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fuck, I'm so happy. so happy. so goddamn happy.

just wow
that started out kind of bad, was being socially awkward and sat in a corner drawing in my sketchbook. then after a couple hours people started gathering a little over to my area to draw as well. then I made myself a nametag. and THEN, oh god, people started recognizing my name, and came over to me to gush about how they loved my art and were fans. most of the time when someone came up to me and said they liked my art I opened my sketchbook and offered them a drawing, gave out probably 5-7 pics? maybe more I don't remember.

oh god I met generalterror. and cooler-kid-on-the-block. and emiggax. and and and a bunch of other ppl. and talked about eyecandyburns and 9aia and cissie and GOD it was like we all knew each other, one big fuckin awesome tumblr family

I am so fucking sleepy I can't type much more.. I didn't take any photos after all but I expect that other people will post their own in the atlantastuck tag or something.
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Oooohhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyy goddddddddddddd
Haven't posted here in a while and I feel annoying on Twitter so gonna post here.

Before going into happy stuff, school. School's just been.. flying by. I haven't been getting *good* grades but I guess I can't complain, my friend irl was barely getting D's in his classes and told me he's probably just gonna fail out of the school.. But yeah I've taken at least one test in all my classes so far, 85% in information systems accounting, 89% in tax accounting, 80% in history, and 90% in management. I promised myself I'd get a french silk pie for myself (my favorite pie ever that I haven't had since I was a kid cause I thought they discontinued it but recently found a retailer that had them) when I got my first A, but a 90%.. I barely consider that an A, and it was even curved too.. @_@ So I'll wait for the next set of tests to hopefully meet my goal.
I still constantly contemplate about what am I doing with my life? If I graduate with a 3.2 or something, is it really that bad? Do I really care? My coworker and some classmates have asked me if I was planning on working for one of The Big Four accounting firms. Fuck no! I just want to live comfortably in a small/medium-size firm or have my own CPA practice somewhere. As long as I can afford food and house and transportation, I don't want many luxuries. I'm not the sort of person who will spend $50k on a new car. I'm not the sort of person who will go out to eat every weekend to places that cost $30 per meal.  I'm not the sort of person who buys $50 jeans and $100 shirts. I don't need six-figures to live off of. I don't need a luxurious job at The Big Four. I don't need a 4.0. I'm doing just fine. With the goals I have and the path I'm taking? I'd say I'm doing pretty well. If I had no job experience, maybe having a ~3.0 average would make things difficult. But no! I will have plenty of relevant work experience by the time I graduate, by the time I get my CPA! I am doing quite well for myself, I would say!

And so, that is a longwinded, roundabout way to reassure myself that I can spend my free time drawing porn and not studying/doing homework and not worry about it. :B

As for work! Work is going well. We've been getting some new computers in, which is so very wonderful. It takes literally about 15 minutes to start up the computer I currently work on. It takes probably one minute for the new computers, maybe less. And I was allowed to set them all up~ <3
I'm so happy I'm finally getting the hang of things too now. Boss will give me a bunch of spreadsheets and I actually know where they all go and what the relevant information is~!

Art + Homestuck + Tumblr
Tumblr?? WHAT THE FUCK HAHAHAH I went to bed with ~95 watchers (which is amazing in itself and I wanted to do a thank you picture for 100) and I currently have 167 169 171??!?!"? (IT KEEPS GOING UP EVERY TIME I REFRESH HOLY FUCK)
I could keep going but that is the gist of my feelings at the moment. Just.. so.. blown away @_@ holy hell
There is one thing I am mad about though. Tumblr isn't e-mailing me about my new watchers or asks or reblogs!! I want to keep track of all of this dammit!! I don't like having 300+ notifications (/hyperventilate) missing. :[ I can't keep track via my dashboard either because by the time I refresh, all the previous notifications get knocked off ;___; ;;;;;; And so, the only way to keep track, is to go to the post itself's note list, but that doesn't provide a direct link to the reblogs, just the user who reblogged it... so it takes a lot longer to go through.. :<
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Three whole dollars an hour!!?! I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHY!!!! LMFAO
And here I am in constant fear of not doing well, not living up to anyone's expectations, not doing my work properly or correctly, and then this happens???????? UMM OKAY?!! THANK YOU??!!??
The whole day I've just wanted to go huddle up in a ball and cry about how amazing life is and how I don't deserve it but am insanely happy nonetheless and am so goddamned lucky and (for lack of a better phrase) blessed to have such..such an amazing situation..
I have awesome parents, awesome house, awesome friends, awesome car, awesome job, awesome boss, awesome coworkers, awesome awesome awesome aweoasmoeu awoesumeoksuetthiktiehxieu
 ok I gotta talk about something else now because I'm startin to tear up in the hallway

COUGH okay Homestuck! I started out not really shipping anything, though I enjoyed John/Karkat I didn't think of it sexually until I saw lots of awesome fanart/fanfics haha. And then I was asked to draw Sollux/Eridan, and began to enjoy that as well. And.. and Sollux/Karkat is hot too. And Kanaya/Rose. And Dave/Terezi. And Gamzee/Tavros and Tavros/Dave and Karkat/Tavros and Karkat/Dave and Terezi/Karkat and Terezi/Vriska and Kanaya/Vriska and Eridan/Feferi and Equius/Aradia and Aradia/Sollux and and and EVERYTHING IS AWESOME AAAH WHY DOES EVERYONE GO SO WELL WITH EVERYONE ELSE I'M NOT USED TO PAIRING UP ONE PERSON WITH MULTIPLE PEOPLE!
I mean shit! It would be faster to list the pairings I don't like! Which is like.. like.. I can't even think of anything lol. Hell, even Bro/Dad is hot... Maybe pairings involving Doc Scratch aren't appealing. I don't think he really gets paired with anyone fffff
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Uuuuugh this past week has been awesome (due to Homestuck) and terrible (STRESS!!).

Things have been alright at work. Finishing up some financial statements that I've been working on for weeks. XD; Got a couple new computers in, but we can't use them yet because the server/network hasn't been set up yet and they don't have any of the accounting programs we use yet. It'll be nice when I can start up a program and it doesn't take 3 minutes to load. >_>

Oh, god. It was not a good idea to marathon through Homestuck when I have 3 tests to prepare for. Information systems test last Thursday, tax accounting tomorrow, history next Wednesday. I'll be surprised if I get a B on the IS test, hoping for a C, at least... sigh.. Tax test tomorrow is open book/open note so I shouldn't be worrying this much, but I'm still freaking out a bit.. >_< /deep breaths!
Today I have to drive 20 miles downtown to meet with my management project team. 20 miles... :/ At 7pm... Not only is it far away, and I've never driven here before so it's unfamiliar territory, but I have to drive there DURING RUSH HOUR, and it'll be dark outside!! AND it's at a restaurant and they're going to pick on me for not ordering anything but I can't fucking afford it. This is going to be so nervewracking. I really hope nothing goes wrong. I don't even know if I'm going to be able to contribute anything. Not that it matters much- we're just putting together a stupid Powerpoint with some guidelines for deadlines this semester and stuff like that.

Homestuck + Hetalia
Anyway, onto more positive things. Kind of. lol. I didn't entirely expect to go from 'love Hetalia, hate Homestuck' to 'disinterested in Hetalia, love Homestuck' but that's what happened. And right after I got into the USUK calendar too, ahahah. :D;;; Of course I'll still do my best, it's not like I'm all "eww USUK" after loving it for a couple years, but as for personal, casual doodling, I'll be shifting pretty much completely over to Homestuck. It's just new and exciting y'know? It's been fun being in the Hetalia fandom for so long, but it feels like it's been so long since the last interesting canon update. In comparison, Homestuck updates like crazy. XD I'm sure "10 pages a week" is an understatement.
Why'd I even start to read it? When chim and Aly and I were webcamming last week, Aly talking about it was the final push. But even before that, I was caving ever so slightly in response to seeing some of my favorite artists drawing fanart for it, and Tae sending me a link to a Homestuck song too, it all made the decision to go for it much easier. And boy am I glad for that. Amazing story, amazing characters, amazing method of storytelling in the first place, amazing animation, amazing music, hilarious, canon homosexuality, etc. XDD

Tiger & Bunny
spoilers for ep 24 )
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Ah~~ :D;; Drama and fighting~ Always a weird thing when you know and care for people on both sides of an argument (or what should be a lack thereof).

On one side, I agree 100%, on the other, I do not agree, but am sympathetic. It's natural to want to attack others for attacking a friend of yours. I know, I've been there. I've disregarded and all but kicked people out of a stream I held at one point because one of the viewers was being disagreeable to a friend of mine. I know how it feels, too, to realize that the reason those people were being disagreeable with my friend was because of legitimate reasons that I began to find fault in as well.

Even so, there is some sick pleasure in me watching all of this. And sadness as well.. I hate to get caught up in petty things but it's hard for me to enjoy people's art/creativity if I find their personality distasteful. Which is a pity, because I used to enjoy it.

In other news work and school have been going okay. Started reading Homestuck yesterday, at the beginning of act 5 now. FINALLY starting to learn more about the trolls. Finally. I still like Dave the most though.

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