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Glory hallelujah I know these posts come once in a blue moon these days but I am absolutely and completely content, no, ecstatic even. UGH people are way too nice to me on tumblr I cried again today watching someone draw "I <3 u Kelaruj!" with a cute little dave and bro on my page because OH MY GOD just the thought of someone spending the time to write such a thing and draw cute things with it on top of it is just like, jesus christ, I just don't deserve it, but I appreciate it so fucking much, I'm just so happy.. plus the fact that people are calling me kela and kelaruj, even the people who've known me a while and it's gotta be hard switching over, but holy shit they still try and it means so fucking much to me I'm gonna cry again just talking about it omg

Plus the fact that I'm over my art block!! I'm still just overjoyed about that. And I've been enjoying doing requests too again omg!! It's been such a long time since I was last able to take requests and do more than one and truly have fun with them. I want to do more of them too! So many great ideas!! AHHH!!! I'M JUST SO HAPPY!!!!!!!
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thinking about doing a mass unfollow on tumblr.. like, 100+ people <w<;
admittedly the driving reason I want to do so is to separate from some people I still "follow" (on tumblr and but not on RSS) but want nothing to do with.. I'm not going to change anything on RSS so this ultimately changes nothing significant for me but nevertheless it'd make me feel better.. I do check my tumblr dash once in a while out of boredom and I still see posts from people I can't stand and unfollowed long ago on RSS

but yeah whatever onto something more positive I'm going to MTAC next weeeeeek, it'll be the first con I ever paid to go to, the first time I ever stayed at a hotel without my family, the first time I've consciously gone out of Georgia (was born in Minnesota and might've gone to SC once but don't remember either at all), and the first time I'll be driving for 4-5 straight hours (save for gas/food break[s]??) fffff
I am.. admittedly nervous that I won't really enjoy it? I mean, I just have no idea what you're supposed to do at conventions. stand around watching cosplayers and talk to people, or go to dealers dens and buy shit??
I know I'll enjoy hanging out with my gf and the cool people we're meeting up with but other than that I honestly have no idea what we're gonna do..

so here's hoping that doesn't end up a total disaster

edit (following 411 now, let's see how much I end up cutting after all haha)
I still have 11 pages of follows to go through but I'm already down to 366 fffff
ended up at 259 for now lol damn unfollowed 152 people today so far
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holy hell I just got two people offer to write fanfics for me and eye wants to do a birthday pic for me >//< ON TOP OF ALL THE OTHER PEOPLE WHO TELL ME THEY'RE ALWAYS OPEN FOR MY REQUESTS..... SDKFJLLKDFLKJ

also regarding birthday stuff, I never know how to handle that.. :V most years end up with nobody online aware of it at all save for good friends who forget about it until I tell them that it's my birthday (often after the day had passed). I've just never felt quite right making a big deal about it. like the fact that I say "it's my birthday!" is, in itself, begging for gifts/attention.

lmao I just checked my LJ inbox, thank you for reminding me of my own birthday. XD

but yeah, hmm u.u I might make a casual "yay it's my birthday" post on the day itself, or something..
it might not be.. entirely selfish though? if anyone does end up doing anything, I will no doubt reblog it on my main account, and hopefully garner attention/love for that post/artist/writer hehehe. ;w; man it makes me really happy to hear that simply reblogging stuff from certain people have gotten them a lot of attention they hadn't had beforehand.. it's such a weird thing to think about, but a happy thing nonetheless.
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maybe its just because i didnt sleep last night that everythings hilarious

nsfw pic of a cock )

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Right right, I tell myself to post here more and then forget about it for a full week again.
Hmmm, so what's been going on lately..

Well, at work things have been going pretty nicely~ Boss told me we'd all have a holiday lunch on the 8th! Looking forward to that very much. :D

School's been school, as it always is. Thank fuck I only have two weeks left. Just counting down the days... sigh.
But in that two weeks, I still need to
  • contribute to group management report due the 30th
  • write individual management report due the 5th
  • contribute to and participate in the management presentation due the 7th
  • study for history exam the 30th
  • start and finish tax return due the 7th
  • start and finish current article analysis for information systems due the 8th
  • continue working on information systems group project due the 8th
  • contribute to information systems memo report due the 8th
  • final tax accounting exam on the 30th
  • final information systems exam on the 6th
  • final management exam on the 5th
;A; so much to do. so little time.
of course I am making full use of my productivity and drawing as much porn as I fucking can diligently studying and completing assignments.

Tumblr, man, I don't even need to say anything, it's the light of my day every single day.x )
I was talking with eyecandyburns the other day, she was the one to give me the Runaways fic and get me into Runawaystuck, and she showed me her WIPs and drew me a nsfw Runawaystuck comic!! ;v; aaah I still love it so much, god it's hot! I'd show it off and post it all over the place but she said she wasn't going to post it on her Tumblr so I will respect that she probably wouldn't want me to spam it everywhere. even though I love it a lot.
It's so amusing that I've been getting a lot of people interested in Runawaystuck with my art!! I mean shit, my stuff's even getting passed around on /y/ ;w; Oh!! and I also went to /u/ the other day and my art was in the Homestuck thread there too hafsjdksfkl FUCK THE INTERNET JUST WANTS TO MAKE ME EXPLODE FROM HAPPINESS THESE PAST COUPLE MONTHS

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