm tree and cliff with an erection pissing rainbows onto dolphins in the water. In a sunset. Yep.
And an anthropomorphic coconut tree.
..that's FA for ya.

Just about one more month of school left this semester, plus one week or two. :D Signin up for spring classes next week.
Planned out a schedule I'd love to have but of course something will doubtlessly go wrong and I'll have to scramble around finding alternatives. But, if this works out, I'll have class Mondays and Wednesdays 12:30pm-7:45pm, which is a lot nicer than my schedule this semester. I planned my schedule around five classes but I'm only going to take four, so hopefully only one class will not work out when I sign up, so everything will be cool in the end.

It... won't be a fun semester.. but the schedule timing-wise is good.. >w>;; BISM, marketing, history, econ, and an accounting class.. I hate them all except for accounting. If only good law classes were available this next semester..

Aaanyway time to go finish the lineart of my commission since I promised myself some ice cream after I finish. :DD Motivationnn~
Edit: ffffff two hours later and I'm still not completely done with the lineart, but pretty close to being done. This has taken like, what, four hours so far? And I have to shade and color it too, which will likely take.. another four-five hours. Hooray for earning about $3/hour.
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Life is too awesome.. too awesome.

This week, my English class isn't meeting; she gives us the week before a test free for studying. That'd leave only my accounting class on Mondays & Wednesdays instead of two classes. And today, JUST when I was closing everything out to shut down my computer to leave for accounting, I get an e-mail.. from my accounting professor. Class canceled! This is the first time class was canceled lol, such great timing! So, yeah, didn't go anywhere today~ Just relaxed and doodled a lot. :D

Tomorrow I've got class all day and my laptop isn't working, but it'll be ok. I get free cake and free food too~ Ahhhh~~

Also totally considering taking up commissions again to replace that thing, but I'm having a hard time figuring out what style to do. I want to take the advice I was given and do things that are small and cheap but I just.. don't know what to do that would be small. When I think small, I think pixel art, but pixel art takes a hella long time, and then it wouldn't be cheap. I'll figure something out.. Hell, I'll just spend some time tomorrow figuring it out since I won't have anything better to do. XD
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Another crazy dream, surprisingly not about Hetalia this time. >_>
This one was mostly about one of my favorite artists even though I've never talked to him this is the second time I've dreamed about him...? Anyway, we were in a ghetto/slum of some sort and he appeared as his snake character, but more.. geometric? His snout was all square and he was generally kind of chibi and squishy looking. For some reason another artist I like but have never talked to was there with him, her bee self chibi and squishy like him. And, well, basically the dream went where Prawst offered me some drugs but I awkwardly declined, and he took them instead and tripped out and started rambling about Tails (the Sonic character) and how retarded it looked and how he doesn't understand why Tails is so popular with furries. And I just kinda sat there watching him and Tox take drugs and ramble about random things and run around laughing.
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It's.. always.. a bit weird uploading porn on FA, cause I know people IRL who watch me... It doesn't deter me much, but it's still awkward to think about. Meh. Then again, I used to be nervous about ANYONE seeing my porn. Or drawing it in general. Or drawing it with many people watching, like I do now.. >.>;
Been going through bouts of feeling really down here and there, but for now, all's well. God, yesterday was so much fun. Ding dongs EVERYWHERE. Buckets of ding dongs. XD It was cute to see that people outside the US didn't know a "Ding Dong" was also a food. Then again, I didn't know spotted dick or faggots were food in England either a while back.

House/car/job stuff is all still sort of what-the-hell-is-going-on.. all I need to do today is finish a commission, write my resume, and read a few chapter things of The Odyssey, but of course pchat is going to distract the fuck out of me and I'll probably do the commission and resume and put off the reading until Monday. XD;
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LOL why is Brodyquest embedded on FA XDD
This video totally deserves to be seen by everyone hahaha
Totally screencapping this for laughing at whenever I reread this entry.

Edit: Wow it wasn't up for long lol.
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Aaawww. 17 USCS §201 states that "In the case of a work made for hire [commission], the employer or other person for whom the work was prepared is considered the author for purposes of this title, and unless the parties have expressly agreed otherwise in a written instrument signed by them, owns all of the rights comprised in the copyright."
tl;dr commissioner holds copyright to purchased artwork. I'd assume trades would be the same, since both sides act as employers of each other. I'm fairly certain that the artist holds all copyright to free art though, if they don't intend to sell it. Character designs aren't protected by copyright after all, only trademarks, which are more or less only for marketed characters, not someone's personal fursona thingy.
I can't help but laugh whenever I see anyone on FA (or elsewhere) say "-character name- (c) me!" But that's just the little picky lawyer side in me. :>
Anyway yaaaaaay things are going well again.
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Hm.. I really need to look into the legality/copyright information about ownership of commissions, trades, and requests. Who owns it? Who decides whether it's public domain or restricted? It really annoys me to see people take ownership of drawings I've done for them and not allow redistribution, use, or alterations of that picture. But it might not be my place to say.. I'm not sure. :<
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Lots of little posts lately.. But, fuck! I've always wanted an adoptable of some sort but I can NEVER get one. I had such a great opportunity to get one a few minutes ago but I didn't qualify, since I wasn't watching him/her. x_x Fffuck and it was so cute too..
I'm probably just going to end up making my own kemonomimi things, screw adoptables. This one I just missed was the cutest little dragon. D: Fuck it, I'll make my own characters.
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 33 hourssssssss.

Spent some time hanging around KPA's bake sale, which was awkward yet fun. Bought two rainbow leis and some food. :D I keep laughing at how silly I probably look to others: full black wardrobe, black laptop, morbid Giygas wallpaper, and a couple happy-go-lucky rainbow leis, haha.
Classes have been boring all day.. I just want to go home and play games and talk to Tae and drawww and aaaghh. I spent a bit of my math class attempting to draw a kut-ku with my mouse, and I like it enough to want to add some shading when I have access to a tablet and make it my new icon on FA.
Ah, but I am excited for a meeting tonight of a club I want to join, looking forward to that.
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"Two things are infinate: The Universe and Human Stupidity"

How fitting.
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unwatchan gaems
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Oh my god. Really. It took me this long to realize that I can just adblock certain FA users' art altogether. Hallelujah, no more fat/inflation/muscle/macro/etc. XD
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I have 7 banned users on my 'watched by' list, lol.

After going back and forth, I'm going to order Gitarooman Lives after all. XD Can't wait to play it! I've only ever been able to play the Mojo King Bee stage from that one demo disc that came with the Playstation magazine that doesn't exist anymore.
School is canceled tomorrow as welllllll. x3 This is just getting my hopes up that Thursday will be canceled too and I'd have yet another five days to do my homework, lol. Probably not going to happen though.. sigh.
Today's Ustream was productive as hell (I love Sai omg, and everything I've drawn with it so far too) but it was much too quiet.. D: Bouts of having 0 people watching.. and all that.
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Gitaroo Man is awesome.
I spent too much of today browsing video game music on Youtube and posting on Gaia than doing homework. D: I'll do it tomorrowww.

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lol wow. Deleting a bunch of shouts on FA and holy damn do a lot of people say "HOPE YOU DON'T MIND ME WATCHING YOU"
.......why would anyone mind. seriously.

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