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Today's been an okay day. uwu At work, I have to review companies' financial information, and put together financial statements. I really enjoy starting this process, and ending it, but I hate the middle part lol. I really enjoy having a whole bunch of stuff to do, all these files and spreadsheets to look at and verify and analyze.. but after a while I finish doing everything that works out well and that I know how to do, and I end up with the rest of the work that I don't know how to proceed, have insufficient information and need to contact the client, or something went wrong in an analysis, etc. That's the part I don't like. And that's the part I've been stuck on this entire week.

Finally though, today I was able to move past that phase into the final part that I enjoy a lot, which is putting together the financial statements themselves and cross-referencing all of the numbers to the review files.
Boss also asked me to come in extra hours next week, which is great and terrible.. more hours means more money, but I already have a lot to do for school already. I have a tax exam on Monday, an accounting exam on Wednesday, a tax project to finish by the 12th, a negotiation paper to write by the 12th..

I dunno. Laying it out like that, it doesn't sound like I have too much to do, or at least that it shouldn't be too much of a problem. I always feel so burnt out when I come home these days. I just get home and feel like going straight to bed. My alternatives are to go work on homework, or feel guilty that I'm not using my free time to work on commissions, or talk to people who inevitably vent to me and I end up stressing myself out about that too.

Anyway! I beat Contact (DS game) recently and wow the ending was baffling and rather.. unsatisfying? I don't know if there's some sort of post-game extra storyline stuff or something.. I was reading this walkthrough at one point and read their description of the ship decal, an item of sorts that lets you warp back to your base, but that it "doesn't work from certain rooms and locations, usually boss rooms and weird locations where you're not in the, ah... real world. >_>" And that comment got me really interested! I was excited at the idea that I'd be able to explore some weird space dimensions or something later on in the game! I got especially excited when there was a boss battle where I got transported inside this weird-ass alternate dimension space pyramid that the antagonists tried to summon and command but they got stuck inside too.

Unfortunately that segment only lasted that one boss battle. You can't even go back in it ever again after you beat the boss there. So, rather than that, I think the "not real world" they meant was when you get sent inside a couple arcade games. Which sounds like it could be interesting too but it wasn't that great. The "racing" game is just a couple screens where you run around a track and fight some car monsters at the end. The RPG game is just a couple screens of forced sidescrolling and bad graphics.

The music in Contact is really great though. :B I love Ft. Eagle's theme so much.
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Ah screw it. I can't ever write to a proper schedule.
I ended up buying a 3DS XL this past Monday. :D I also got Theatrhythm and Kid Icarus with it. I miiiiight be getting Star Fox or Zelda sometime soon too since I'd basically be getting it for $27 since I have a Gamestop pro card thing and a $5 off coupon. Which, hey, $27 is better than getting it new for $40 or something.

But oh man I am really loving Theatrhythm a lot. I was scared for a while that it would be easy and boring because a friend had commented that it was "really short". Which, now that I've been playing it, I have no idea why she would say that, because I estimate I'll probably have 30-40+ hours of gameplay in it by the time I perfect chain all the songs on all difficulties in the series and challenge modes, beat and perfect chain all the dark notes, get all the unlockable songs and characters, etc. Like, maybe she meant that it didn't take her long to "beat" the game.. but the storyline in a RHYTHM GAME doesn't even matter in the first place lmfao......

I haven't tried Kid Icarus yet but it looks really fun too!
I looked into some of the pre-installed programs and games on the 3DS itself and omg swapnote is really cute and the streetpass stuff in general is really cute ;w; I hope that I get stuff from people when I take my system to school, or when I go to AWA, hehe.
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wow this is not good my entries are getting more and more angry these days :/
um. talk about something happy. I bought a PSP3000 recently off of marzi's brother and it's been great. installed cfw and started playing Taiko DX and that's been really fun, the RPG mode is really fucking adorable, you control a damn army of baby drums and at the end of a "battle" they'll yell out a war cry and charge and it's just THE CUTEST THING....
Im just gonna go back to playing that then so I don't have to think about shitty negative things
because it's hard to be sad when everything is so fucking happy and adorable
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Paydays are the best. :DD Also got some mixed news from boss, she's going to Japan for a week, so I won't have to come to work for 3 days (one of those days is a paid holiday anyway). Partially AWESOME for some free time, partially a bit "aww" because it's less money earned. But it's more awesome than aww so it's all good.

Life is Good + Games
Speaking of earning money, posted up a post on a few sites selling some used DS/PSP games and DVDs. I was afraid I wouldn't get a single offer but I have three people ordering things so far! ^q^ This is the first time I'll be shipping anything to anyone.. I'm a little wary about it but all in all I think it'll go well~! My brother is even giving me all the games he wants to sell (even his GBA and DS systems themselves) and wants me to include them in my list lol. I feel like a store. I'll post an update with all of his stuff in the next couple days.. I feel bad offering stuff to sell when I don't even have shipping materials yet. Hopefully they'll come in sometime this week. Ordered 30 padded pouches from USPS (for free~~) so I think that'll cover me for a while.. I can't imagine I'd get 28 more orders before I have time to order more. XD But, with those, shipping comes to $4.95 for every address I check (in the US, anyway), which is nice I guess? It's better than $15, or whatever. And with the 10%/30% discounts I give, shipping is either paid by me or knocked down to $1-2 instead. So it turns out well if you buy in bulk~
As far as what I'll be using profits from this stuff from, probably putting it toward a PSVita. XD Sellin games to get more games. Whatever doesn't sell in about a month, I'll just trade in to for some credit there. It's funny no DS games have sold yet, because those are worth the most in Amazon trade-ins, haha. So even if none of those sell, I'll have a nice alternative to go to.

Life is Good + Anime
Oh! *w* And someone in Georgiafurs is giving away a bunch of stuff, I claimed some art supplies, notebooks, and a Last Exile poster, hehe. Last Exile music is so amazing~ (seriously, that song just takes my breath away) I really enjoyed the anime too, even though air combat, ships and the like, don't really interest me much in general. The music and animation are really beautiful.

Monster Hunter
Watched a few Youtube hunts today, rather entertaining when people are talking. Surprising, yes, game recordings that I actually PREFER that they have commentary. XD I usually hate people talking, it ruins the mood. When I saw @_monster_hunter tweet "Got any old videos of you hunting? Found an old one of me. I love seeing the improvement of technique over time!" I kinda want to record a hunt of myself too. :D But hunt what? I'm not sure. I'm still not a very good hunter lol. Would have to record something from MHFU or MHP3rd.. maybe that adorable mini-kut-ku quest.
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Life is Good
Wow~~ <3 Last year I bought some pancake+waffle mix via Amazon.. and made a mistake.. and accidentally bought two shipments. It was way more than I could handle, of course, seeing as how I've only used half of one package since buying them all (there were eight in all). But today my dad helped me out and returned a few of them to a grocery store. :D In short, I'd paid about $16 for eight bags. Dad helped return four bags for $18. <33 So now I still have a bunch to use AND got my money back and then some! So awesome.

Mom mentioned the other day about how Amazon buys back video games. I've known about this for a while, but never really checked it out. I ran through my PSP/DS collections and got a few surprises. For one, every single one of my PSP games were worth less than $5 each. My DS games ran more around $8 each on average. In total, the DS games I'd be willing to sell back would be $80 (give or take a few depending on what my brother wants to pick out.. and if he's willing to return the few I'd let him borrow a while back). Even though I have an R4.. these games really aren't anything I'd want to play again. XD Even the games that I really enjoyed, like Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow and Lunar Knights, well, I beat Castlevania three times and was on my fourth play, 100% complete, and I'd beaten Lunar Knights 3-4 times.. Boktai is 100000000x superior anyway.. DS games just don't interest me much anymore, all I ever play is Taiko or Picross 3D, and Picross will lose my interest the day I complete all the puzzles, which it seems I don't have many left unless there's some hidden "super hard" mode I haven't gotten to yet.

But even so, there's that part of my mind that reminds me I spent hundreds on these games and would turn more of a profit elsewhere. Value versus convenience? Do I want to investigate Craigslist and eBay and perhaps earn more, or just stick with the trustworthy, easy-to-deal-with Amazon for less.. >.> I'll have to investigate a little before I make a hasty decision. Now that I think of it, I could post on Georgiafurs and see if anyone would be interested in anything.. There are a lot of people around my area there, so shipping wouldn't be a concern.

Monster Hunter
Oh and I'm HR4. :D Slowly gettin back up there. I was amazed at how quickly I beat a Diablos earlier... Usually they take FOREVER, like, 5-10 min away from the end of the quest kind of forever.. but this was much faster. Same goes for the Jhen Mohran urgent, I took off 14000 health in like 15 min. *w* I really wanted to kill it.. but it ran away at 1700 health.. so mad. I didn't even mine its back other than one single spot.
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Games + Monster Hunter
Damn, just read that PSVita doesn't support UMD. I thought they would be backwards compatible.. Well, looks like I'll be waiting for CFW rather than buying early. I have to be able to play my beloved Monster Hunter. ;_; Anyway, if I wait long enough, maybe there will be some sort of Monster Hunter-related exclusives I can get in on, like the limited edition PSP 3000, or official Capcom accessories. I always get the original handheld and miss out on all the cool accessories that only fit the newer systems. >:[ PSP1000.. they only make shit for slim systems. DS phat.. they only make lite accessories. So maybe I should wait until PSVita 2000. -_- I don't think I can resist the dual analog sticks for very long though.

I just randomly remembered a bit of my dream from this morning.. XD I forgot most of it but there was an impressionable part where I was a young catgirl-looking thing floating around with some older-looking acquaintances in a grocery store of sorts. The whole world had a magic/mystical/old-world feel, so it was more like a bunch of merchants. Anyway, for some reason, there was this spider that was crawling on the wall and I was staring intently at it, scared, of course. My acquaintances and the merchant were laughing at how frightened I was over it, and laughed more and more as it ran toward me and I screamed at it and swept it away with a pillow (?? where that came from, idk). The spider had been thrown back a bit and was stunned, but as it recovered, it ran straight at me, angered. I began to cry and attacked it with fire magic (which I guess I wasn't supposed to reveal that I had such an ability) so people around were shocked and treated me as a demon.

I've noticed I haven't been having any sex dreams lately.. XD I used to have them so often, now it's just nonsensical stuff I either forget quickly after I wake up or just think it's not interesting enough to write down.. or nightmares related to bugs or dying or losing my cats or being late. All my nightmares are always about one of those themes. I generally wake up crying from the dying/losing cats dreams, and wake up shaken and upset over the bugs/being late ones, though I cry over some of the being late ones as well.

Edit: I suddenly had the great idea of putting titles over sections of my entries since I may use up to like 10 tags at once and maybe there are things people want to read and don't want to read.. but since I consolidate entries so much, blacklisting tags in my journal would block a lot of relevant entries too. So yeah! I'll try to remember to do that from now on so it's easier to find what tags correspond to what text.
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 So I thought I'd write down the notable parts of my experience with Minecrafting with ~*~*~moot~*~*~. Oh. And some other Canvas staff. Psh.
The chat log written here is not a true log, I'm not going to write down EVERYTHING everyone says. Only the interesting/entertaining parts.

After joining and meeting up with other people in a sky house, the first sight I see is a bunch of people caging up moot inside a glass cage since he was afk, lmao. He comes back on and DIGS DOWN (while in a SKY HOUSE) to free himself.

cut for length )
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 Pff XD Rereading my journal for entries to put into memories, saw this one.
About a year and a half later, I still have 10,519 songs to go through LOL only sorted through 1077 of them apparently
THIS IS GOING TO TAKE FOREVER TO GET THROUGH THEM ALL but I will definitely get through them all. I will!!
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Had a fun day out with my parents. Totally got distracted from what I planned to do but eh! whatever.

So, I've totally been trying to figure out why the song Switzerland and Japan were singing was so familiar in episode 36, and I finally remember.
It's a song in Taiko no Tatsujin Portable 2. XDD
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Yaaay today's turning out much better than yesterday. :D
Felt like checking my school's website when I woke up (cause I didn't want a repeat of yesterday- just wanted to check on the off chance of a class cancellation) and was greeted with a "new grade" notification instead. Took an English exam a week or two ago.. pages of essays and longwinded "short answer" questions.. I felt okay about it but idk how she grades so I didn't know how it would turn out. And apparently I got a 97 on it yaaayyyy :D
Went to my BISM class and it was boring as always so I worked on my assignment instead and kinda.. almost finished it lol. I thought it would take me all day to do. And he also told us that we don't have class on Tuesday, hallelujah. That class needs to get canceled more often. <w< Now I don't have to wake up until 4pm instead of 8am, haha.

I still need to work on my 2010 wolf drawing thing.. I'm not really liking how it's turning out, but I might as well finish it soon since I kinda should've finished it around the end of September, although I don't have a strict deadline for it or anything.

Ah, I finally beat the RPG mode in Taiko no Tatsujin Dororon, SO MUCH FUN. Oh god it's so awesome "fighting" enemies by playing a rhythm game. I even love the grinding. XD Before I played the RPG I was pretty disappointed in the song choice in this particular game since I could easily full combo all of the songs with a little practice (...except one). But now that I've unlocked a lot of songs through the RPG.. uh.. yeah there are a lot more very difficult ones lol. So glad to see a 2000 song.. I was afraid they didn't have one in this game for some reason. >.>;;

Edit: ... XD I love how I follow Takamin123 on Twitter to get news about the pchat... and he/she just talks about how tasty mayonnaise and cabbage is.
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DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUDE I did a survey a while back that offered a $25 gift card to Amazon if you completed it. Of course, I didn't expect anything, but there was that little inkling of hope, so I did it anyway as long as they didn't ask for sensitive/weird information. And they came through omg! Just got it! SO AWESOME. :D

Also lololo my guild on Trickster is fighting with each other. Basically:
"WAAAHH why'd you kick me from the party"
"you were dying a lot"
"bawwww fuck you"
"fuck you tooooo"
I don't even know why I joined. >.< I never talk to anyone in guilds, I never party with them.. only reason I really join guilds is to eavesdrop when there's nothing better to do (like when I'm selling stuff and can't move). Though, it's pretty surprising that the one I joined is in the top 10 ranked guilds. o.o;
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 When it gets dark out today, I am so spending the entire night playing Yume Nikki in the dark. So excited. <3
I don't particularly want to read any walkthroughs (and haven't yet), and I'd like to see how far I can get on my own, but I know I'm going to get terribly, terribly lost. XD
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 Something I find pointlessly interesting is how people, in Trickster, are grouped together by their chosen species. The other day, someone tried to get my attention by saying "hey fox," and just now there's another guy trying to sell things to users by calling them out and asking what they need, saying "hey sheep" "hey foxy" and such. It's pretty interesting really, this sort of thing happens often, that users are referred to their species rather than their username (which is nearly always easily accessible).

Maybe it's just confirmation bias, but I don't recall this happening much in any other MMO I've played. Maybe it's just because the appearance of users in Trickster is so easily identifiable, contrasted to games where you just play as Mary Sue humans with differing clothing. It'd be interesting to hear if WoW is similar, since the races are distinguishable in that game too. I know there's animosity between the horde and whatever the other one was, but just the idea of people calling the attention of strangers merely by their species is.. I dunno, lol. I'm just sitting here waiting for people to buy my stuff in Trickster and contemplating things cause there's nothing better to do.
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 Hmnnn Taiko no Tatsujin DS: Dororon! Youkai Daikessen!! is so fuckin fun. I'd seriously forgotten how incredibly entertaining this series is. and homg it has Melt by Hatsune Miku and there's chibi Vocaloids that pop up and hngggg so awesome and it's so fun in oni mode. I'm slightly disappointed that they keep reusing a handful of the same songs in multiple games (I've seen four already-used songs so far, though I haven't unlocked all the music yet, nor am I familiar with any of the PS2 games). BUT STILL. So fun. So fun. Such a rush to go through fast-paced songs that I'm totally unfamiliar with on oni mode and still do pretty well on my first tries. Though it's slightly pathetic to be proud that I'm rather experienced in a childish, basic rhythm game IT'S STILL FUN DAMMIT

Been so flustered lately. Want to play Monster Hunter Tri! Want to play Trickster! Want to play Taiko! Want to play the crapload of Steam games I've been buying on sale! Want to read The God Delusion! Want to read the other books I've checked out from the library! Want to draw! Want to watch a documentary on nerdcore so I can write my damned music paper already! Want to start on the other paper I have to write for music! Want to sort through my music so I can finally fucking organize it all! Gaahhh. And of course all I end up doing is flitting around FA, dA, y!gal, LJ, check my mail, check my RSS feeds, Facebook, and 4chan. None of which I really want to do and it all wastes time. At least I have a long weekend since I don't have classes on Monday (no school til next Wednesday).

Just read through a few months of LJ posts of mine, I kind of completely forgot about Gaia for a while. It hasn't crossed my mind at ALL until I read my posts about my art contest. Sssoo I think I'm doing pretty well without it lol. Man I'm glad I'm over that site. What a shitty place.

But speaking of Taiko holy crap they have an RPG mode and it's SO DAMNED ADORABLE, LITTLE CHIBI WADA DON WADDLING EVERYWHERE AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I just wish I knew what the hell was going on and what they're all saying. ;_; I know what to do and can read the bare minimum I need to understand my goal, but I'm missing a whole hell of a lot of story and stuff. :< Godd I'd love to learn Japanese if just to translate doujins/manga/games but it's so shallow to learn a language for such a purpose (in the perspective of taking college courses about it). If only I knew how to type/identify kanji, I'd be set. But I have no fucking clue. Similarly, lol I haven't used Spanish since last fall. :( I really have no use for it, and thus I'm losing it. But, I never "had" it in the first place, so I guess it doesn't matter. As I've told myself in the past, the only way I'd become fluent is to surround myself in it in a foreign country, but there ain't no way in hell I'm traveling to another country. Not my thing. Not a traveler.
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 Ohhh god it always sucks spending half an hour on a quest and being the one to fail the quest for everyone. Jhen Mohran ;_; I forgot to eat at first.. ran out of potions.. and ended up rushing in pretending I knew what I was doing rather than sit back and tell everyone I ran out of potions.. sigh. But I can't blame it all on myself, the reason we had two kills in the first place was from the SAME GUY. I fucked up, but he did too.. oh well.
I'm high rank now anyway. x3 This fail was my 3rd time on the quest. Can't wait to fight the high rank monsters and get the high rank weapons and armorrrrrr. <3

Oh, and that 13 year old kid who asked me to be his MH3 "gf"? Messaged me again today, "so do u wana b my mh3 gf?" I proceeded to tell him I'm a lesbian and then he flips out and calls me a freak like three times in different messages. To which I replied "isn't it a little more weird for a kid to be asking strangers to be their gf online?" Weird kid. A little offensive, a little entertaining, but all in all just.. weird.

And fuck my feet are cold because my computer's fan won't turn off. I have no idea what's going on. It's freezing. D:
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 lol I've been wondering why I haven't played Trickster in a hella long time. After I downloaded and installed it on my laptop, I realized, oh. It doesn't fucking work on Windows 7 32-bit. Which is the operating system on ALL OF MY COMPUTERS.
Now that I realize this, I want to play it even more. T_T
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Mannn I've been having so much fun lately, even with the incessant headaches. Monster Hunter Tri nearly all day every day, and then breaks for food, sleep, drawing, and stuff like that lol.
Bought a keyboard today to chat with people in MH online, it's been fun so far! I've been surprisingly social. XD Sometimes people reply to me, but it's mostly just about the quest at hand. But I'm sure I'll find some people who want to chat about other things too. I'd still be playing MH right now if it weren't for an idiot I was playing with.. We were on a "capture the Royal Ludroth" quest.. I weakened it, since he was standing off to the side the whole time, which I didn't mind too much. It limped back to the cave to sleep, so I followed it and waited, since he'd gotten the trap/tranqs. ...and I waited. and waited. and asked him what the hell he was waiting for. He never set the trap. R.Ludroth woke up and beat the shit out of him and we failed the quest. x_x Once we got back to the city I asked him "why didn't you set the trap??" to which he replied "idk". Even though I was saying "cap it" "set the trap" "...?" "what are you waiting for" and such during the quest...

Ah well. I haven't played too long and I've already met idiots. XD But hey, I've also met hella awesome hunters too, whom I've exchanged friend requests with! :D Damn this game is so much fun.

Also bought a new alarm clock today, which says it plays rewritable CDs! I already have an alarm that plays CDs, but it refuses to read burned CDs, and I fucking want to wake up to a certain few songs that I only have on my computer/burned CDssssss. Namely this. Not only is it a great song but it starts out like an actual alarm. XD

Hnngg gotta start writing my valedictory speech. I've been thinking about a bunch of points to include and an introduction but I've just gotta write down all my thoughts at this point. But I have plenty of time; I need to send it in to be approved on the 25th.

Edit: OMG this is awesome I've been wanting to hear some Infected Mushroom and Ferry Corsten for whatever reason lately so this is great! <3
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I have an Aaaaaaaaaa yay. I've figured I was going to get straight A's/be the valedictorian for months now, but every day I slowly get more and more confirmation, it's all more certain.
But either way, I'm glad my history professor wasn't a dick and did in fact make my 89 an A. I'm definitely learning from this class and so totally won't be this close to the edge for any more classes..

Oh! Also played No More Heroes for a little while today for the first time. So AWESOME. Fuck yeah half of everything's 8-bit! And the way to charge up your sword's batteries.. lolll. Kind of weird to do that or play this game in general with my family watching though. And omg using the Wiimote like a phone and having voice come through the remote's speaker, hahaaa that was awesome too.
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Umm yeah I'm not going to be online much at all for the next.. while. Monster Hunter Tri is SO worth the $320 (soon to be $340 once I get the Wiispeak thing). Totally hoarding the Wii in my room for days.
And omg I didn't know I'd get 500 Nintendo points just for buying Tri. TOTALLY BUYING MUSCLE MARCH FUCK YER
Also already bought the New Super Mario Bros game, No More Heroes, and Metroid Prime 3. Might get Wii Fit (lol) if my brother/family pays for most of it (otherwise fuck no). Totally have plans to get Metroid Other M, Super Paper Mario, No More Heroes 2, annnd some other stuff sooner or later.

I don't know what I'm doing but my Wii's code is 3730 8672 7800 9717! I think I can add people, I have no idea.
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Ahaha I just realized at like 11:30pm that it was Saturday, not Sunday. I was scrambling to study my history notes for my test on Tuesday, since I thought I only had tonight and Monday left to study. But now I have a whole other day to do stuff. :D Mostly gonna see if I can get one or two of my commissions done.

Not going to get Guild Wars after all. Need to save my money for stuff for the Wii I'm getting for graduation. <3! Omggg I watched Monster Hunter Tri gameplay for the first time a day or two ago. I've been doing my best to avoid watching anything of it cause I knew I'd want to go out and buy it immediately if I did. Still, I only saw some new players messing around who didn't know what they were doing, so I still haven't seen much at all. Hell, I didn't even know there was a felyne kitchen in Tri (er, I'm still not quite sure).
And Taiko no Tatsujin Wii.. omg. omgomgogm. So excited. And Metroid: Other M too! My dad's been playing Metroid Prime/ Metroid Prime 2 lately and he's interested in the Wii ones, and now I wanna play those too.

Mannn life is good, fucking good. And it's only getting better, day by day. "Let's start wearin a smile/ life keeps gettin better all the time/ so much better"~ <333

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