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Uuuuugh this past week has been awesome (due to Homestuck) and terrible (STRESS!!).

Things have been alright at work. Finishing up some financial statements that I've been working on for weeks. XD; Got a couple new computers in, but we can't use them yet because the server/network hasn't been set up yet and they don't have any of the accounting programs we use yet. It'll be nice when I can start up a program and it doesn't take 3 minutes to load. >_>

Oh, god. It was not a good idea to marathon through Homestuck when I have 3 tests to prepare for. Information systems test last Thursday, tax accounting tomorrow, history next Wednesday. I'll be surprised if I get a B on the IS test, hoping for a C, at least... sigh.. Tax test tomorrow is open book/open note so I shouldn't be worrying this much, but I'm still freaking out a bit.. >_< /deep breaths!
Today I have to drive 20 miles downtown to meet with my management project team. 20 miles... :/ At 7pm... Not only is it far away, and I've never driven here before so it's unfamiliar territory, but I have to drive there DURING RUSH HOUR, and it'll be dark outside!! AND it's at a restaurant and they're going to pick on me for not ordering anything but I can't fucking afford it. This is going to be so nervewracking. I really hope nothing goes wrong. I don't even know if I'm going to be able to contribute anything. Not that it matters much- we're just putting together a stupid Powerpoint with some guidelines for deadlines this semester and stuff like that.

Homestuck + Hetalia
Anyway, onto more positive things. Kind of. lol. I didn't entirely expect to go from 'love Hetalia, hate Homestuck' to 'disinterested in Hetalia, love Homestuck' but that's what happened. And right after I got into the USUK calendar too, ahahah. :D;;; Of course I'll still do my best, it's not like I'm all "eww USUK" after loving it for a couple years, but as for personal, casual doodling, I'll be shifting pretty much completely over to Homestuck. It's just new and exciting y'know? It's been fun being in the Hetalia fandom for so long, but it feels like it's been so long since the last interesting canon update. In comparison, Homestuck updates like crazy. XD I'm sure "10 pages a week" is an understatement.
Why'd I even start to read it? When chim and Aly and I were webcamming last week, Aly talking about it was the final push. But even before that, I was caving ever so slightly in response to seeing some of my favorite artists drawing fanart for it, and Tae sending me a link to a Homestuck song too, it all made the decision to go for it much easier. And boy am I glad for that. Amazing story, amazing characters, amazing method of storytelling in the first place, amazing animation, amazing music, hilarious, canon homosexuality, etc. XDD

Tiger & Bunny
spoilers for ep 24 )
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omfgggg aaaaaahaha holy shit my friend just came by and gave me like so much Hetalia stuff. FOR NO REASON. LOL
picsss )

asdlfjkskdfj;dsg I don't even know what to say my friends are too nice to me aaaaaaah
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Eurovisionnn~~ If only I knew when it was on so I could've watched it all. D: Only caught the voting.
I liked Spain's song! :( ...Well, I pretty much like everyone's songs.
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 Oh my god. I am legit about to cry. At a few lines of a fanfic [here]. That doesn't involve anything depressing at all.

"They were like puzzle pieces, Arthur decided, as he found himself lying on top of his boyfriend. He buried his face into the younger man's shoulder, sighing softly, and smiled when he felt the reveberations of a chuckle bubbling up in the man's throat.

Alfred's hands were clapsed behind Arthur's back, his arms having entangled around his waist, whilst Arthur was gripping the material of his warm jacket. The television was off and only the sound of soft rainfall and birds singing and the clock tickling slowly filled the silence."

THIS. Just... this. This moment. I haven't gotten lovesick from stories for a while now, but this really brought me back.
Aaaahahrcjhkxmv I'm seriously crying now rereading it AAAAAAA I WISH I HAD SOMEONE TO CUDDLE WITH AND DO NOTHING BUT LISTEN TO THE BIRDS AND RAIN AND STUFF wah wah sob sob Kile want girlfriend ok moment over I'll go back to being emotionally distant and uninterested in having a lovelife shortly.
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I need to take a break after all. =w=; Thought I'd gotten past my art block but of course I hadn't. No need to remain in a place I'd only sulk in.
HetaOni is so awesome~ I finally watched it and cried so much. ;w; I'd been wanting something to make me cry for a while now and this was finally it. As much as I would like to do fanart of it somehow, have been feeling much too inferior to what others have drawn.
Typing has become much easier. Still not that great, but I tend to be around 35-40wpm on typing tests lately.
Haha.. it's hard to know what to do when my main method of cheering myself up when I feel like crap is what's bringing me down in the first place.
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 Dream was weeeiiird last night. Started out with Sweden and Finland walking around in this really barren snowy area. Finland ends up getting separated from Sweden and spots something strange in the snow and starts digging (ala Minecraft.. ffff the snow was like blocks). Ends up finding a body of water under the snow (nope, no ice, doesn't make sense, I know) filled with mermen. Americas, Frances, Englands, all sorts of different types, revolution, casual, military, fantasy.. >.>;
Then, from the inside of the mermaid community, one merman wanted to see what the surface was like, but was told that it was dangerous and that the surface was miles and miles away. He ends up traveling away alone and is still too curious, so he starts digging upwards, and is surprised that the surface is really quite close after all. A dying man ends up falling in the water (a generic blob chibi thing fff looked like pringles guy) aaaand weeellll some mermen followed the original one and they end up.. tearing him limb from limb and eating him. :|;;;
Can't remember much else in-sequence, but there was a point where Sweden spotted a revolutionary!America merman crying like a brat while grasping at his American flag scarf (revolution!America later tried to rape an England merman), and another part where normal military!America was trying to impress an England merman by jumping really far distances between cliffs and ended up getting really hurt.

The dream was a bit more coherent than this but I've forgotten a lot. <_<;
I think I dreamed about snow because it's really fucking cold and also all the different Americas may have been brought on by watching this.
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Sooo~ pchat people may be familiar with this page...

I've been wanting to spice it up for a while now, so I figure it's high time to actually do something about it. I want to post people's pchat art on each side of the page so it's less blank and boring!! And it'll show off some of the awesome art we do on pchat!

I'm just not sure exactly what to put there. I kind of want a bunch of us to doodle up some chibis/small drawings. Oh! Maybe like, I could collage together drawings by everyone in pchat. :D And if anyone wanted to add a drawing I could edit it in~~ ahhhhhh getting so excited about this. One drawing per person~~ or maybe twooo, maybe one side of the page could be America drawings and the other could be Englanddddd

Feel free to put in your 2¢ or give me a picture for the collage-to-be, or you could just allow me to go through your past pchat art and I can pick out something idk. ^q^ /excited
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Had a fun day out with my parents. Totally got distracted from what I planned to do but eh! whatever.

So, I've totally been trying to figure out why the song Switzerland and Japan were singing was so familiar in episode 36, and I finally remember.
It's a song in Taiko no Tatsujin Portable 2. XDD
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Had two dreams last night, cause I woke up in the middle of the night and went back to sleep. First one I really wish I could remember more about because I was Romano and I know Spain and Italy were there but of course I forgot what everyone was doing.
But then the second one was a sort-of nightmare. I was over at my parents' house (which was the old house we all used to live in when I was a kid..) to visit and while we were in the kitchen and they were showing me a needle they were going to give me, my mom said she saw a roach in the cabinet. I, having a phobia of bugs, ran the hell away from there until it was gone. But on my way around the house, I saw another bug, but this one was a giant fucking poisonous looking roach. I ran away even faster. And then I see another one of the same type right in front of me, but it was as big as a goddamn cat and had more spikes and spines. At that point I pass out inside the dream and jolt myself awake nearly crying.
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So, just had the best dream ever. In short, England was my friend with benefits. :D We had a lot of sex. He rented some hotel/apartment thing for a whole summer for a place for us to fuck. And as in all my sex dreams, I was male, so that made it doubly awesome being stroked off in a dream FEELS SO GOOD. I may as well have been America, I dunno, I don't know what I looked like other than that I had a big dick. >w>
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I keep dreaming about weird shit and then I try to remember it aaand five minutes after I wake up it's like, all gone. I do remember reminding myself that I had dreamed about sapphire and Maiyeng and chim in pchat (AGAIN) but I can't remember what we were doing/drawing other than that.. we were just.. in the pchat.
I swear, with how obsessed I was(/am) over Monster Hunter, the fact that I am so much more obsessed with Hetalia and the pchat that I KEEP DREAMING ABOUT THEM is kind of impressive. I think I dreamed about MH a couple times though. Just not nearly as much as Hetalia. My god.

Speaking of MH, I'm kind of getting into it again, ahahaha. <w< I meant to go play Freedom Unite again a few days ago but I totally forgot that I had given back my brother's PSP battery to him. I did play a quest or two but trying to play games on a pandora battery just sucks. I use sleep mode too much to get used to that. I don't regret making a pandora out of mine though. Don't regret it one bit. But I did order a new battery and got it in so quickly, man I love Amazon (and my brother's Amazon Prime that I get to leech off of despite not living with him anymore eheheh). but omg. fuck diablos, man. 6000 HP? I don't think so. What with him running all over the fucking map and digging constantly, not only was I like five minutes away from timing out, but FUCKING GENPREY KEPT PARALYZING ME AND DIABLOS KEPT USING THE OPPORTUNITY TO DIG and I died for the 3rd time anyway. He still had like 2000 HP. I need better weapons. Or, yknow, just need to stop dying. That would help. >_>
But slkdfjsdl other than diablos pwning me I still love this game so much. Tigrex is so fun to fight. And Rathian. And everything other than Diablos and Plesioth. :D

I totally need to stop cooking new things without recipes. I tried to cook homemade soup AGAIN without consulting a recipe and wow. I took one bite and gagged. >.< Going over to my parents again soon and I'm going to ask them to show me how to make soup properly ugh x_x That was my second attempt at homemade soup (1st crab, 2nd spinach) and they both sucked.. so much..

 Only seven days of school leeeft (well, 10 including exam days). Feelin good about my grades. Definitely will get an A in English, macroecon, and BISM, but I need to study hard for accounting and statistics.

I've been getting used to driving more these past few months, I'm actually starting to enjoy driving. Kind of. Okay, maybe that's a stretch. But still. I enjoy driving when no one is behind me. People tail me like hell.. not much of a surprise, since I actually drive the speed limit *gasp* blasphemy! everyone knows people are supposed to drive 10 above the speed limit! >_> Going 34 in a 35 is impeding traffic! rar rar rar honk honk tail tail!
I can't wait for the day someone speeds to pass me and a cop pulls them over.. HAHA WISHFUL THINKING that's never going to happen. I find it more likely that someone's going to run into me from behind from following too closely. Now THAT is going to happen one day, most definitely. I swear, some of these people drive not half a foot away from my car. It's fuckin scary.
I have never met anyone, IRL or online, who drives like I do. D: Everyone is so insanely impatient once they get into a car. but eh. I can bitch about this for days. *shuts up*
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Hmmh food hasn't been sitting well with me lately. I don't know if I'm sick or not, just, everything I eat upsets my stomach. x.x

I really should stop taking so many commissions at once when I KNOW I'm really bad with overwhelming myself. Starting to feel the pressure to give up and cancel some... I think I'm going to cancel all but 2 slots from the guy who bought 20, at least. >.< I feel bad for putting them off until the weekend but I've got a test to study like crazy for tomorrow and a paper to begin and finish for Thursday... They'll all be done within the week, at least.
Thinking of increasing prices too.. it's really nice to have so many people want them but there comes a point where price has to be raised to curb demand a bit, haha. ;;; I'm thinking making them $2 rather than $1 and seeing how that goes. Or maybe just $1.50. Dunno.

Can't wait to do my USxUK secret santa~~ All the prompts I got are so awesome~ I'm thinking I'm probably going to do three of the four I got. XD But, that'll have to wait for after commissions, ahaha..
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New OTP? New OTP. I don't know why I didn't see it earlier. Spain and Yian Kut-ku were meant to be.
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So today I was feeling adventurous! I wanted to see what was in my roommate's closet- or rather, wanted to rummage around and find something embarrassing to pick on him about. Because he looks funny when he gets mad and tries to look intimidating.
I made sure to act nonchalant and saw him off when he was leaving the house to do something. As the door clicked I couldn't help but excitedly (but sneakily) run off to his room. I shoved the doors open and..! Saw lots of boring, dull clothes.. not that I expected much at first glance. But I was determined to find *something* I could pick on him about. Everyone has something in the back of their closet they don't want people to see right?
Looked through nearly half of his shirts before I got bored and got tired of sneezing (he should dust more!) Then it dawned on me.. underwear drawer! There's gotta be something embarrassing in there! I had a hard time getting it open but once I was in.. muahaha.. Goldmine~! I may have looked around there a.. a bit longer than necessary but hey I was looking for something real nice y'know. N-not that I was getting distracted or anything. I ended up deciding on taking one of the only brightly colored pairs I could find and shut his closet the way I found it. Didn't want him to be suspicious too soon of course.
As I was proudly walking out of his room back to mine to hide it I thought I heard something, but assumed it had started raining or the wood was creaking or something. However, I heard it again not too soon afterward. Yep. Definitely footsteps. At that, I tried to run back to my room, but nooo I tripped on my feet, and then the door opened..!

Also I hate [ profile] bluubun ! She never draws porn for me~! /shot
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Dream I had the other night and forgot to write:
So.. I was Finland (ahaha SO MANY HETALIA DREAMS) and somehow Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and I were captured by giant!Russia ..the situation was kinda like Jack and the Beanstalk. And somehow we all (well, everyone but Russia) wound up in a hot tub. Naked of course. And I was bored and talking about magic with Sweden (Norway and Denmark were paying attention to each other and not us huhuhuhu) and he was paying attention but kinda bored too. So randomly I wanted to show him that I might be able to help us all escape and showed him that I could do black magic, but he freaked out and was really upset that I dealt with corrupt magic.
And that's about it. :D
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Saw this on Tumblr. :D

hetalia meme ) 
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Wow. I just had a dream about England and Spain seriously arguing about fucking goats versus having goats fuck you.
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Well, that was.. fun. XD I've been thinking about sewing up a purse/bag of sorts to carry instead of a backpack, and'll make carrying food around more convenient so I'm not as opposed to taking food to school so I don't starve myself, andddd I drew up some plans earlier. Pleased with them and all, I wanted to head to Walmart to see if I could find a fabric I liked or whatever else I needed for this project. So, I look up directions and attempt to go to Walmart... The ride there was okay, but I never actually, err, found Walmart. I'm thinking that Google Maps was outdated on this one cause there was some other sort of store there, but definitely not a Walmart.. so I went to the mall instead. XD
Went to Niko Niko (Japanese/anime gift shop of sorts), determined to find stuff from Hetalia. Nothing. Asked the cashier if she knew if they had any Hetalia stuff.. never heard of it. Never heard of Hetalia! Maybe I'm just hanging out in places biased towards it but isn't it like really popular?? I mean, it gets shitloads of traffic on 4chan's /cm/ and /y/ at least! So.. it's kinda weird that they not only didn't have anything from it but had never heard of it in the first place..
Anyway, after awkwardly leaving and avoiding looking at all the delicious ice cream places around, I headed back to school.. only.. I made wrong turns at EVERY LIGHT I NEEDED TO TURN AT. ...Every light. XD By the end, I was just laughing like hell cause I couldn't make a turn in the right direction at any light. I'd go "OH, YES, SHILOH ROAD!" "Frey!" "Chastain!" and I'd turn in the wrong direction at each one. XD

So yay. Adventure. I'm also proud of myself for not buying anything while I was out lol.. though I'm still going to go to Walmart after classes. >.>
Gah, this purse is going to cost me at least $30 to make, but it'll be so awesome.
(wtf people are talking about shotguns right next to me... ah, college. >.>)

Anyway, lol, here's what I'm planning on making. Kind of. I've already thought of a few more things to add since I drew this up this morning (like putting in a plastic lining or some sort of moisture-resistant material in the larger pouch so I can take refrigerated foods without getting my laptop wet; also adding more insulation between food pouch and laptop to further avoid moisture getting in my electronics; and switching the water bottle mesh to the other side of the strap so it's nearer the food pouch) buuut these are the general plans.
I love sewing, making stuff like this, but it takes so long that I just.. don't do it much.
I might paint some dragons or cats on it after I finish it up too. XD
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Ahh, I forgot to write down a dream I had a few weeks ago, something about Russia and Germany planning together to take over Scandinavia, and I'd doodled on Russia's Tegaki about whether or not he'd let Prussia join in. XD
And then this morning I dreamt about Italy wanting me to draw him and Romano together as naked gardeners.

So many Hetalia dreams...

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