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Ah screw it. I can't ever write to a proper schedule.
I ended up buying a 3DS XL this past Monday. :D I also got Theatrhythm and Kid Icarus with it. I miiiiight be getting Star Fox or Zelda sometime soon too since I'd basically be getting it for $27 since I have a Gamestop pro card thing and a $5 off coupon. Which, hey, $27 is better than getting it new for $40 or something.

But oh man I am really loving Theatrhythm a lot. I was scared for a while that it would be easy and boring because a friend had commented that it was "really short". Which, now that I've been playing it, I have no idea why she would say that, because I estimate I'll probably have 30-40+ hours of gameplay in it by the time I perfect chain all the songs on all difficulties in the series and challenge modes, beat and perfect chain all the dark notes, get all the unlockable songs and characters, etc. Like, maybe she meant that it didn't take her long to "beat" the game.. but the storyline in a RHYTHM GAME doesn't even matter in the first place lmfao......

I haven't tried Kid Icarus yet but it looks really fun too!
I looked into some of the pre-installed programs and games on the 3DS itself and omg swapnote is really cute and the streetpass stuff in general is really cute ;w; I hope that I get stuff from people when I take my system to school, or when I go to AWA, hehe.
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Things have been going pretty well this week, emotionally! Physically not so much. I've started keeping a log of my headaches/nausea again because I'm really tired of getting headaches pretty much daily and not knowing WHY. There's got to be something that contributes to it, at least a little.. Today was a quadruple whammy with headache, nausea, feverish body temp, and menstrual cramps. I was so fucking uncomfortable I just couldn't focus enough to do my homework that was due midnight. I don't care though, I figured out I can skip a week of discussion posts and still be in the clear. I'll have to be on top of them from now on though, which shouldn't be a problem.

I am pretty happy though!! Happy with my friends, happy with my girlfriend, happy with all my followers on all the sites I go to.. u//u I'm just.. really happy with everything right now. I've been drawing anthros again, playing video games a little more often.. and stuff.. ahh lol I am too tired to write anything further
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Glory hallelujah I know these posts come once in a blue moon these days but I am absolutely and completely content, no, ecstatic even. UGH people are way too nice to me on tumblr I cried again today watching someone draw "I <3 u Kelaruj!" with a cute little dave and bro on my page because OH MY GOD just the thought of someone spending the time to write such a thing and draw cute things with it on top of it is just like, jesus christ, I just don't deserve it, but I appreciate it so fucking much, I'm just so happy.. plus the fact that people are calling me kela and kelaruj, even the people who've known me a while and it's gotta be hard switching over, but holy shit they still try and it means so fucking much to me I'm gonna cry again just talking about it omg

Plus the fact that I'm over my art block!! I'm still just overjoyed about that. And I've been enjoying doing requests too again omg!! It's been such a long time since I was last able to take requests and do more than one and truly have fun with them. I want to do more of them too! So many great ideas!! AHHH!!! I'M JUST SO HAPPY!!!!!!!
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And so, I did end up going through with it and changing my name from the oft-regretted Kilehye to Kelaruj. It's like my version of Kilehye, what it would have been if I'd made it up myself and not built from a suggestion from a friend. Her original suggestion was, when I'd had the AIM name of KiwiYellowLemon, Kiyele, the first two letters from each word. I switched it to Kileye and added an h for emphasis on "leh" and that was that. It was never my name. That's never been the way I make up names. It's always been so out of place compared to all the other names I've created.

On the other hand, Kelaruj was made the exact same way I've created all my other names. Keysmash into a letter scrambler and pull out syllables I like and attach them together in a manner I find pleasing visually and in pronunciation. >w> Flauj, Rengha, Civha, Sejan, Bluj, Rhaje.. etc etc so many of my names contain j's and/or h's.. I was throwing around Kelahru too but I liked Kelaruj more. It's finally something I can say out loud and not feel really stupid, although, visually it's more of a "kella" but I'll probably say "kayla". It's still gonna take a lot of time for me and everyone who knew me by Kilehye to get used to it but I'm just really happy with the fact that I finally fucking did it after all this time. Better late than never.

And, well, although I said in my previous entry that "I don't do these things halfway" uh.. well.. I think I am actually content just changing my twitter/tumblr/IM display names and be done with it. I've made a new gmail account for it if just to claim the name but I just kinda don't feel like making new accounts everywhere, especially places like LJ, where I have so many memories written here and I don't want to start anew. I'd pay to change my name but $15 is just too steep for me, I don't really care that much.

Makes me happy that a bunch have people said they like this name more too and it's easier to pronounce c: I'm glad there wasn't some strange unseen interpretation of it that 80% of people would get stuck on again and interpret it differently. The only different ways to say it I've seen people say were "Kella-rouge" compared to "Kayla-rouge" and that's quite fine, they sound very similar regardless.
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So.. what good stuff happened today..
On Subeta I passed 10m pure today. :D I am starting to think that 7m isn't much after all since I am pretty much able to earn 2-3m per day, and I'm not really doing that much, but oh well. The auction was for a simple picture anyway.

Basically I just kinda lazed around all afternoon after I got back from work..
Oh! Someone is writing a story for me though, and might finish sometime tonight. ;w; It is chock full of insane fetishes haha! We started talking on IM recently and found that we share quite a lot of the same kinks, so she wanted to continue a ficlet she'd written for me, and I want to draw for it as well, and am hella excited to read it.

Speaking of which, I am feeling kinda motivated to draw again so I will go and get started on that. :D
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holy hell I just got two people offer to write fanfics for me and eye wants to do a birthday pic for me >//< ON TOP OF ALL THE OTHER PEOPLE WHO TELL ME THEY'RE ALWAYS OPEN FOR MY REQUESTS..... SDKFJLLKDFLKJ

also regarding birthday stuff, I never know how to handle that.. :V most years end up with nobody online aware of it at all save for good friends who forget about it until I tell them that it's my birthday (often after the day had passed). I've just never felt quite right making a big deal about it. like the fact that I say "it's my birthday!" is, in itself, begging for gifts/attention.

lmao I just checked my LJ inbox, thank you for reminding me of my own birthday. XD

but yeah, hmm u.u I might make a casual "yay it's my birthday" post on the day itself, or something..
it might not be.. entirely selfish though? if anyone does end up doing anything, I will no doubt reblog it on my main account, and hopefully garner attention/love for that post/artist/writer hehehe. ;w; man it makes me really happy to hear that simply reblogging stuff from certain people have gotten them a lot of attention they hadn't had beforehand.. it's such a weird thing to think about, but a happy thing nonetheless.
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fuck, I'm so happy. so happy. so goddamn happy.

just wow
that started out kind of bad, was being socially awkward and sat in a corner drawing in my sketchbook. then after a couple hours people started gathering a little over to my area to draw as well. then I made myself a nametag. and THEN, oh god, people started recognizing my name, and came over to me to gush about how they loved my art and were fans. most of the time when someone came up to me and said they liked my art I opened my sketchbook and offered them a drawing, gave out probably 5-7 pics? maybe more I don't remember.

oh god I met generalterror. and cooler-kid-on-the-block. and emiggax. and and and a bunch of other ppl. and talked about eyecandyburns and 9aia and cissie and GOD it was like we all knew each other, one big fuckin awesome tumblr family

I am so fucking sleepy I can't type much more.. I didn't take any photos after all but I expect that other people will post their own in the atlantastuck tag or something.
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oh mah gawd every day is just a flood of happy lately
Work is going awesomely
School is ehh but I don't give a shit anymore
Internet stuff is so motherfuckin awesome

I do get a little conflicted lately over whether I should say anything. I want to gush about how happy I am, but I don't wanna brag. :T And they're kind of one and the same.. if I do one, I do the other, that's just the way it is. But.. shit man, I'm just so happy, and it's weird keeping it all bottled up because there's no one I can talk to about stuff. I did talk to my best friend IRL recently and blabbed on about my blessings recently but I just kinda felt bad about it because there she was, telling me about her misfortunes, how she's not content in her lovelife, how she's going to drop out of school after this semester, and I had nothing but good news to talk about.

But goddammit this is my JOURNAL so I shouldn't feel UNCOMFORTABLE WRITING ABOUT MY OWN DAMN LIFE. <.< It's different talking about shit here rather than, say, Twitter, or IMing someone directly about it.

ANYWAY. Yeah. This is mostly about Tumblr. ;w;
I'm already up to 635 followers.. I mean, holy shit man... I don't even care whether I deserve it or not anymore, I'm just so fuckin happy. I get loving messages from people so often now.. even one from an author I really love.. I even got someone offering to draw me anything I wanted today and they actually did it, and just.. wow..
just.. shit man, everything changed. Everything changed so wildly these past couple weeks. I was so used to being off to the side, with a few watchers here and there, content with a comment or two or a favorite or two. I can't say I wasn't envious of people with more of a following, people who were a little more 'famous' than I was, artists who had a lot of people that paid attention to them, but I didn't give it much thought. I was happy with what I had! I mean shit, I have 1261 watchers on FA, that's something!..even if 1150 of them are dead/uninterested accounts who don't even look at my submissions (average submission gets ~100 views).

but yeah, now.. god I'm gonna start crying.. XD I'm just so happy... I love doing these requests so much, and I'm so fucking happy that the people who requested them and so many other people enjoy them too. and I'll just continue showing my thanks by giving back to them, doing what I can to make the people who make me so happy, happy too. :'3
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Oooohhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyy goddddddddddddd
Haven't posted here in a while and I feel annoying on Twitter so gonna post here.

Before going into happy stuff, school. School's just been.. flying by. I haven't been getting *good* grades but I guess I can't complain, my friend irl was barely getting D's in his classes and told me he's probably just gonna fail out of the school.. But yeah I've taken at least one test in all my classes so far, 85% in information systems accounting, 89% in tax accounting, 80% in history, and 90% in management. I promised myself I'd get a french silk pie for myself (my favorite pie ever that I haven't had since I was a kid cause I thought they discontinued it but recently found a retailer that had them) when I got my first A, but a 90%.. I barely consider that an A, and it was even curved too.. @_@ So I'll wait for the next set of tests to hopefully meet my goal.
I still constantly contemplate about what am I doing with my life? If I graduate with a 3.2 or something, is it really that bad? Do I really care? My coworker and some classmates have asked me if I was planning on working for one of The Big Four accounting firms. Fuck no! I just want to live comfortably in a small/medium-size firm or have my own CPA practice somewhere. As long as I can afford food and house and transportation, I don't want many luxuries. I'm not the sort of person who will spend $50k on a new car. I'm not the sort of person who will go out to eat every weekend to places that cost $30 per meal.  I'm not the sort of person who buys $50 jeans and $100 shirts. I don't need six-figures to live off of. I don't need a luxurious job at The Big Four. I don't need a 4.0. I'm doing just fine. With the goals I have and the path I'm taking? I'd say I'm doing pretty well. If I had no job experience, maybe having a ~3.0 average would make things difficult. But no! I will have plenty of relevant work experience by the time I graduate, by the time I get my CPA! I am doing quite well for myself, I would say!

And so, that is a longwinded, roundabout way to reassure myself that I can spend my free time drawing porn and not studying/doing homework and not worry about it. :B

As for work! Work is going well. We've been getting some new computers in, which is so very wonderful. It takes literally about 15 minutes to start up the computer I currently work on. It takes probably one minute for the new computers, maybe less. And I was allowed to set them all up~ <3
I'm so happy I'm finally getting the hang of things too now. Boss will give me a bunch of spreadsheets and I actually know where they all go and what the relevant information is~!

Art + Homestuck + Tumblr
Tumblr?? WHAT THE FUCK HAHAHAH I went to bed with ~95 watchers (which is amazing in itself and I wanted to do a thank you picture for 100) and I currently have 167 169 171??!?!"? (IT KEEPS GOING UP EVERY TIME I REFRESH HOLY FUCK)
I could keep going but that is the gist of my feelings at the moment. Just.. so.. blown away @_@ holy hell
There is one thing I am mad about though. Tumblr isn't e-mailing me about my new watchers or asks or reblogs!! I want to keep track of all of this dammit!! I don't like having 300+ notifications (/hyperventilate) missing. :[ I can't keep track via my dashboard either because by the time I refresh, all the previous notifications get knocked off ;___; ;;;;;; And so, the only way to keep track, is to go to the post itself's note list, but that doesn't provide a direct link to the reblogs, just the user who reblogged it... so it takes a lot longer to go through.. :<
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Three whole dollars an hour!!?! I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHY!!!! LMFAO
And here I am in constant fear of not doing well, not living up to anyone's expectations, not doing my work properly or correctly, and then this happens???????? UMM OKAY?!! THANK YOU??!!??
The whole day I've just wanted to go huddle up in a ball and cry about how amazing life is and how I don't deserve it but am insanely happy nonetheless and am so goddamned lucky and (for lack of a better phrase) blessed to have such..such an amazing situation..
I have awesome parents, awesome house, awesome friends, awesome car, awesome job, awesome boss, awesome coworkers, awesome awesome awesome aweoasmoeu awoesumeoksuetthiktiehxieu
 ok I gotta talk about something else now because I'm startin to tear up in the hallway

COUGH okay Homestuck! I started out not really shipping anything, though I enjoyed John/Karkat I didn't think of it sexually until I saw lots of awesome fanart/fanfics haha. And then I was asked to draw Sollux/Eridan, and began to enjoy that as well. And.. and Sollux/Karkat is hot too. And Kanaya/Rose. And Dave/Terezi. And Gamzee/Tavros and Tavros/Dave and Karkat/Tavros and Karkat/Dave and Terezi/Karkat and Terezi/Vriska and Kanaya/Vriska and Eridan/Feferi and Equius/Aradia and Aradia/Sollux and and and EVERYTHING IS AWESOME AAAH WHY DOES EVERYONE GO SO WELL WITH EVERYONE ELSE I'M NOT USED TO PAIRING UP ONE PERSON WITH MULTIPLE PEOPLE!
I mean shit! It would be faster to list the pairings I don't like! Which is like.. like.. I can't even think of anything lol. Hell, even Bro/Dad is hot... Maybe pairings involving Doc Scratch aren't appealing. I don't think he really gets paired with anyone fffff
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no amount of keysmash can portray my feelings so yeah
just crying a lot rn
I haven't said "I love you" to anyone in so long, or been told "I love you" either oh my god
I'll skip the "I don't deserve this happiness" self-deprecation and just say, holy fucking hell, this month has been the best fucking month of my life. To be allowed the opportunity not only to make up with maki, but Tae too? my beloved friend.. I'm so happy to be able to make up for my mistakes and try again.. no, not 'happy,' not even 'ecstatic,' something so much more
so much..
oh god..
that conversation was like two hours long and yet I'd say those last two hours were the best time in my entire life thus far

like, I'm happy to the extent to where I gave myself a headache, because of overwhelming emotions
I can't even handle it lmao

I'm gonna go cry myself to sleep ;v; happily, of course
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Paydays are the best. :DD Also got some mixed news from boss, she's going to Japan for a week, so I won't have to come to work for 3 days (one of those days is a paid holiday anyway). Partially AWESOME for some free time, partially a bit "aww" because it's less money earned. But it's more awesome than aww so it's all good.

Life is Good + Games
Speaking of earning money, posted up a post on a few sites selling some used DS/PSP games and DVDs. I was afraid I wouldn't get a single offer but I have three people ordering things so far! ^q^ This is the first time I'll be shipping anything to anyone.. I'm a little wary about it but all in all I think it'll go well~! My brother is even giving me all the games he wants to sell (even his GBA and DS systems themselves) and wants me to include them in my list lol. I feel like a store. I'll post an update with all of his stuff in the next couple days.. I feel bad offering stuff to sell when I don't even have shipping materials yet. Hopefully they'll come in sometime this week. Ordered 30 padded pouches from USPS (for free~~) so I think that'll cover me for a while.. I can't imagine I'd get 28 more orders before I have time to order more. XD But, with those, shipping comes to $4.95 for every address I check (in the US, anyway), which is nice I guess? It's better than $15, or whatever. And with the 10%/30% discounts I give, shipping is either paid by me or knocked down to $1-2 instead. So it turns out well if you buy in bulk~
As far as what I'll be using profits from this stuff from, probably putting it toward a PSVita. XD Sellin games to get more games. Whatever doesn't sell in about a month, I'll just trade in to for some credit there. It's funny no DS games have sold yet, because those are worth the most in Amazon trade-ins, haha. So even if none of those sell, I'll have a nice alternative to go to.

Life is Good + Anime
Oh! *w* And someone in Georgiafurs is giving away a bunch of stuff, I claimed some art supplies, notebooks, and a Last Exile poster, hehe. Last Exile music is so amazing~ (seriously, that song just takes my breath away) I really enjoyed the anime too, even though air combat, ships and the like, don't really interest me much in general. The music and animation are really beautiful.

Monster Hunter
Watched a few Youtube hunts today, rather entertaining when people are talking. Surprising, yes, game recordings that I actually PREFER that they have commentary. XD I usually hate people talking, it ruins the mood. When I saw @_monster_hunter tweet "Got any old videos of you hunting? Found an old one of me. I love seeing the improvement of technique over time!" I kinda want to record a hunt of myself too. :D But hunt what? I'm not sure. I'm still not a very good hunter lol. Would have to record something from MHFU or MHP3rd.. maybe that adorable mini-kut-ku quest.
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Life is Good
Wow~~ <3 Last year I bought some pancake+waffle mix via Amazon.. and made a mistake.. and accidentally bought two shipments. It was way more than I could handle, of course, seeing as how I've only used half of one package since buying them all (there were eight in all). But today my dad helped me out and returned a few of them to a grocery store. :D In short, I'd paid about $16 for eight bags. Dad helped return four bags for $18. <33 So now I still have a bunch to use AND got my money back and then some! So awesome.

Mom mentioned the other day about how Amazon buys back video games. I've known about this for a while, but never really checked it out. I ran through my PSP/DS collections and got a few surprises. For one, every single one of my PSP games were worth less than $5 each. My DS games ran more around $8 each on average. In total, the DS games I'd be willing to sell back would be $80 (give or take a few depending on what my brother wants to pick out.. and if he's willing to return the few I'd let him borrow a while back). Even though I have an R4.. these games really aren't anything I'd want to play again. XD Even the games that I really enjoyed, like Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow and Lunar Knights, well, I beat Castlevania three times and was on my fourth play, 100% complete, and I'd beaten Lunar Knights 3-4 times.. Boktai is 100000000x superior anyway.. DS games just don't interest me much anymore, all I ever play is Taiko or Picross 3D, and Picross will lose my interest the day I complete all the puzzles, which it seems I don't have many left unless there's some hidden "super hard" mode I haven't gotten to yet.

But even so, there's that part of my mind that reminds me I spent hundreds on these games and would turn more of a profit elsewhere. Value versus convenience? Do I want to investigate Craigslist and eBay and perhaps earn more, or just stick with the trustworthy, easy-to-deal-with Amazon for less.. >.> I'll have to investigate a little before I make a hasty decision. Now that I think of it, I could post on Georgiafurs and see if anyone would be interested in anything.. There are a lot of people around my area there, so shipping wouldn't be a concern.

Monster Hunter
Oh and I'm HR4. :D Slowly gettin back up there. I was amazed at how quickly I beat a Diablos earlier... Usually they take FOREVER, like, 5-10 min away from the end of the quest kind of forever.. but this was much faster. Same goes for the Jhen Mohran urgent, I took off 14000 health in like 15 min. *w* I really wanted to kill it.. but it ran away at 1700 health.. so mad. I didn't even mine its back other than one single spot.
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The past couple days I haven't had any headaches! Yaayyy! I haven't really changed any habits so I don't know why. But I don't care I'm just happy. :D

Got my first paycheck yesterday~! Let's just say it's about what I made in a month for a couple months at Taco Bell. I'm so, so grateful for this.. TwT Ahhh maaann I am so privileged/lucky in so many ways.. Definitely one of those periods of times where I'll just randomly start crying out of sheer happiness/appreciation for everything.
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New art journal! Will be my most active art place now.

School's being annoying. In order to take any 4000-level courses (basically, the only ones I have left to take :| ) I have to be admitted in the business college inside the college I'm already in. I thought I could request an override to at least be able to register for them while I submitted my application in summer semester... but they were all denied. T_T Can't fucking wait to get in this thing so I don't have to fuck with overrides all the time anymore. I've completed all the requirements to get in other than meeting with an advisor and paying the exorbitant application fee..
So yeah, long story short the schedule I planned for fall is fucked and I'm not sure what I'll end up with because I'll have to register late.
I have 6 non-4000-level classes left (excluding this summer), 10 4000-level.. only 16 classes left until I graduate~~ Though maybe 17 because I REALLY want to take industrial-organizational psychology before I graduate even though it has nothing to do with my major. ;_;

Summer semester starts next week.. :> I only have two classes but they're both 2.75 hours long. Finance is 5pm-7:45, accounting is 8-10:45, Tuesdays and Thursdays. I expect to get pretty far in Trickster this summer.. lol. That's how I got through music and law last year, except law was more around 3.5 hours. x_x Will probably be on pchat too if anyone else is, since I'll be bored to tears.
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omfgggg aaaaaahaha holy shit my friend just came by and gave me like so much Hetalia stuff. FOR NO REASON. LOL
picsss )

asdlfjkskdfj;dsg I don't even know what to say my friends are too nice to me aaaaaaah
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 So I thought I'd write down the notable parts of my experience with Minecrafting with ~*~*~moot~*~*~. Oh. And some other Canvas staff. Psh.
The chat log written here is not a true log, I'm not going to write down EVERYTHING everyone says. Only the interesting/entertaining parts.

After joining and meeting up with other people in a sky house, the first sight I see is a bunch of people caging up moot inside a glass cage since he was afk, lmao. He comes back on and DIGS DOWN (while in a SKY HOUSE) to free himself.

cut for length )
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 Oh my god. I am legit about to cry. At a few lines of a fanfic [here]. That doesn't involve anything depressing at all.

"They were like puzzle pieces, Arthur decided, as he found himself lying on top of his boyfriend. He buried his face into the younger man's shoulder, sighing softly, and smiled when he felt the reveberations of a chuckle bubbling up in the man's throat.

Alfred's hands were clapsed behind Arthur's back, his arms having entangled around his waist, whilst Arthur was gripping the material of his warm jacket. The television was off and only the sound of soft rainfall and birds singing and the clock tickling slowly filled the silence."

THIS. Just... this. This moment. I haven't gotten lovesick from stories for a while now, but this really brought me back.
Aaaahahrcjhkxmv I'm seriously crying now rereading it AAAAAAA I WISH I HAD SOMEONE TO CUDDLE WITH AND DO NOTHING BUT LISTEN TO THE BIRDS AND RAIN AND STUFF wah wah sob sob Kile want girlfriend ok moment over I'll go back to being emotionally distant and uninterested in having a lovelife shortly.
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 It's still so hard to type.. =w= Making more mistakes but typing slightly faster.. balances out as usual since I spend gained time correcting errors. Found a program called autohotkey that lets me perform QWERTY hotkeys but still type in Dvorak~ It's very helpful. I didn't like typing ctrl+z (would be the /? key in QWERTY), c (I), v (.>), etc. with my right hand.. since I draw with my right hand & perform hotkeys with my left. But now that isn't a problem~
I had to type on another person's keyboard yesterday and got a bit flustered that I couldn't type my NAME correctly. XDD I've already gotten very used to typing the home keys on Dvorak.. which contains "th" (I really enjoy typing anything with "th" in the word now ^q^ "that" and "the" are my fav words lol) so when I tried typing "Samantha" it came out as "Samalkja" >w>;;;
School is almost over~ 8 more days~ (over 4 weeks though) Not much left to do other than exams and present marketing project.

Edit: Just measured, typed 23wpm on a test. General speed is probably more around 17-20 since they used simple words on that test. Better than 11wpm when I started a few days ago. :D
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 Pff XD Rereading my journal for entries to put into memories, saw this one.
About a year and a half later, I still have 10,519 songs to go through LOL only sorted through 1077 of them apparently
THIS IS GOING TO TAKE FOREVER TO GET THROUGH THEM ALL but I will definitely get through them all. I will!!

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