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Paydays are the best. :DD Also got some mixed news from boss, she's going to Japan for a week, so I won't have to come to work for 3 days (one of those days is a paid holiday anyway). Partially AWESOME for some free time, partially a bit "aww" because it's less money earned. But it's more awesome than aww so it's all good.

Life is Good + Games
Speaking of earning money, posted up a post on a few sites selling some used DS/PSP games and DVDs. I was afraid I wouldn't get a single offer but I have three people ordering things so far! ^q^ This is the first time I'll be shipping anything to anyone.. I'm a little wary about it but all in all I think it'll go well~! My brother is even giving me all the games he wants to sell (even his GBA and DS systems themselves) and wants me to include them in my list lol. I feel like a store. I'll post an update with all of his stuff in the next couple days.. I feel bad offering stuff to sell when I don't even have shipping materials yet. Hopefully they'll come in sometime this week. Ordered 30 padded pouches from USPS (for free~~) so I think that'll cover me for a while.. I can't imagine I'd get 28 more orders before I have time to order more. XD But, with those, shipping comes to $4.95 for every address I check (in the US, anyway), which is nice I guess? It's better than $15, or whatever. And with the 10%/30% discounts I give, shipping is either paid by me or knocked down to $1-2 instead. So it turns out well if you buy in bulk~
As far as what I'll be using profits from this stuff from, probably putting it toward a PSVita. XD Sellin games to get more games. Whatever doesn't sell in about a month, I'll just trade in to for some credit there. It's funny no DS games have sold yet, because those are worth the most in Amazon trade-ins, haha. So even if none of those sell, I'll have a nice alternative to go to.

Life is Good + Anime
Oh! *w* And someone in Georgiafurs is giving away a bunch of stuff, I claimed some art supplies, notebooks, and a Last Exile poster, hehe. Last Exile music is so amazing~ (seriously, that song just takes my breath away) I really enjoyed the anime too, even though air combat, ships and the like, don't really interest me much in general. The music and animation are really beautiful.

Monster Hunter
Watched a few Youtube hunts today, rather entertaining when people are talking. Surprising, yes, game recordings that I actually PREFER that they have commentary. XD I usually hate people talking, it ruins the mood. When I saw @_monster_hunter tweet "Got any old videos of you hunting? Found an old one of me. I love seeing the improvement of technique over time!" I kinda want to record a hunt of myself too. :D But hunt what? I'm not sure. I'm still not a very good hunter lol. Would have to record something from MHFU or MHP3rd.. maybe that adorable mini-kut-ku quest.
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Life is Good
Wow~~ <3 Last year I bought some pancake+waffle mix via Amazon.. and made a mistake.. and accidentally bought two shipments. It was way more than I could handle, of course, seeing as how I've only used half of one package since buying them all (there were eight in all). But today my dad helped me out and returned a few of them to a grocery store. :D In short, I'd paid about $16 for eight bags. Dad helped return four bags for $18. <33 So now I still have a bunch to use AND got my money back and then some! So awesome.

Mom mentioned the other day about how Amazon buys back video games. I've known about this for a while, but never really checked it out. I ran through my PSP/DS collections and got a few surprises. For one, every single one of my PSP games were worth less than $5 each. My DS games ran more around $8 each on average. In total, the DS games I'd be willing to sell back would be $80 (give or take a few depending on what my brother wants to pick out.. and if he's willing to return the few I'd let him borrow a while back). Even though I have an R4.. these games really aren't anything I'd want to play again. XD Even the games that I really enjoyed, like Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow and Lunar Knights, well, I beat Castlevania three times and was on my fourth play, 100% complete, and I'd beaten Lunar Knights 3-4 times.. Boktai is 100000000x superior anyway.. DS games just don't interest me much anymore, all I ever play is Taiko or Picross 3D, and Picross will lose my interest the day I complete all the puzzles, which it seems I don't have many left unless there's some hidden "super hard" mode I haven't gotten to yet.

But even so, there's that part of my mind that reminds me I spent hundreds on these games and would turn more of a profit elsewhere. Value versus convenience? Do I want to investigate Craigslist and eBay and perhaps earn more, or just stick with the trustworthy, easy-to-deal-with Amazon for less.. >.> I'll have to investigate a little before I make a hasty decision. Now that I think of it, I could post on Georgiafurs and see if anyone would be interested in anything.. There are a lot of people around my area there, so shipping wouldn't be a concern.

Monster Hunter
Oh and I'm HR4. :D Slowly gettin back up there. I was amazed at how quickly I beat a Diablos earlier... Usually they take FOREVER, like, 5-10 min away from the end of the quest kind of forever.. but this was much faster. Same goes for the Jhen Mohran urgent, I took off 14000 health in like 15 min. *w* I really wanted to kill it.. but it ran away at 1700 health.. so mad. I didn't even mine its back other than one single spot.
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Games + Monster Hunter
Damn, just read that PSVita doesn't support UMD. I thought they would be backwards compatible.. Well, looks like I'll be waiting for CFW rather than buying early. I have to be able to play my beloved Monster Hunter. ;_; Anyway, if I wait long enough, maybe there will be some sort of Monster Hunter-related exclusives I can get in on, like the limited edition PSP 3000, or official Capcom accessories. I always get the original handheld and miss out on all the cool accessories that only fit the newer systems. >:[ PSP1000.. they only make shit for slim systems. DS phat.. they only make lite accessories. So maybe I should wait until PSVita 2000. -_- I don't think I can resist the dual analog sticks for very long though.

I just randomly remembered a bit of my dream from this morning.. XD I forgot most of it but there was an impressionable part where I was a young catgirl-looking thing floating around with some older-looking acquaintances in a grocery store of sorts. The whole world had a magic/mystical/old-world feel, so it was more like a bunch of merchants. Anyway, for some reason, there was this spider that was crawling on the wall and I was staring intently at it, scared, of course. My acquaintances and the merchant were laughing at how frightened I was over it, and laughed more and more as it ran toward me and I screamed at it and swept it away with a pillow (?? where that came from, idk). The spider had been thrown back a bit and was stunned, but as it recovered, it ran straight at me, angered. I began to cry and attacked it with fire magic (which I guess I wasn't supposed to reveal that I had such an ability) so people around were shocked and treated me as a demon.

I've noticed I haven't been having any sex dreams lately.. XD I used to have them so often, now it's just nonsensical stuff I either forget quickly after I wake up or just think it's not interesting enough to write down.. or nightmares related to bugs or dying or losing my cats or being late. All my nightmares are always about one of those themes. I generally wake up crying from the dying/losing cats dreams, and wake up shaken and upset over the bugs/being late ones, though I cry over some of the being late ones as well.

Edit: I suddenly had the great idea of putting titles over sections of my entries since I may use up to like 10 tags at once and maybe there are things people want to read and don't want to read.. but since I consolidate entries so much, blacklisting tags in my journal would block a lot of relevant entries too. So yeah! I'll try to remember to do that from now on so it's easier to find what tags correspond to what text.
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Starting up my quest-for-art-improvement blog of sorts again since I'm tired of looking at art from 2009 and feeling that I haven't improved at ALL. Not going to post daily anymore, though. Doing things daily is much too stressful for me..

Speaking of stressful, omg. I feel like I can't leave my house at all lately for fear of getting suddenly called into work. I never know when to expect it. I was called at about 10:30am one day to come in ASAP, 9:30am another day, and today I was called at 8am (though I didn't go in today because I have school Mon/Wed....) T__T
It'd be nice if they just scheduled me for more hours rather than schedule me for a few here and there and then randomly call me out of nowhere. T.T I like to plan ahead! I don't really wanna wake up panicking at 9am every day wondering for two hours whether or not they'll call me that day.

I love how I just learned today, after ten months of owning Monster Hunter Tri (when this was supposedly implemented), and the short time I've been playing 3rd, I NEVER KNEW LONGSWORDS HAD A 4TH SPIRIT GAUGE ATTACK WTFFFFFFF
Well, granted, I never used longswords in Tri. (switchaxe and hammer woo!) BUT STILL OMFG HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS Longswords were always my best weapon in Freedom 2 and Freedom Unite, so to not know something like this.. T-T;;;; .....yes I love longswords I don't care about the negative stigma they get or how much they suck <.<;; Hammer is definitely 2nd fav though! I just.. never got used to lance or greatsword, or all the other weapons everyone thinks are better than LS.
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I keep dreaming about weird shit and then I try to remember it aaand five minutes after I wake up it's like, all gone. I do remember reminding myself that I had dreamed about sapphire and Maiyeng and chim in pchat (AGAIN) but I can't remember what we were doing/drawing other than that.. we were just.. in the pchat.
I swear, with how obsessed I was(/am) over Monster Hunter, the fact that I am so much more obsessed with Hetalia and the pchat that I KEEP DREAMING ABOUT THEM is kind of impressive. I think I dreamed about MH a couple times though. Just not nearly as much as Hetalia. My god.

Speaking of MH, I'm kind of getting into it again, ahahaha. <w< I meant to go play Freedom Unite again a few days ago but I totally forgot that I had given back my brother's PSP battery to him. I did play a quest or two but trying to play games on a pandora battery just sucks. I use sleep mode too much to get used to that. I don't regret making a pandora out of mine though. Don't regret it one bit. But I did order a new battery and got it in so quickly, man I love Amazon (and my brother's Amazon Prime that I get to leech off of despite not living with him anymore eheheh). but omg. fuck diablos, man. 6000 HP? I don't think so. What with him running all over the fucking map and digging constantly, not only was I like five minutes away from timing out, but FUCKING GENPREY KEPT PARALYZING ME AND DIABLOS KEPT USING THE OPPORTUNITY TO DIG and I died for the 3rd time anyway. He still had like 2000 HP. I need better weapons. Or, yknow, just need to stop dying. That would help. >_>
But slkdfjsdl other than diablos pwning me I still love this game so much. Tigrex is so fun to fight. And Rathian. And everything other than Diablos and Plesioth. :D

I totally need to stop cooking new things without recipes. I tried to cook homemade soup AGAIN without consulting a recipe and wow. I took one bite and gagged. >.< Going over to my parents again soon and I'm going to ask them to show me how to make soup properly ugh x_x That was my second attempt at homemade soup (1st crab, 2nd spinach) and they both sucked.. so much..

 Only seven days of school leeeft (well, 10 including exam days). Feelin good about my grades. Definitely will get an A in English, macroecon, and BISM, but I need to study hard for accounting and statistics.

I've been getting used to driving more these past few months, I'm actually starting to enjoy driving. Kind of. Okay, maybe that's a stretch. But still. I enjoy driving when no one is behind me. People tail me like hell.. not much of a surprise, since I actually drive the speed limit *gasp* blasphemy! everyone knows people are supposed to drive 10 above the speed limit! >_> Going 34 in a 35 is impeding traffic! rar rar rar honk honk tail tail!
I can't wait for the day someone speeds to pass me and a cop pulls them over.. HAHA WISHFUL THINKING that's never going to happen. I find it more likely that someone's going to run into me from behind from following too closely. Now THAT is going to happen one day, most definitely. I swear, some of these people drive not half a foot away from my car. It's fuckin scary.
I have never met anyone, IRL or online, who drives like I do. D: Everyone is so insanely impatient once they get into a car. but eh. I can bitch about this for days. *shuts up*
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New OTP? New OTP. I don't know why I didn't see it earlier. Spain and Yian Kut-ku were meant to be.
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Mannn I've been having so much fun lately, even with the incessant headaches. Monster Hunter Tri nearly all day every day, and then breaks for food, sleep, drawing, and stuff like that lol.
Bought a keyboard today to chat with people in MH online, it's been fun so far! I've been surprisingly social. XD Sometimes people reply to me, but it's mostly just about the quest at hand. But I'm sure I'll find some people who want to chat about other things too. I'd still be playing MH right now if it weren't for an idiot I was playing with.. We were on a "capture the Royal Ludroth" quest.. I weakened it, since he was standing off to the side the whole time, which I didn't mind too much. It limped back to the cave to sleep, so I followed it and waited, since he'd gotten the trap/tranqs. ...and I waited. and waited. and asked him what the hell he was waiting for. He never set the trap. R.Ludroth woke up and beat the shit out of him and we failed the quest. x_x Once we got back to the city I asked him "why didn't you set the trap??" to which he replied "idk". Even though I was saying "cap it" "set the trap" "...?" "what are you waiting for" and such during the quest...

Ah well. I haven't played too long and I've already met idiots. XD But hey, I've also met hella awesome hunters too, whom I've exchanged friend requests with! :D Damn this game is so much fun.

Also bought a new alarm clock today, which says it plays rewritable CDs! I already have an alarm that plays CDs, but it refuses to read burned CDs, and I fucking want to wake up to a certain few songs that I only have on my computer/burned CDssssss. Namely this. Not only is it a great song but it starts out like an actual alarm. XD

Hnngg gotta start writing my valedictory speech. I've been thinking about a bunch of points to include and an introduction but I've just gotta write down all my thoughts at this point. But I have plenty of time; I need to send it in to be approved on the 25th.

Edit: OMG this is awesome I've been wanting to hear some Infected Mushroom and Ferry Corsten for whatever reason lately so this is great! <3
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Got Torchlight the other day when it was $5, first game I've bought in a couple months, haha. It's pretty fun! Definitely worth what I paid, at least.

I just googled something about what percent a monster's health should be to capture it in Monster Hunter (forgot the exact number, if it was 10% or not), and found this, lol. "I am in hr6 and i still dont know what monster captur is help me?"

Also just had a tuna sandwich and a chicken avocado sandwich, and I am so full but it was so good. My favorite meat, my favorite fruit. <3
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Omgggggggggggg this is so fucking adorable. I love Spain/Romano so much. I was totally pissed off about failing a Plesioth quest AGAIN but that gif just cheers me up so much.
I'm gonna fight a Red Khezu instead. I can't stand this freakin Green Plesioth. At least after I kill the Khezu, Basarios, Plesioth, and the urgent quest after them all, I'll be HR6. :D Woo.
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Real life felyne chef, lol.
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Today went from AAAAAAAGH to boring as hell to pretty awesome.
I hate waking my brother up. My twenty year-old brother who cannot wake up with an alarm, compared to his 17 year-old sister. I also have to tell myself "it could be worse it could be worse it could be worse AAAH BRAKE OH MY GOD it could be worseeee" when he drives and have to put up with his taste in music that I do not share.
English sucked. This is the second class in a row that she told us not to bring a particular book and then made us read from it during class. Had to rewrite a chunk of my essay to turn in on Thursday, which was my fault and all, but I hate writing.. I also have to start REALLY  SOON on my second essay for that class. I'm writing an argument on same-sex marriage, of course right?  >.>
I love my Fitness for Living class. Well, a part of it. The class itself is pretty boring, but we keep getting let out of class 10-30 minutes early almost every single class and it's pretty fucking nice. Especially the fact that it gives me a little break between my first three classes and last two.
Math... oh god. Why.. why aren't electronics allowed.. That class bores me to tears! I can't stand it! I can't play video games, can't go on my computer, drawing only gets me so far before I get frustrated, and I can't bear to pay full attention to his teaching since I know all of it already or take a quick note and learn it right then and there. ;_; I heard this class was really really hard and yet my classmates don't even know how to expand (a+b)^2. I guess it is hard.. for them. Fuuuck.
Spanish is when my day turned around.  We spent the entire class discussing this. XD Discussing if "ella quiere que su novio sea más salvaje en la cama," that if the message of the video was that she wants her boyfriend to be more wild in bed. I love this class so much.

I just ran around in my room for 45 minutes.. lol. I'm getting to really like exercising. :D It's a lot more fun than sitting at my computer getting pissed off at having nothing to do, at least!
I picked Monster Hunter back up again too heh. Though I learned today that it is NOT a good game to play when already angry... not at all.

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My curiosity is appeased. :D I will never stream video games ever again. XD DAMN YOU SOCIAL FACILITATION.
I can't believe I lost a quest against a Basarios. I sucked hard at Taiko too. Oh well. I did what I wanted to do so badly earlier, and now I know. :3 So, I'm happy. Plus I drew a few pics that I like enough to keep in my sketchpad and not rip out.
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Missed a Ustream last night that I was really looking forward to.. I hope she liked it enough to want to do it more soon.
Instead of moping around and having nothing to do today, I figured I'd go and look for streams that other people were doing, see if any were entertaining. ..Nope, didn't find any. I did manage to catch a thread in /v/ that had a link to a Livestream though, someone playing Pokemon Snap. I only caught about a half hour of it but that was so entertaining, haha. I love video games so much myself, but I end up being horrible at them if people are watching, as shown by the times I tried to play Cave Story, Touhou, Warning Forever, E.V.O., and some other stuff on my streams.
IF ONLY I HAD A PSP3000 AND COMPOSITE CABLES. ;_; At least that way I'd be able to play games I'm actually OKAY at.. like Monster Hunter and Taiko no Tatsujin.

But speaking of streaming, I'm way excited for Saturday. Gonna change it up a bit and do a webcam stream and have my mic enabled. Hell, I might end up starting a few hours earlier to see if I can rig it up well enough to play DS or PSP on the stream.
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I repelled Lao-Shan Lungggg oh god. I started shaking near the end, not even trembling, shaking. The fortress was at 10% integrity and one more hit from him would've destroyed it. Oh man, so much adrenaline, haha. Freaked me out.
HR5 now though, woooooooo. Time to make more awesome new armor from having even more + rank monsters. :D

Also, meme.
Make 3 positive comments and 3 harsh critiques about your art.

1) Lineart gets complimented a lot on smoothness.
2) Unique character designs.
3) High aptitude for improvement.

4) why am I so flat
5) Really, really lazy with... everything. Anatomy, details, lineart, coloring, shading.. so, so lazy.
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Wow, an enjoyable ustream! That's become quite a rarity these days. XD

It might be due to just being able to nerd out about Monster Hunter with people, lol. I need X-Link Kai. So. Bad. D:
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What the fuck.
One hit kills from a Congalala. What is this.

Also, I realized that I have WAY more unscanned traditional scrap drawings than I thought I did. This gallery thing isn't gonna happen in one day, apparently..
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Holy crap Shen Gaoren scared me. To win the quest I had to defend the fortress, but "time out" would fail the quest. At about 30 seconds left in the quest I pretty much gave up but kept attacking anyway and then I saw "victory!" and was like, what.
But, yay, HR4! Doesn't seem that hard to get to HR5, except the urgent quest maybe. Two Tigrex.. I have enough trouble almost timing out with one. Hope I can get better weapons/armor to prepare for that one.
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Whenever I'm in a relationship, I get anxious and dread it but when I'm not in one, it's all of a sudden oh-so appealing and wish I were in one. I wanna whine and vent but it's pointless.

Anyway, the artist who's doing The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal got a ustreaaam yaaay. :D I can't wait to watch.
I've tried to draw a little with my laptop touchpad and mouse and holy shit it's impossible. I'm too used to the ease of a tablet. I still need to get my old one back from my brother.
I've played way too much scorpion solitaire in the past few days.. haha. I also realized that the reason I love that game so much is because it's practically just organizing. Sorting cards from king to ace. I love organizing.
Spent a lot of yesterday trying to transfer a bunch of music over to my laptop.. 13gb. I burned about 10-15 CDs and one DVD, lol. That took forever. D: I also can't figure out how the hell to transfer my music with Japanese characters in the titles. Trying to put it in a zip, burn it on a CD, transfer through IM programs.. none of it works. I'm going to try USB transfer today, which I'm pretty sure will work. But still, wtf, Windows hates foreign characters.
I need to finish my white monoblos quest on Monster Hunter, lol. I started it and put it on sleep a few days ago and haven't continued since. I need to make blademaster armor that has autotracker.. I only have it on my gunner armor. I used it on one quest and now I don't wanna be without it, haha. It's so helpful, I hate playing hide-and-seek for twenty minutes. :/

Pretty much just making this post because I wanted to type a lot on my laptop keyboard to get used to it, haha. It's not as bad as I thought it'd be.. I used to HATE laptop keyboards because of my long nails. Now that I've cut them off, it's ok. I haven't had my "claws" for over a month now and it's still kinda hard getting used to it though.. I realized how much I really used them. I feel like a declawed cat, haha.
It's also a little awkward to get used to not having the num pad. I'm not sure how I'm going to be able to write Spanish symbols this way.

Ugh, I hate how my parents like different temperatures than I do. When I'm comfortable, they're complaining about being hot as hell.. When they're comfortable, I'm freezing. It's one of the reasons moving out sounds so appealing, heh.. to finally have a house the temperature I like. To not have to sleep with a comforter in the summer, not have to wear sweaters in the summer.. bleh.

Three more weeeeks. ;_; So impatient lately. I think I'll spend my day cooking/baking stuff to get my mind off of a lot of crap.
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Ugh, got creeped out by seeing a recent submission from Kalamu where he (he? she? can never be sure on FA ;_; ) said he'd gotten banned for being underage and uploading gory work, so I deleted my mature/adult images, turned off viewing mature submissions, put my real age. Only half a year til I'm 18 anyway.. And I'm fucking sick of the disgusting mature work dogfuckers and gainer/vorefags (etc.) whenever I feel like browsing recent submissions.
Part of me wants to delete my other two most popular works just cause they're both sexual too (obviously). But one of them is on its way to get 100 favs so fuck that and the other was for Tae, so..

God I love searching for my characters names on FA and having all the results be solely about my own characters. I have some sort of obsession with making names that only redirect to me if you search them on anything, lol. Too bad I didn't do that with Naja.. Naja Loz isn't really that uncommon. But, lol, pretty much all of the rest of my names are.

And now I have a cat on my lap. :D
...And right as I got my webcam to take a picture to post, he starts gagging and trying to throw up.. while still on my lap.

I think I'll pick Monster Hunter back up again today, and predict that I'll get quickly frustrated and continue being bored as fuck.

:D D:

Jul. 14th, 2009 08:27 pm
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Still no AP scores.. though I have heard from people in the area that some people got theirs today. So.. that's something. Really, really hoping to get them tomorrow. Two full damn months to get test scores is really pushing it.

But for being so pissed off at Monster Hunter lately and not playing it, I picked it up again today, determined to unlock 6* elder quests ASAP, and have already completed two out of four quests! <3 The other two seem easy enough too. I wasn't looking forward to fighting Diablos but they and Monoblos become insanely easier with a hammer, man. Gypceros didn't even steal any of my stuff this time either. Next up is Ultimate Crab Dinner and then Gravios! I need two Gravios shells to upgrade my hammer anyway. o:

Edit: Fuck yes (don't feel like making a new journal), completed the other two quests and the urgent quest! I always feel bad hunting Rathalos and Rathian though. ;_; They're like.. lovers, or something. So, it's sad.

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