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Today's been an okay day. uwu At work, I have to review companies' financial information, and put together financial statements. I really enjoy starting this process, and ending it, but I hate the middle part lol. I really enjoy having a whole bunch of stuff to do, all these files and spreadsheets to look at and verify and analyze.. but after a while I finish doing everything that works out well and that I know how to do, and I end up with the rest of the work that I don't know how to proceed, have insufficient information and need to contact the client, or something went wrong in an analysis, etc. That's the part I don't like. And that's the part I've been stuck on this entire week.

Finally though, today I was able to move past that phase into the final part that I enjoy a lot, which is putting together the financial statements themselves and cross-referencing all of the numbers to the review files.
Boss also asked me to come in extra hours next week, which is great and terrible.. more hours means more money, but I already have a lot to do for school already. I have a tax exam on Monday, an accounting exam on Wednesday, a tax project to finish by the 12th, a negotiation paper to write by the 12th..

I dunno. Laying it out like that, it doesn't sound like I have too much to do, or at least that it shouldn't be too much of a problem. I always feel so burnt out when I come home these days. I just get home and feel like going straight to bed. My alternatives are to go work on homework, or feel guilty that I'm not using my free time to work on commissions, or talk to people who inevitably vent to me and I end up stressing myself out about that too.

Anyway! I beat Contact (DS game) recently and wow the ending was baffling and rather.. unsatisfying? I don't know if there's some sort of post-game extra storyline stuff or something.. I was reading this walkthrough at one point and read their description of the ship decal, an item of sorts that lets you warp back to your base, but that it "doesn't work from certain rooms and locations, usually boss rooms and weird locations where you're not in the, ah... real world. >_>" And that comment got me really interested! I was excited at the idea that I'd be able to explore some weird space dimensions or something later on in the game! I got especially excited when there was a boss battle where I got transported inside this weird-ass alternate dimension space pyramid that the antagonists tried to summon and command but they got stuck inside too.

Unfortunately that segment only lasted that one boss battle. You can't even go back in it ever again after you beat the boss there. So, rather than that, I think the "not real world" they meant was when you get sent inside a couple arcade games. Which sounds like it could be interesting too but it wasn't that great. The "racing" game is just a couple screens where you run around a track and fight some car monsters at the end. The RPG game is just a couple screens of forced sidescrolling and bad graphics.

The music in Contact is really great though. :B I love Ft. Eagle's theme so much.
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Right right, I tell myself to post here more and then forget about it for a full week again.
Hmmm, so what's been going on lately..

Well, at work things have been going pretty nicely~ Boss told me we'd all have a holiday lunch on the 8th! Looking forward to that very much. :D

School's been school, as it always is. Thank fuck I only have two weeks left. Just counting down the days... sigh.
But in that two weeks, I still need to
  • contribute to group management report due the 30th
  • write individual management report due the 5th
  • contribute to and participate in the management presentation due the 7th
  • study for history exam the 30th
  • start and finish tax return due the 7th
  • start and finish current article analysis for information systems due the 8th
  • continue working on information systems group project due the 8th
  • contribute to information systems memo report due the 8th
  • final tax accounting exam on the 30th
  • final information systems exam on the 6th
  • final management exam on the 5th
;A; so much to do. so little time.
of course I am making full use of my productivity and drawing as much porn as I fucking can diligently studying and completing assignments.

Tumblr, man, I don't even need to say anything, it's the light of my day every single day.x )
I was talking with eyecandyburns the other day, she was the one to give me the Runaways fic and get me into Runawaystuck, and she showed me her WIPs and drew me a nsfw Runawaystuck comic!! ;v; aaah I still love it so much, god it's hot! I'd show it off and post it all over the place but she said she wasn't going to post it on her Tumblr so I will respect that she probably wouldn't want me to spam it everywhere. even though I love it a lot.
It's so amusing that I've been getting a lot of people interested in Runawaystuck with my art!! I mean shit, my stuff's even getting passed around on /y/ ;w; Oh!! and I also went to /u/ the other day and my art was in the Homestuck thread there too hafsjdksfkl FUCK THE INTERNET JUST WANTS TO MAKE ME EXPLODE FROM HAPPINESS THESE PAST COUPLE MONTHS
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Oooohhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyy goddddddddddddd
Haven't posted here in a while and I feel annoying on Twitter so gonna post here.

Before going into happy stuff, school. School's just been.. flying by. I haven't been getting *good* grades but I guess I can't complain, my friend irl was barely getting D's in his classes and told me he's probably just gonna fail out of the school.. But yeah I've taken at least one test in all my classes so far, 85% in information systems accounting, 89% in tax accounting, 80% in history, and 90% in management. I promised myself I'd get a french silk pie for myself (my favorite pie ever that I haven't had since I was a kid cause I thought they discontinued it but recently found a retailer that had them) when I got my first A, but a 90%.. I barely consider that an A, and it was even curved too.. @_@ So I'll wait for the next set of tests to hopefully meet my goal.
I still constantly contemplate about what am I doing with my life? If I graduate with a 3.2 or something, is it really that bad? Do I really care? My coworker and some classmates have asked me if I was planning on working for one of The Big Four accounting firms. Fuck no! I just want to live comfortably in a small/medium-size firm or have my own CPA practice somewhere. As long as I can afford food and house and transportation, I don't want many luxuries. I'm not the sort of person who will spend $50k on a new car. I'm not the sort of person who will go out to eat every weekend to places that cost $30 per meal.  I'm not the sort of person who buys $50 jeans and $100 shirts. I don't need six-figures to live off of. I don't need a luxurious job at The Big Four. I don't need a 4.0. I'm doing just fine. With the goals I have and the path I'm taking? I'd say I'm doing pretty well. If I had no job experience, maybe having a ~3.0 average would make things difficult. But no! I will have plenty of relevant work experience by the time I graduate, by the time I get my CPA! I am doing quite well for myself, I would say!

And so, that is a longwinded, roundabout way to reassure myself that I can spend my free time drawing porn and not studying/doing homework and not worry about it. :B

As for work! Work is going well. We've been getting some new computers in, which is so very wonderful. It takes literally about 15 minutes to start up the computer I currently work on. It takes probably one minute for the new computers, maybe less. And I was allowed to set them all up~ <3
I'm so happy I'm finally getting the hang of things too now. Boss will give me a bunch of spreadsheets and I actually know where they all go and what the relevant information is~!

Art + Homestuck + Tumblr
Tumblr?? WHAT THE FUCK HAHAHAH I went to bed with ~95 watchers (which is amazing in itself and I wanted to do a thank you picture for 100) and I currently have 167 169 171??!?!"? (IT KEEPS GOING UP EVERY TIME I REFRESH HOLY FUCK)
I could keep going but that is the gist of my feelings at the moment. Just.. so.. blown away @_@ holy hell
There is one thing I am mad about though. Tumblr isn't e-mailing me about my new watchers or asks or reblogs!! I want to keep track of all of this dammit!! I don't like having 300+ notifications (/hyperventilate) missing. :[ I can't keep track via my dashboard either because by the time I refresh, all the previous notifications get knocked off ;___; ;;;;;; And so, the only way to keep track, is to go to the post itself's note list, but that doesn't provide a direct link to the reblogs, just the user who reblogged it... so it takes a lot longer to go through.. :<
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Three whole dollars an hour!!?! I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHY!!!! LMFAO
And here I am in constant fear of not doing well, not living up to anyone's expectations, not doing my work properly or correctly, and then this happens???????? UMM OKAY?!! THANK YOU??!!??
The whole day I've just wanted to go huddle up in a ball and cry about how amazing life is and how I don't deserve it but am insanely happy nonetheless and am so goddamned lucky and (for lack of a better phrase) blessed to have such..such an amazing situation..
I have awesome parents, awesome house, awesome friends, awesome car, awesome job, awesome boss, awesome coworkers, awesome awesome awesome aweoasmoeu awoesumeoksuetthiktiehxieu
 ok I gotta talk about something else now because I'm startin to tear up in the hallway

COUGH okay Homestuck! I started out not really shipping anything, though I enjoyed John/Karkat I didn't think of it sexually until I saw lots of awesome fanart/fanfics haha. And then I was asked to draw Sollux/Eridan, and began to enjoy that as well. And.. and Sollux/Karkat is hot too. And Kanaya/Rose. And Dave/Terezi. And Gamzee/Tavros and Tavros/Dave and Karkat/Tavros and Karkat/Dave and Terezi/Karkat and Terezi/Vriska and Kanaya/Vriska and Eridan/Feferi and Equius/Aradia and Aradia/Sollux and and and EVERYTHING IS AWESOME AAAH WHY DOES EVERYONE GO SO WELL WITH EVERYONE ELSE I'M NOT USED TO PAIRING UP ONE PERSON WITH MULTIPLE PEOPLE!
I mean shit! It would be faster to list the pairings I don't like! Which is like.. like.. I can't even think of anything lol. Hell, even Bro/Dad is hot... Maybe pairings involving Doc Scratch aren't appealing. I don't think he really gets paired with anyone fffff
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Uuuuugh this past week has been awesome (due to Homestuck) and terrible (STRESS!!).

Things have been alright at work. Finishing up some financial statements that I've been working on for weeks. XD; Got a couple new computers in, but we can't use them yet because the server/network hasn't been set up yet and they don't have any of the accounting programs we use yet. It'll be nice when I can start up a program and it doesn't take 3 minutes to load. >_>

Oh, god. It was not a good idea to marathon through Homestuck when I have 3 tests to prepare for. Information systems test last Thursday, tax accounting tomorrow, history next Wednesday. I'll be surprised if I get a B on the IS test, hoping for a C, at least... sigh.. Tax test tomorrow is open book/open note so I shouldn't be worrying this much, but I'm still freaking out a bit.. >_< /deep breaths!
Today I have to drive 20 miles downtown to meet with my management project team. 20 miles... :/ At 7pm... Not only is it far away, and I've never driven here before so it's unfamiliar territory, but I have to drive there DURING RUSH HOUR, and it'll be dark outside!! AND it's at a restaurant and they're going to pick on me for not ordering anything but I can't fucking afford it. This is going to be so nervewracking. I really hope nothing goes wrong. I don't even know if I'm going to be able to contribute anything. Not that it matters much- we're just putting together a stupid Powerpoint with some guidelines for deadlines this semester and stuff like that.

Homestuck + Hetalia
Anyway, onto more positive things. Kind of. lol. I didn't entirely expect to go from 'love Hetalia, hate Homestuck' to 'disinterested in Hetalia, love Homestuck' but that's what happened. And right after I got into the USUK calendar too, ahahah. :D;;; Of course I'll still do my best, it's not like I'm all "eww USUK" after loving it for a couple years, but as for personal, casual doodling, I'll be shifting pretty much completely over to Homestuck. It's just new and exciting y'know? It's been fun being in the Hetalia fandom for so long, but it feels like it's been so long since the last interesting canon update. In comparison, Homestuck updates like crazy. XD I'm sure "10 pages a week" is an understatement.
Why'd I even start to read it? When chim and Aly and I were webcamming last week, Aly talking about it was the final push. But even before that, I was caving ever so slightly in response to seeing some of my favorite artists drawing fanart for it, and Tae sending me a link to a Homestuck song too, it all made the decision to go for it much easier. And boy am I glad for that. Amazing story, amazing characters, amazing method of storytelling in the first place, amazing animation, amazing music, hilarious, canon homosexuality, etc. XDD

Tiger & Bunny
spoilers for ep 24 )
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Lately I haven't been doing well. Everything I eat makes me ill in some way. Everything. >_< This has been happening for the past few days, every day. I feel weak but I can't eat to recover well enough because I have no appetite, because everything makes me sick.. Admittedly I have been having a few iffy things like seafood and spicy thai food and gas station snacks, but even things like pasta or cereal have been upsetting my stomach too. :/
I was talking to my coworker for a long time today, we generally take lunch at noon, but we were wrapped up in conversation for hours on end. After a while her stomach growled and laughed about being hungry. I've always thought it was weird to take a stomach growl as an indication of hunger, since mine only does so when I'm seriously ill. XD; The way my body likes to alert me that it's time to eat is to make me nauseous and lightheaded.
But anyway, off of the food tangent.

Classes started yesterday.
History is going to be AWESOME. And that's speaking as someone who HATES history. The professor is funny and entertaining and there are also no papers/essays whatsoever. *so happy*
Management seems that it will be a little tough, but worth it, if I try hard. The professor is a hot Italian very sweet and I will have no problem paying attention to the lecture at least /shot
Tax accounting is something I will enjoy learning very much but the professor is starting out a tad dull. Either way, it is basically a law class masquerading as accounting, and I do enjoy law very much, even if it is difficult. This class will also help me very much in my job! Very glad to be taking this tax class in the fall, since next spring I will have to help prepare tax returns at work.
Accounting information systems, I'm not sure how to gauge at this point. I'm certain I will enjoy it on a simple level of "hey I can apply this to work" but the topic is bland. It seems to be a class entirely about ethics, with a side project of filling in a company's information on some accounting software.

I really wanted to try the everyman sleep cycle because I'm a sucker for unconventional but better ways of doing things, like Dvorak. But I don't think I will, after all.. I was all gung-ho about it on Twitter today but in the end my schedule is a bit tight and I'm not entirely keen on sleeping at work or in my car, both of which I would have to do (and miss out on boss inviting me to lunch). I did take a nap today and although I read that it's a bitch to adjust at first, I woke up with a strong headache. I was expecting drowsiness, not headache... Especially tied with what I said earlier about my body not digesting food well lately, I don't think this is the best period in my life to try polyphasic sleep. :< One guy who was successful with an uberman schedule was able to do so because he worked from home. I have school and work away from home. Biiiig detriment.

The nap was interesting though, lol. I'd read a lot of polyphasic sleep blogs today and one person had mentioned that at one point, when they were going to take their 20 minute nap, they set their alarms and laid down and what felt like a second later, their alarms were going off. I kind of experienced that today too, such an odd sensation, laying in bed waiting to fall asleep and then the alarm went off. I felt alert and woke up immediately, but as I said, I also had a bad headache, which is something I do NOT want to deal with (even if it is only temporary during adjustment) right now.

Tumblr is blowing my mind these past couple days. 75 notes!! I'm almost certain that's more notes than I'd ever gotten collectively on my first account before I deleted it. I've always felt lucky to have 3 notes, maybe even 5+ if people *really* like it. So 75 is just.. I don't even understand. And THIS! It had like 50 notes within half an hour of being posted!!? And all of this while I have 36 followers! I think I had more than that on my first account, yet had gotten much less notes! XDD Both pics I'd posted on my previous account anyway, and at MOST each had probably gotten around 10-15 notes. So indeed, I'm fairly certain I have chim and Dunya and Mai and all the other popular artists who reblogged my art/recommended to follow me to thank for all of this XD

I was talking to my coworker for a long time today because neither of us had anything to do lol. Boss wasn't there today. But yeah, we talked a looot about pets and food and relationships and stuff. Relationships. The topic I kind of dread, because I am CERTAIN I will inadvertently say something that gives my homosexuality away. And indeed, coworker said that it's very hard to be in a relationship and in school at the same time, so I commented that I agreed, I was with somebody and we were both busy all the time with work and SHE was working two jobs as well and I didn't have a car. SHE! I fucking said "she"! T_T Well.. if she noticed, she didn't comment on it, and didn't act awkward afterward or anything, so I hope she either doesn't mind or didn't hear me...

I'm out among friends and everything, but work and school are different.. At work, there is a risk of being fired, or at the very least permanently damaging the relationship with the boss and/or coworkers and become unable to use them for references.. At school I'm more open but I keep my mouth shut when I'm not at our school's LGBT club or someone isn't directly asking me about it. You never know how people will react. Someone can be the sweetest person, so accepting and friendly, but when homosexuality is brought up, they become the most heartless, unforgiving bitch (speaking from experience..). And I just can't handle that sort of reaction if it were to come up at a workplace.
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Paydays are the best. :DD Also got some mixed news from boss, she's going to Japan for a week, so I won't have to come to work for 3 days (one of those days is a paid holiday anyway). Partially AWESOME for some free time, partially a bit "aww" because it's less money earned. But it's more awesome than aww so it's all good.

Life is Good + Games
Speaking of earning money, posted up a post on a few sites selling some used DS/PSP games and DVDs. I was afraid I wouldn't get a single offer but I have three people ordering things so far! ^q^ This is the first time I'll be shipping anything to anyone.. I'm a little wary about it but all in all I think it'll go well~! My brother is even giving me all the games he wants to sell (even his GBA and DS systems themselves) and wants me to include them in my list lol. I feel like a store. I'll post an update with all of his stuff in the next couple days.. I feel bad offering stuff to sell when I don't even have shipping materials yet. Hopefully they'll come in sometime this week. Ordered 30 padded pouches from USPS (for free~~) so I think that'll cover me for a while.. I can't imagine I'd get 28 more orders before I have time to order more. XD But, with those, shipping comes to $4.95 for every address I check (in the US, anyway), which is nice I guess? It's better than $15, or whatever. And with the 10%/30% discounts I give, shipping is either paid by me or knocked down to $1-2 instead. So it turns out well if you buy in bulk~
As far as what I'll be using profits from this stuff from, probably putting it toward a PSVita. XD Sellin games to get more games. Whatever doesn't sell in about a month, I'll just trade in to for some credit there. It's funny no DS games have sold yet, because those are worth the most in Amazon trade-ins, haha. So even if none of those sell, I'll have a nice alternative to go to.

Life is Good + Anime
Oh! *w* And someone in Georgiafurs is giving away a bunch of stuff, I claimed some art supplies, notebooks, and a Last Exile poster, hehe. Last Exile music is so amazing~ (seriously, that song just takes my breath away) I really enjoyed the anime too, even though air combat, ships and the like, don't really interest me much in general. The music and animation are really beautiful.

Monster Hunter
Watched a few Youtube hunts today, rather entertaining when people are talking. Surprising, yes, game recordings that I actually PREFER that they have commentary. XD I usually hate people talking, it ruins the mood. When I saw @_monster_hunter tweet "Got any old videos of you hunting? Found an old one of me. I love seeing the improvement of technique over time!" I kinda want to record a hunt of myself too. :D But hunt what? I'm not sure. I'm still not a very good hunter lol. Would have to record something from MHFU or MHP3rd.. maybe that adorable mini-kut-ku quest.
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The past couple days I haven't had any headaches! Yaayyy! I haven't really changed any habits so I don't know why. But I don't care I'm just happy. :D

Got my first paycheck yesterday~! Let's just say it's about what I made in a month for a couple months at Taco Bell. I'm so, so grateful for this.. TwT Ahhh maaann I am so privileged/lucky in so many ways.. Definitely one of those periods of times where I'll just randomly start crying out of sheer happiness/appreciation for everything.
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looool whaaaat I just got a call telling me to come in and check a place out since they saw my resume and were interested.

I applied to this place EIGHT MONTHS AGO. lmfao.

I don't think I'll get it. I'd love it, yeah, it's a tech/software support place. I applied for "first level support" which I would hope they don't expect *too* much from me but the guy on the phone said they dealt with coding like Oracle and all that. I've never learned any coding in my life. :| I don't even know what Oracle is. They pulled my resume from an app I sent.. and my "computer skills" section only had Powerpoint, Word, Excel, 10-key, and, um, that I type 95wpm ahahah..aha... no coding though. >_>;;; So that probably means they liked my speed. Which is bad. Because I can only type 35-40wpm right now. FUCK.
brb redoing typing tests like mad to get my speed up at least to around 50-60wpm by Monday /sob

Also lol at how I make a post on Tumblr saying I'm going to delete my account and I get a new follower. What.
Already feeling a bit better about all that. To be honest Tumblr and Twitter were pretty much becoming addictions that made me upset more than they entertained me, and yet I still followed everybody and everything regardless. So, in my brash way of doing things like always, it's best to just quit. If I merely take a "break" the temptation is still there and I can't resist coming back. I don't think I'll be coming back to either site. I'll still follow other people who have blogs there, and also people who have public twitters, because I can just follow them on RSS. :D Once I take myself out of the picture and disallow myself a way to respond to posts/tweets, it's not irritating anymore. Plus I can follow and unfollow people however much I want since they aren't notified of RSS followers.
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My dream last night was crazy.. XD It was a sexual dream, of course (lol), but it not only involved me being female (very rare in sex dreams), but I was actually me, too (another thing that rarely, if ever, happens). I can't remember too much about it at this point, but my roommate and I had sex for the hell of it, and afterward, I posted "I Just Had Sex" video on FB and Twitter. That's all I remember lmao

Work today started out well. My shift manager (same one who yelled "yes!" and high-fived me when I asked for more hours) kept demanding a coworker and I to jump on a sheet of bubble wrap on the floor XDD I was busy frying things!
I later learned too that crunchwraps have been marked down to 88¢, so I broke my resolve and was going to buy one after work (I haven't bought anything at all from Taco Bell since I started working). Ends up, my manager offered to buy lunch for me! :D I must say, even though I make the same food, and it might all seem disgusting when I'm working.. when I eat it myself, it's still delicious as ever. <w<
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Starting up my quest-for-art-improvement blog of sorts again since I'm tired of looking at art from 2009 and feeling that I haven't improved at ALL. Not going to post daily anymore, though. Doing things daily is much too stressful for me..

Speaking of stressful, omg. I feel like I can't leave my house at all lately for fear of getting suddenly called into work. I never know when to expect it. I was called at about 10:30am one day to come in ASAP, 9:30am another day, and today I was called at 8am (though I didn't go in today because I have school Mon/Wed....) T__T
It'd be nice if they just scheduled me for more hours rather than schedule me for a few here and there and then randomly call me out of nowhere. T.T I like to plan ahead! I don't really wanna wake up panicking at 9am every day wondering for two hours whether or not they'll call me that day.

I love how I just learned today, after ten months of owning Monster Hunter Tri (when this was supposedly implemented), and the short time I've been playing 3rd, I NEVER KNEW LONGSWORDS HAD A 4TH SPIRIT GAUGE ATTACK WTFFFFFFF
Well, granted, I never used longswords in Tri. (switchaxe and hammer woo!) BUT STILL OMFG HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS Longswords were always my best weapon in Freedom 2 and Freedom Unite, so to not know something like this.. T-T;;;; .....yes I love longswords I don't care about the negative stigma they get or how much they suck <.<;; Hammer is definitely 2nd fav though! I just.. never got used to lance or greatsword, or all the other weapons everyone thinks are better than LS.
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I'm just, uh, kind of freaking out
I.. applied to a couple places online recently, and got depressed enough about having no luck that I was going to give up job searching until holidays were over, and, well, someone called me, just earlier. It's like, I kind of want to post her voicemail for me here, because it is kind of funny how she emphasizes how she would  "LOVE to speak with [me]"
but, thats beside the point of the fact that I JUST SDFLJKJFVFG SSSDK okay deep breaths

I'll.. just.. see how it goes tomorrow, and.. yeah. I wonder if I can calm my racing heart enough to sleep moderately well tonight
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adfdsfd I just got another interview. But this one is actually at a place I REALLY, REALLY want to work at. :DD Oh dear god I hope I get this.

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